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Fans love showing their devotion to their favorite series in many ways, even when a lot of the designs from said series seem like they’d be incredibly difficult to pull off in real life- or even impossible. A fantastic example of this is Steven Universe, where many of the characters aren’t human and have certain design choices that make them harder to pull off, such as gravity-defying hair or vivid, inhuman tones for their skin. Fans always find a way, though, and there are plenty of cosplays that would make people think the actual characters had stepped right out of the show.

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So, today we’ll be taking a look at 10 Steven Universe cosplay right out of the show- that’ll leave you wanting to rewatch it all!

10 Swallowed By Sorrow

The Diamonds are towering presences that are some of the hardest from the entire show to pull off, but that certainly didn’t stop Green-Makakas, and everything came out wonderfully. The makeup, wig and what we see of the costume are great, and the dark background only accented with glittering blue lights really helps set the tone. The faint pink light we can see reflected on her hands and chin, essentially the source of her sorrow, is a great artistic touch.

9 The Crystal Punks

Re-imagining characters with slightly different designs is always a ton of fun for cosplayers, and this group’s take on a more punk look for the Crystal Gems is perfect. The photographer, Glasmond, deserves a lot of credit for the atmosphere the shot itself gives, too. It can always be tough to pull off characters that require body paint, but both Garnet and Amethyst did an absolutely flawless job on theirs. Pearl’s wig can be tough to nail, too, and it’s gorgeous here.

8 Lost In Thought

Pearl is a character that tends to be wrapped up in elegance as well as intrigue, and both of these character traits come out perfectly in ithili3n’s cosplay. Looking down with her weapon skillfully in her grasp, it looks as if she’d just been reminded of something that happened during her time with Rose and she couldn’t help but take a moment to think on it. Her costume looks wonderful, and Pearl’s wig can be incredibly tricky to get screen-accurate, and this take on it is a nice creative touch.

7 A Threatening Gaze

Peridot is definitely one of the enemies-turned-Crystal Gems that’s the hardest to pull off when it comes to cosplay, partially due to her green skin color and partially due to her fingers, props, and wig. Almost every piece of the costume can be challenging, but that didn’t stop Sioxanne from delivering a wonderful shot.

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It can be hard to remember that Peridot really was a somewhat intimidating villain when we first met her, with how much she’s developed since then, so this side of her character is great to see.

6 Biker Pearl

Pearl experiments with quite a few looks throughout the series as she becomes more comfortable with humans and their culture, and the best of these has to be when she decides to don a biker jacket and more of a cool persona. The costume is great, with the makeup, wig and back of her jacket especially being well-done, but the photographer djzippy deserves their fair share of credit for the lighting and angle of the shot.

5 Towering Presence

If anyone could compete with Peridot for being some of the hardest designs to pull off well, it would have to be the Diamonds. With their towering, authoritative presence and inhuman skin tones, it can be a real challenge to capture the characters’ essences- but, boy, does NiGHTSgirl666 make a picture-perfect Yellow Diamond. There’s no question in our minds that she stepped directly out of the show, and pure intimidation drips from her power pose.

4 Close To Heart

Rose Quartz is one of the most multi-faceted characters in the show, having been Pink Diamond before staging her own shattering with the help of her Pearl to fully live as the woman who started the Rebellion, Rose. She is also one of the most beautiful characters, as many others in the show seem to have been enchanted with her, so it makes sense that she would become a popular choice among cosplayers.

SoulDary’s Rose is just stunning, and her costume looks lovely- the popping hot pink of her nails is a nice eye-catching touch, as well.

3 Reporting This

Hanari502 is another picture-perfect Peridot who managed to get everything down pat despite the difficulty, and we have to give major props for that. Everything down to her facial expression is accurate and gives off that accurate Peri feeling, and she looks as if she’s trying to get in touch with Homeworld after learning something she didn’t approve of.

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The props look wonderfully done, too, and most don’t go as far as to include the projected screen that she types on, so it’s a great touch.

2 Battle-Ready Warrior

When it comes to Rose, most don’t tend to go the extra mile and include her sword and shield, so getting to see those here in XenPhotos’ shot is great- and so is absolutely everything about the costume itself. The wig is accurate, her pose is powerful, and all of the small gemstones that adorn the tiers of the dress are a lovely, eye-catching touch that show the creativity and love that went into crafting the costume.

1 An Evening Twirl

Finishing off with another Rose cosplay that took their own kind of beautiful artistic liberties, FrauDoku did a magnificent job capturing the more ethereal side of Rose! Her wig is incredibly accurate, and the description states that it’s actually made up of four different wigs, which is kind of mind-boggling. Having the different tiers of her dress be descending darker shades of pink is a wonderful touch that really captures the eye and makes everything pop.

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These Steven Universe cosplays are spot on! Check out these dedicated fans who look like they came straight out of a Steven Universe cartoon!

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