10 Sue Storm Cosplay That Look Just Like The Fantastic Four Comics

The Fantastic Four as a unit is one of the strongest teams this side of the Avengers, power synchronizing better than even the more well-known team. On their own, they aren’t slouches either, Sue being the stand out member among them. She can conjure force fields strong enough to traverse black holes and block out telepathy.

There’s more to her then just power, however, she’s the glue to a team that always needs its motherly figure, even if none of the other members would want to admit it. Her importance has been on the rise since the 2000s and as such, the number of cosplays of her has risen as well.

10 Concentrate

Concentration is the true source of Sue’s powers, a fact that Awful_Rose shows quite well here. She looks focused, mind razor-sharp, and unwilling to be distracted by any outside noise. One little break in focus and it could be curtains for the character, her force fields only as strong as she is. The edits are nice looking as well, her body seamlessly fading into the background and the swirl of refracted light coming from the palm of her hand.

9 Safe Space

The way her force field is edited here is amazing, thin to the point it’s not taking away from the cosplay. It’s just enough to get across that she’s in her protective bubble, making the shield look almost like a clear field of water, especially with how it ripples away from her palm. It’s truly an incredible job. The cosplay is simple, but she has the stern and determined look that Sue has in combat. You can tell that she’d be willing to do whatever she had to do to protect her family.

8 Classic

The Fantastic Four’s first few costumes have some of the simplest designs to them, lacking some of the flashiness that you’d often associate with Johnny Storm. Lord_Usagi’s cosplay is a good display of that, the outfit not jumping out at you the way some of the more colorful characters in Marvel would, but simple isn’t bad.

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She nails the look, especially the fact her arms are crossed, looking like she’s not buying the excuse Reed is giving her for why he can’t come to dinner.

7 Faded

When talking about Sue Storm, you can’t ignore her ability to fade in and out of view, invisible to the naked eye. It’s great any time a cosplay is edited to show that, this being no exception. It’s unique that they did the middle portion of her body rather than the lower half, as is usually done. The trail left behind is cool as well, making her form look like she’s nothing more than a sketch. It’s how they showed the ability off in the older cartoons.

6 Focused

When Sue is focused and angry, it’s going to be a bad time for anyone on the other end of her wrath. Just ask Taskmaster about that after he shot Reed Richards in front of her. She has that very same type of look here, one where she’d reduce you to putty on the ground before you even thought about taking another step forward. It’s isn’t just the look either that makes the cosplay, her flowing blond hair is a natural look for Sue.

5 Hand to Hand

Many don’t realize that Sue was trained by Iron Fist at one point in time. No one is ever going to confuse her with a master such as him, but if you even know a quarter of what he does, you can hold your own with just fists.

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From her stance, she looks ready to pepper someone with palm strikes to the face and neck. She’s the first cosplayer who really makes you notice her eyes as well, having a light blue coloring that compliments the cosplay incredibly well.

4 In The Palm Of Her Hand

Aegis looks like a Sue who’s been off training, trying to come up with new and inventive ways to implement them. Given the progress she’s made over time in the comics, you have to think Sue’s been doing quite a bit of training over the years. When the kids allot her time, of course. The way she’s looking at the field resting in her hand is one of someone trying to improve on it, making it even better and more powerful than before.

3 In The City

The scene behind Jill is very reminiscent of the first movie when the team has its climactic battle with Dr. Doom in the middle of the city. You can practically imagine the rest of the team there, Doom ready to make them bow before his greatness. Her shield is also faint as it should be, not taking away from her cosplay, and only adding to it. Her stance within it is perfect as well, exactly as Sue often looks in the comics, both hands outstretched and opened wide.

2 Stopping Bullets

For as much praise as had been heaped on the other edits of her force field, this one takes the cake. Not only is it nearly translucent, but it’s shown in the act, stopping gunfire like nothing. The best part is the indentations and ripples that the bullets have against the shield, showing the strain it takes to keep it up. To top it all off, she’s wearing the Future Foundation costume, which is arguably the best the team has. As iconic as the 4 symbol is, the color scheme of this one just goes so well together.

1 Decision Time

That sideways glance and look make it seem like Sue is watching Namor and Reed fight over her, secretly enjoying it. As much as she would never admit it, you always want to feel desired, something Reed isn’t always the best at doing for her. A little scrap between the Sub-Mariner and the world’s smartest man is the perfect remedy for that. She has a certain demur aura about her that you don’t see in many cosplayers as well. It’s a perfect fit for an older and wiser Sue, one that doesn’t want to be called a girl any longer.

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These Sue Storm cosplay look just like the Marvel Comics character.

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