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Many fans of Nightwing have been waiting for ages to see him on the big screen. A while back, it was announced that the popular DC character would finally get a chance to strut his stuff with his own film. Years went by… and fans started to wonder whether the film was ever going to happen.

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In the last few months, rumors have been flying once again. Fans are starting to hope that maybe… just maybe… we might see him appear in a movie sometime soon. We know that many other DC franchises are being rebooted, with The Batman predictably taking the lead. Will Nightwing follow in its footsteps? Here’s what we know…

10 We’ve Been Waiting For Quite A While

All the way back in 2017, Warner Bros announced that a Nightwing movie was on the way. Fans have had to wait a pretty long time for it to come out, and it’s still not clear when the film will hit theaters. Those waiting for the movie have only scraps of rumors to go on.

The only thing that fans really know is that it’ll take place in the DC Extended Universe – a universe that’ll contain many other superheroes who will get a first-time appearance in films.

9 It Will Feature Amazing Stunts

Another key detail about the upcoming Nightwing movie is that it’ll be very stunt heavy. This will come as no surprise to Nightwing fans, as they will be very familiar with Dick Grayson‘s acrobatic skills.

Director Chris McKay highlighted this idea when he stated: “This movie is going to win a stunt Academy Award. They’re going to make a stunt Academy Award for this movie. I guarantee it. It’s going to be insane.”

8 It Won’t Be Filled With Too Much CGI

Over the years, fans of superhero movies have become all too familiar with the use of CGI in the storytelling process. Some might go as far as saying they’re too familiar with the use of these effects.

If you’re getting tired of endless CGI-reliant films, Nightwing could offer welcome relief. Chris McKay stated the film will be grounded in realism, explaining: “It’s going to be unlike any other sort of superhero movie because it’s not gonna rely on a lot of CG.”

7 Joe Keery Could Play The Lead

One of the biggest questions surrounding this film is who will play the lead role. Dick Grayson has a truly unique personality in the comics, and it’s this personality that sets him apart from many other comic book heroes. So who will play Nightwing?

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We Got This Covered reported that one of the actors being considered by Warner Bros. is Joe Keery, who you may remember from Stranger Things. Could he be a good fit for the character of Nightwing? That remains to be seen.

6 Nightwing’s Character Will Be Established In Batman Movies First

In late 2019, it was widely reported that the Nightwing movie had been shelved due to the upcoming film, The Batman. According to various reports, director Matt Reeves actually wants to use the character of Dick Grayson (who was also the first Robin) in The Batman.

What this could mean is that the character of Dick Grayson will be established first in The Batman as a kind of “origin story.” Narratively, it would then make sense to have the first Nightwing movie released much later in this reimagined DC universe. In the end, that could mean that fans have to wait even longer.

5 The Official Twitter Account Has Been Active

A good sign is that the official Twitter account for the Nightwing movie has been fairly active over the years. Aside from posting teasers and tidbits of information, the Twitter account generated considerable buzz after posting”…” in late 2019.

The problem is that no one really knows what this means. It could mean a major announcement is coming up… or it could be in reference to the fact that the film has been shelved for many more years. At this point, no one really knows.

4 Zac Efron Will Not Play The Lead Role

One of the earliest rumors surrounding the Nightwing movie was that Zac Efron would be playing the lead role. At first, it seemed to many fans that this was a solid choice. After all, there are many visual similarities between Dick Grayson and Efron.

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However, these rumors were quickly debunked. Director Chris McKay himself quickly took to Twitter to reply to a fan who was spreading these rumors. His message was simple: “Not true.”

3 Chris McKay Will Be Directing The Film

By now, it should be clear that Chris McKay is in fact directing the Nightwing movie. Just who is Chris McKay? Well, in many ways he’s exactly who you’d want in the director’s seat for this film.

McKay has experience as a director and editor for Robot Chicken, and he also directed The Lego Batman Movie. He’s obviously familiar with so-called “nerd culture” and he knows how to make humorous flicks within the DC universe.

2 Fans Want A Martial Artist To Play The Lead

As is so often the case with superhero movies, Nightwing fans have their own ideas about who should play the lead role in this upcoming film. In early 2018, Chris McKay posted a poll on Twitter that gave fans a few choices in this matter.

Although a considerable percentage wanted a”vulnerable, emotional” actor to play Grayson, the vast majority preferred someone with genuine martial arts experience. Due to the physical demands of this role and the already confirmed emphasis on stunts, the fans are probably on the right track with this one.

1 The Film Will Show The Differences Between Nightwing And Batman

It goes without saying that the Nightwing movie will explore the differences between Nightwing and Batman. The whole world is already familiar with who Batman is, but movie-goers have never seen someone quite like Nightwing.

In contrast to Batman’s cold and reclusive nature, Nightwing is actually extremely outgoing. Fans are quick to praise his excellent personality, and this trait allows him to form valuable, trusting alliances with other heroes. Batman might be a better fighter and tactician, but Nightwing doesn’t have as much “baggage.” Unlike Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson actually gets over the death of his parents eventually. A movie starring this DC character would be lighter and more humorous, perhaps with flowing dialogue and a stronger emphasis on interpersonal drama. Let’s hope they get it right.

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The new Nighwing movie is something fans have been waiting for for a while. Here's everything there is to know about it.

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