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Whenever fans become incredibly passionate about something, it isn’t at all uncommon for them to express that passion in many different ways. These can include works of fan-fiction, fan-art, covers of tracks from the series, and even cosplay, as fans do their best to represent the things they’ve come to love about their favorite characters and breathing life into them.

Many cosplayers spend countless hours working on and perfecting their costumes. Those who want to cosplay but perhaps don’t know how or don’t have the space to sew their own costumes spend exorbitant amounts of money to get that perfect look.

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Today, we’ll be taking a look at ten cosplay from Toradora! that look like they’ve jumped right out of the anime.

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10 Poolside Tiger

During the series’ pool episode where all the students got to enjoy a fun day in the water, Taiga wasn’t all too pleased about the prospect due to her insecurities involving her figure. This attitude is captured perfectly in FumikoHime’s take on Taiga, as the pout very much conveys that she’d rather be anywhere but there.

In order to help her super-long hair not get in the way, her best friend Minori does it up in two cute little buns as well, and that look was styled perfectly. The floatie they chose for her is a cute touch that definitely fits Toradora!‘s overall aesthetic.

9 Leaping Into Safety

Throughout the series, Taiga and Ryuuji’s relationship develops from two near-strangers who simply know the other’s love interests and decide to help each other out with courting them, to a pair that are truly inseparable. It’s a sweet and natural-feeling progression.

This shot of Ryuuji and Torati as Taiga is so heartwarming! The little heart for Ryuuji and anger symbol for Taiga that were drawn are nice touches as well, as it shows that even after falling in love, she keeps a bit of her bratty side.

8 Forbidden Sweets

One of the big things Ryuuji helps Taiga with, even as early as the first episode of the series, are the eating habits she had acquired as a result of being forced to live on her own before developing the proper skills she needed to do so.

Ryuuji could either be holding more of her sweets away from Taiga so she can have a real meal, or he could just be trying not to get his own sweets snatched, as it looks like Taiga had already finished her own.

Either way, this shot of Taiga and merkymerx as Ryuuji is stunning, and both pull off their characters perfectly.

7 Preparing For The Day

In the first opening for the series, there’s a shot where Taiga is sitting at the edge of her bed, trying to pull on her uniform’s socks as she prepares for school. Sijie19900818 does a great job of re-capturing this moment, and while the choice to opt for an outdoor background for this one is a little odd, it is understandable considering Taiga’s apartment is quite lavish.

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The location they did choose for this shot is gorgeous, though, so we can’t complain.

6 Wearing A Pout

The first thing audiences, along with Ryuuji, learn about Taiga is that though her appearance makes her look almost like a “living doll,” as described by others in the series, her true personality is quite bratty and vicious.

She also has a tendency to pout, which is shown perfectly in this wonderful shot of Tenori-Tiger’s Taiga. Her lenses are stunning and draw in the eye, and she’s even holding the little tiger that’s used to represent Taiga throughout the series, which is an adorable touch.

5 Luggage Angel

During the beauty pageant, each contestant had their own little performance that showed off one or more of their personal skills. For Taiga, she took advantage of her incredibly small stature and was able to fit into a small luggage bag with it completely zipped up. Obviously, pulling that off in real-life is quite difficult, but Torati still comes pretty close.

Sadly, the full costume is not visible, as the dress worn by Taiga during this moment in the anime is simply gorgeous, but even just the stockings and tiara are enough to know what iconic look this cosplay is representing.

4 Sweet Facade

Taiga may look incredibly sweet in this photo, but don’t be fooled – her trusty wooden sword is right behind her at the ready, just in case someone is foolish enough to do or say anything she doesn’t agree with.

The protagonist, Ryuuji, was almost on the receiving end of Taiga’s sword in the first episode; luckily, his relatively quick thinking got him out of the situation. This lovely shot was taken by Xeno-Photography, and everything from the cosplayer’s costume down to her pose is splendid and accurate.

3 The Dragon & The Tiger

Early on in the series (and honestly, for most of it), it seemed like Taiga was always trying to find new ways to push Ryuuji’s buttons and see just what he would be willing to put up with. This dynamic is perfectly captured in this shot of DAIxSORA’s Ryuuji and Taiga.

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Taiga looks like she’s enjoying teasing Ryuuji quite a bit, while on the other hand, Ryuuji seems to be internally questioning why he puts up with her in the first place. Both cosplayers pull off the looks of their characters quite well, which can be hard to do with a style such as Toradora!‘s.

2 A Winter’s Night

This next shot is one of the loveliest, both in terms of the shot itself – the vibrant lights reflecting off the sidewalk and the two’s adorable poses that fit perfectly with the characters’ personalities – as well as the way they’re gazing into each other’s eyes.

Taiga’s cosplayer and mangalphantom as Ryuuji both do wonderful jobs here! Ryuuji is rocking the suit that Taiga gave him to wear to the Christmas party, and while Taiga never rocks a Santa outfit in the show, it still fits her wonderfully as she holds an adorably childlike admiration for the fable.

1 An Uncertain Gaze

The overly violent and loud front that Taiga tends to put out in order to avoid dealing with her emotions is just that – a front. That’s why shots like this one by updaterequired are such a joy to see, as it brings out a lesser-represented side of the character.

Both Taiga and Ryuuji are wonderfully done, both in terms of the cosplay and the overall appearance and feel of the characters. The unsure glance that Taiga shoots the camera says it all and reveals more than words ever could.

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Toradora! is not only a highly influential anime but its characters are also iconic. Naturally, cosplayers love to bring Taiga and Ryuuji to life.

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