10 Underrated Batman Villains Who Are Stronger Than They Appear

Batman has an extremely complicated and in-depth origin story that reaches some of the most secretive and silent villains of Gotham. He, himself, is a Dark Knight and has a dark demeanor which causes him to have a wide variety of likewise villains.

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Although Batman is one of the most popular DC heroes with some of the most popular DC villains coinciding, he also has some of the most powerful and mysterious villains in all the DC Universe. Ranging from psychologically unstable to complex mind-benders, Batman has one of the most elusive and mysterious villain networks. Here are the villains that are stronger than they appear.

10 Poison Ivy

Although she is one of the more popular Batman villains, Poison Ivy starts off our list because she is highly overlooked. She not only has powers of toxins, but she also has the ability to make her victims do whatever she wants. Due to this, she spans widely across Gotham in influence making it hard to track down exactly who she has affected.

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Along with this, Poison Ivy has a deep connection to Batman and is deeply rooted in backstory making her an all-knowing villain. Through illusive tactics, she poses to be a highly dangerous villainous.

9 Hush

Hush, Dr. Thomas “Tommy” Elliot, first appeared in comic Batman #609 (January 2003) and was Bruce Wayne’s childhood friend. However, as Tommy grew older, he became more villainous and hateful. He blamed the failure of his plots and schemes to acquire mass fortune on Bruce and is driven by hatred.

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This all makes Hush one of the most dangerous Batman villains because he not only knows Bruce Wayne’s origin story, he is deeply rooted by displaced revenge.

8 Riddler

Riddler is one of the most popular Batman main villains that is known amongst DC fans to be extremely difficult to defeat. However, against common knowledge, the Riddler was so difficult to defeat that Batman needed to acquire a side-kick (Robin.) Coinciding with Riddler, Robin is an escapologist and can get out of any sticky situation.

Riddler is so dangerous that Batman could not defeat him alone – It actually prompted the creation and arrival of Robin.

7 Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter, Jervis Tetch, is a highly dangerous mental patient that is not put in the limelight much of the time because he’s usually dealing with his own mental instability. However, this also makes him one of the most dangerous because in a delusional rage, he can create scientific experiments dangerous enough to destroy Gotham.

If his own self-erosion wasn’t in the picture, he could possibly be unstoppable for Batman and other DC heroes.

6 Magpie


Magpie is a mysterious villain that has powers to grow poisonous nails and highly crafted gadgetry (can form dangerous weapons out of scraps.) However, these are not what separate her from the rest – she feels no pain.

As a result, she becomes highly dangerous because she can create weapons of mass destruction that she can literally walk around and fire upon Gotham. All of which would be highly dangerous for her, but since she feels no pain there’s no means to an end.

5 Zeiss

Zeiss is highly trained in cybernetic abilities that allow him to have enhanced speed and senses in any battle. When thinking of Batman’s foes, Zeiss is not commonly thought of as one of the most dangerous because of his illusiveness.

If he was as forward as some of the more extroverted Batman villains, he would surely become top on the list.

4 Deadshot

Deadshot has been portrayed on-screen in the popular franchise Suicide Squad, but his character was definitely not described in the proper way. Deadshot has little love, but the small amount that he does have is poured into his daughter, Zoe, and he will go to great lengths to protect her.

Not only is his shot precision one of the best in the DC Universe, he came come out of the shadows at any time to defeat Batman.

3 Cluemaster

Cluemaster is a complex super-villain that appeared in Detective Comics #647 with motives that dig deep in his core for revenge upon Bruce Wayne. Cluemaster doesn’t necessarily have any special abilities besides some gadgets that prove to be deadly for innocent civilians. It’s really the mind-games he plays on Batman that make him a silent killer.

The failed gameshow host has proven time and time again that he has much more than simple superpowers to stop Batman – he has a rigid origin story that drives his hatred.

2 Hugo Strange

Hugo Strange is extremely dangerous especially when facing off against Batman because he’s one of the first recurring villains to have figured out Batman’s identity. Although Hugo Strange isn’t necessarily as powerful as Batman, he becomes highly dangerous due to his diligence in psychological warfare.

By exposing Batman’s secret identity, he not only can attack Bruce Wayne’s home-front, but he can also expose him to other villains.

1 Catwoman

Catwoman, Selina Kyle, is one of the most popular (and complex) villains that Batman encounters. Due to their in-depth love relationship, Catwoman knows everything there is to know about the dark DC hero.

Along with this, as the two grew together within the comics, so did her knowledge of Batman’s fighting tactics and skills. She not only has harnessed every skill, but she has enhanced them and made them her own. Overall, she’s one of the most powerful DC villains due to her highly trained combat skills.

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Batman has a massive villain roster and some are stronger than we think. From superpowered ones like Poison Ivy to humans like Hush, let's examine.

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