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Marvel’s First Family has accomplished all sorts of wonders in their many years as a team. Known as The Fantastic Four, this group has made all sorts of scientific contributions to the universe and also protected it from some of its most powerful threats imaginable. However, though the team generally consists of Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Ben Grimm, and Johnny Storm, there have been several other characters to be featured on their roster.

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While some have contributed greatly like Spider-Man, Ant-Man, or She-Hulk, other characters just haven’t had quite the same impact. Though some characters didn’t quite fit the feel of the team in general, other characters just never spent enough time as members of the Four in order to really make a difference. Looking specifically at some of the least-impactful members from over the years, here is our list of the 10 worst members of the Fantastic Four.

10 Storm

Despite being one of the most powerful mutants on the planet, the circumstances that saw Storm become a member of the Fantastic Four were rather unpleasant. During Marvel’s first Civil War event, the original team was divided, with Sue and Johnny leaving Ben and Reed over different views on the Superhero Registration Act.

After the event was over, Reed and Sue left the team for a short time in order to work on their own relationship, replacing themselves with Storm and Black Panther. Of course, both heroes have contributed greatly to the entire Marvel universe, but their short-lived run as members of the Fantastic Four doesn’t nearly measure up to their other accomplishments outside of the team.

9 Black Panther

Like with Storm, Black Panther actually made a fine addition to the Fantastic Four team. Especially given T’Challa’s own brilliance, he and his wife would likely have proven to be great members if they were given a bit more time.

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Furthermore, given his close ties and history with the Fantastic Four, T’Challa would have actually been a great member in the long term. Unfortunately, he and Storm never really got the chance to prove what they could bring to the team and, though both are incredibly wonderful characters, didn’t prove to be the best members of Marvel’s First Family.

8 Flux

For those who are unfamiliar, Dennis Sykes was a very brief member of the Fantastic Four, and actually gave his life fighting alongside them. With the ability to manipulate matter, Sykes was chosen to accompany the team in a fight against Ego, and even given a uniform along with the codename, “Flux.”

Unfortunately, while he proved to be crucial in defeating the villain, Sykes stretched his abilities to the maximum, leaving him with little time left after the encounter. In actuality, the story is actually very touching and Sykes’ sacrifice was very noble. Unfortunately, with so little time served on the team, Flux finds himself as one of the most forgettable and least-impactful members of the Fantastic Four.

7 Medusa

Medusa has actually served on the Fantastic Four on more than one occasion. The first time was innocent enough, as she had recently experienced amnesia. The second time, however, was a bit stranger, especially given the situation.

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During a time when Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman were separated, Medusa was invited back to the team to serve in Sue’s place. While she did make a perfectly fine addition to the team overall, the circumstances in which she served were very tense. Once again, this change didn’t last too long, but it still makes her one of the most forgettable members of the Fantastic Four yet.

6 Crystal

Like her sister, Medusa, Crystal also served as a member of Marvel’s First Family for a time. Firstly, when Sue Storm discovered she was pregnant, Crystal filled in for the heroine during her absence from the team. During this time, she would also become romantically involved with Johnny, though the two’s romantic relationship wouldn’t last terribly long.

Despite the unfortunate end of their relationship, Crystal would once again serve as a member for another brief period when Reed and Sue both stepped away from the team. Though she only served for a short while both times, Crystal’s elemental abilities actually made her a valuable asset to the team. However, given that she contributed so little overall over the years, Crystal is yet another forgettable addition to the team. Through no fault of the character herself, Crystal can definitely be considered one of the worst members of the Fantastic Four.

5 Namorita

While Namor alone is famous for stirring up all kinds of trouble within the Fantastic Four alone, his cousin, Namorita, has also had somewhat of an impact on the team as well. After taking an interest in Human Torch, Namorita actually tagged along for several missions with the team.

Though the two eventually broke up, Namorita’s skills actually made her pretty useful as a member of the Fantastic Four. However, she never did anything too major before leaving the team, landing her a little lower than others on this list. While she did fight valiantly before her death, Namorita simply just wasn’t as impactful as many other members of the Fantastic Four have been.

4 Ms. Thing

While Darla Deering was never supposed to be the most serious member of the Fantastic Four, she still proved to be one of the lesser members. Granted, her character did provide an interesting element to a truly wonderful story, but her antics and personality didn’t exactly make her worthy of her spot on the team.

When the Fantastic Four departed on a mission in space, they each chose a replacement in case they didn’t return. At the last minute, Johnny, who had forgotten to choose his replacement, picked Darla with the hope of returning on time. Though Darla eventually grew into her own as a character, she never quite made the best addition to the Fantastic Four.

3 Hulk

For a very short while, Hulk was actually part of a makeshift Fantastic Four team. Assembled by a fake Invisible Woman, Hulk served as a member alongside other heroes like Wolverine, Spider-Man and Ghost Rider with the hopes of avenging the original Fantastic Four when they were presumed dead.

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Granted, part of what makes this version of Hulk a bit odd is that it was his Mr. Fixit personality at the time. However, the entire makeup of this team seemed odd in general. Of course, it was supposed to be that way to a degree, as they were being manipulated by a villain from the time they first came together, but it is probably best that this team only lasted a few issues.

2 Wolverine

The Fantastic Four have always been a more lighthearted series with only a few minor exceptions here and there. Therefore, putting three darker and angrier characters together just felt like such a significant departure, no matter how odd this team was supposed to be.

No matter how heroic Wolverine can be at times, seeing him as a member of the Fantastic Four is just rather off-putting, albeit intriguing. Furthermore, even though this team wasn’t assembled by other members of the Four themselves, Marvel still considers them to be official members, with these four even returning as part of the most recent series.

1 Ghost Rider

As the last member of the makeshift Fantastic Four (with the exception of Spider-Man), this version of Ghost Rider was actually Danny Ketch at the time the story initially took place. Once again, while this darker version of the team made for an interesting read, it is likely for the best that they weren’t around for a long time.

Danny especially is one of the darker Marvel characters around, and definitely wouldn’t have fit the feel of the book in the long term. Thankfully, Spider-Man would prove to be a valuable member due to his time with the Future Foundation, but the same cannot be said for the other members of this Fantastic Four.

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The Fantastic Four are a legendary group in the Marvel universe. But some members just couldn't cut it! Here's a look at the Four's 10 worst members!

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