10 X-Men That Are Suprisingly More Powerful Than Captain America

Inside the Marvel universe, Captain America is considered one of the first superheroes. Injected with Super Soldier Serum during World War II, the hero known as Steve Rogers helped the Allies win World War II. A generation later, he became a retroactive founding member of the Avengers.

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With increased speed, strength, and stamina, along with expert hand-to-hand combat skills, Cap is a hero who’s hard to beat. Yet, when compared to the X-Men, several mutants have more power than the Shield Slinger. For more information, here are 10 X-Men that are surprisingly more powerful than Captain America.

10 Professor X

Charles Xavier is one of the most powerful telepaths in the Marvel universe. He’s so strong that he was able to tamp down Jean Grey’s abilities when she came to the institute. He is also one of the wealthiest people on Earth-616.

Those things don’t make him surprisingly more powerful. He can encourage, some say coerce, mutants to join him in his goals, that’s where he shines. If he can convince Wolverine to listen to him, he can do the same to Cap.

9 Deadpool

Not every person who joins the X-Men is a mutant. Some are part of the group that have similar capabilities as other mutants. Deadpool was one of those members.

He and Cap are probably equal when it comes to fighting capabilities, though Deadpool talks a lot more. What moves Wade Wilson over Steve is his healing power. It comes in handy when he’s constantly shot at by both heroes and villains.

8 Cable

Cable is a fighter. He did it in his apocalyptic future, and he continues to do it in the current Earth-616 timeline. Using his expert knowledge of military tactics, the son of Scott Summers has been a leader and a follower during his time with the X-Men.

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What makes him surprisingly more powerful is his psionic abilities. In fact, his telepathic and telekinetic powers make him an Omega-level mutant. While these have waned and returned over the years, he seems to have regained the abilities in his recently de-aged form.

7 Cyclops

It may be surprising to see Cyclops on this list. Throughout the decades, he has either been defeated by Captain America or fought him to a standstill. It’s amazing how many eye beams Cap’s shield can deflect.

Scott is here because of his power as a leader. Even when he went slightly mad after killing Professor X, Cyclops kept going to recruit new mutants. Oh, there’s one more reason he’s surprisingly more powerful. It seems he can’t die anymore. His conscience and intelligence are simply placed in a new body.

6 Wolverine

Of course, Logan’s healing factor is a more powerful reason. Cut off an arm, remove his intestines, or shoot him in the head. Wolverine can recover from his wounds between a few seconds and minutes. This helps when on a dangerous mission.

Other than that, he and Cap are even when it comes to fighting. This has been revealed several times when Wolverine teamed with Steve on a solo mission or as a member of the Avengers. Overall, both heroes won’t quit until the opposition is defeated.

5 Captain Britain

Like Deadpool, Brian Braddock isn’t a mutant. Instead, his power comes from his magical suit. When worn, which is all the time to regulate his powers, he has power levels above Captain America.

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In addition to superhuman strength and agility, Brian can fly as Captain Britain. He also has a sixth sense that gives him an awareness of items or scenarios others don’t see. For instance, he can detect illusions or other magical spells. This is something Captain America certainly doesn’t have, and it gives him a disadvantage.

4 Psylocke

Captain Britain’s twin sister, Betsy Braddock, is also surprisingly more powerful than Captain America. She has an advantage over Steve when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. In addition to standard skills, she’s also an expert martial artist.

Then there are her mutant abilities. She possesses the powers of telepathy, telekinesis, and precognition. What tips her over is the ability to create a sword made of psychic energy. This is slightly more powerful than Cap’s shield.

3 Longshot

Here’s another X-Man who isn’t a mutant. In fact, Longshot isn’t a biological human. He’s an artificially created lifeform from the Mojoverse. He joined the X-Men after he escaped and asked for their help.

Though Captain America has Olympic-level acrobatic abilities, Longshot’s are superhuman. Also, he has healing capabilities that aren’t as uncommon in X-Men as first thought. Longshot’s greatest ability is luck and the power to access probabilities.

2 Bishop

Another mutant from an apocalyptic future, Bishop is a military man ready to tackle most threats. Though he could handle himself in a battle with Captain America, it would be a tough one to start with.

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Then, Bishop would use his mutant power to absorb energy and send it back as a bio-kinetic blast toward Cap. He could probably deflect the first few with his shield. However, the more energy Bishop absorbed, the more powerful the blasts. This is the reason the X-Man is surprisingly more powerful.

1 Beast

A founding X-Man, Hank McCoy wouldn’t be more powerful in his original form. He was a mutant with large hands and feet and an enormous intellect. It’s when he became blue and furry that his power overcame Cap’s.

First was the superhuman speed, agility, and acrobatics. Next was the intelligence, which Hank maintained during the transformation. Together, this former Avenger/Defender can battle villains while solving long division at the same time.

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These 10 characters are shockingly more powerful than Captain America.

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