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Tony Stark‘s unparalleled genius has given him the means to construct a powerful suit of armor with numerous applications – from creating resilient defenses to delivering destructive attacks. Unlike Iron Man’s, the extraordinary skills and talents of the X-Men have been acquired from birth but many mutants are unpopular or underrated in comparison.

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Some of Marvel‘s most consistently formidable heroes are X-Men. A surprising number of them are capable of defeating a battle-ready Tony in a confrontation or are superior to him in terms of the feats they can pull off through their abilities. Here are 10 X-Men that are surprisingly more powerful than Iron Man.

10 Deadpool

Wade Wilson is armed with nothing but a pair of katanas and he can’t fly. However, the Merc with the Mouth has frequently used a teleportation device to enter or leave a battle and his blade strikes are capable of cutting through surfaces harder than diamond. This gives Deadpool a legitimate chance of getting close to Stark, negating his suit’s ranged and technological capabilities and take him out. Wilson’s immortality, superior speed, and greater fighting skill ultimately make him the stronger superhero.

9 Iceman

Iceman‘s powers are limited to just a single element in contrast to Stark’s numerous abilities but the mutant still has the right tools to overpower Tony. Firstly, he is capable of defending himself and attacking by creating ice out of thin air, which can destabilize the Iron Man armor and shut it down. Secondly, Robert Drake has the power to control water on a molecular level meaning that some truly nasty stuff can happen to Tony’s body and the billionaire is not popular for his stable health – considering the arc reactor in his chest.

8 Psylocke

The fact that Psylocke is willing to enter a fight without too much physical protection around her shouldn’t give anyone the false impression that she is vulnerable. Her telekinesis, which allows her to move and reform solid objects is all the defense that she needs.

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Through it, Elizabeth Braddock can create impenetrable force field shielding as well as close combat and ranged weapons and render herself invisible. Psylocke’s telekinesis is more powerful and focused than Stark’s and she is completely invulnerable to magic, psionics, and space-time alterations.

7 Archangel

Despite being a born flier, Warren Worthington’s natural gifts don’t look too threatening when compared to the high-tech weaponry of Iron Man. However, Archangel does possess some deadly technology of his own. He can use the metallic armament of his wings to fly at several times the speed of sound, attack with devastating blades from a distance and protect himself from destructive assaults, such as the bio-nuclear strikes of the mutant Holocaust. Archangel’s body is far more resilient – he has the capability to swiftly regrow tissue even if it was completely destroyed.

6 Cable

Although for many, Iron Man is Marvel’s perfect merger of man and machine, Cable is an immensely talented and skilled mutant and Tony will have to push the boundaries of Earth technology even further if he hopes to match his prowess. Nathan Summers’ huge skillset can be broken down into 4 separate sections. Telepathy is out of Stark’s reach but he is impervious to it.

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Time travel is something Iron Man has achieved (like in the MCU). Techno-organic physiology provides Cable with super strength and endurance. The one thing, in which Iron Man is inferior is telekinesis, which is mastered by Cable to such a degree that he can literally disassemble complex devices (like Tony’s armor).

5 Negasonic Teenage Warhead

Negasonic Teenage Warhead’s rather innocent looks should not fool anyone. She can easily evade the enemy attacks because of her superhuman speed and her ability to warp reality. The two powers, which make Ellie Phimister a worthy and superior opponent to Stark are her particle manipulation and absorption, which allow her to consume energies, use them to attack and to completely transform certain materials and her telekinesis, which will let her to control Tony’s suit of armor in a hypothetical confrontation.

4 Magik

For all of his unlimited resources and spectacular scientific knowledge, there are some forces, which are out of Tony Stark’s reach such as the interstellar, cosmic powers of Magik. Illyana Rasputina can travel through both time and space. Additionally, she is a powerful sorceress and is capable of performing some of Doctor Strange’s most complex spells.

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Magik can put up powerful psionic shields around her mind, which even the greatest of telepaths can’t penetrate. Which of the two heroes wields greater power will always be a difficult question to answer because each individual can attack the other in ways that would render the opponent defenseless. However, since Rasputina is capable of dealing as much physical damage as Stark is, the scales should rightfully tip in her favor.

3 Omega Sentinel

Tony Stark has his incredible suit of armor and Karima Shapandar has her potent Sentinel tech so the contest between the two is quite even. Iron Man’s firepower is matched by the specialized weaponry of Omega Sentinel. Shapandar can consume and project energy and therefore – create various types of protection around her. She can also fly. The mutant is gifted with another, very special skill, which possibly gives her a slight advantage – Technopathy. Through it, Omega Sentinel can restructure and take control of nearby machines. She is not hacking, so Stark’s A.I. will likely prove to be helpless when Karima takes advantage of this particular ability.

2 Havok

An intense duel of firepower, Havok versus Iron Man is a battle, the outcome of which is quite difficult to predict. Both can fly and absorb energy that they can then transform into a power source. While the mutant is invulnerable to any and all forms of heat attacks (like Iron Man’s ray strikes), Tony’s armor can protect him from a nuclear blast. However, while Stark is using Earth technology to power up his repulsors, Alexander Summers’ source is cosmic. His energy absorption and resilience passed the ultimate test when he was dropped into a large star and survived. Given his technology’s origins, Iron Man pulling through such a challenge is quite uncertain and rather unlikely.

1 Dazzler

Iron Man’s suit is equipped with numerous levels of protection and defensive mechanisms that guard him against magnetic, telepathic and various super-powered attacks so Alison Blaire’s ability to project light doesn’t immediately seem like too much of a problem for the famous Avenger. Well, as a matter of fact, if Dazzler focuses her light beams, she can cut through virtually anything with the produced laser. Additionally, she is capable of creating a destructive shield that doesn’t simply protect her but incinerates anything that touches it. Stark’s armor might very well be able to hold out against her specialized light strikes but as Avengers: Endgame unfortunately proved, Tony most certainly can’t replicate Alison’s most special and unexplained power – to get resurrected every time she is killed in battle.

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Iron Man may be one of Marvel's best-known heroes, but he couldn't beat these X-Men mutants!

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