10 X-Men That Are Surprisingly More Powerful Than Spider-Man

Spider-Man is one of the most powerful street-level fighters in the Marvel universe. The radioactive spider that bit Peter Parker gave him superhuman strength, agility, and a Spider-Sense that alerts him to danger. His intelligence provided him with an ability to create a formula that allows him to create webs.

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These powers work well for him on the streets of New York. It’s a different story when he goes up against the Merry Mutants of the X-Men. There are several members of this team who have stronger abilities than our favorite Wall-Crawler. For more information, here are 10 X-Men that are surprisingly more powerful than Spider-Man.

10 Kitty Pryde

No matter if she’s Sprite, leader of the Mauraders, or simply Kitty Pryde, this X-Man has an advantage over Spidey. She can shift mass so she can “phase” through solid objects. This means walls, floors, machinery, and people.

There’s an advantage to this power Spidey doesn’t have. She can truly surprise someone and quickly go on the offensive. Spider-Man can shock a villain by lowering himself from the ceiling, but he’ll have to avoid bullets as the criminal quickly goes into defensive mode. On the other hand, Kitty’s disruption is so shocking that the other person doesn’t have time to react. This makes her attack more effective.

9 Jubilee

What Jubilee calls fireworks are more than what Spidey can do on his own. Her power is the distribution of plasmoid energy through her hands. Okay, “fireworks” is probably an easier term.

Jubilee can direct these energy bursts to create various shapes. Then, she can cause them to explode at will. After losing and regaining her powers after M-Day, her fireworks are more powerful. The only way Spidey could do this is through a mechanical device.

8 Nightcrawler

Spider-Man and Nightcrawler have a similar ability. They can swing across various surfaces. Spidey does it through his web-shooters. Nightcrawler can move about the air by wrapping his tail around various objects.

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On the other hand, Nightcrawler has one advantage. He can “Bamf” from one place to another by teleporting through another dimension. In a race from Battery Park to Central Park in Manhattan, the X-Man would arrive much faster through teleportation than Spidey could by swinging across the skyscrapers.

7 Colossus

Both Peter Rasputin and Peter Parker have similar strength abilities. The main difference is Spidey doesn’t have to transform into an organic metal form to make it happen. However, that’s what gives Colossus the edge.

When he transforms he gains height, weight, and density. In a way, he becomes a hero similar in invulnerability to Superman. He can withstand falls from large heights, impacts, large-caliber bullets, and extreme temperatures. Furthermore, Colossus doesn’t require food, water, or oxygen in his organic metal form. So, he can survive in space where Spidey would quickly die.

6 Rogue

When he was bitten by the spider, Peter was able to absorb its radiation to gain his superhuman capabilities. This is all the power he has absorbed in his lifetime. The X-Man named Rogue can absorb superhuman energy from another person by simply touching them with bare hands.

This allows her to gain the abilities of other heroes. If she absorbed the powers of Spider-Man she would gain strength, agility, and his warning mechanism. The first wouldn’t be necessary — she already has superhuman strength and flight after absorbing Carol Danver’s powers decades ago. The other two would be an advantage.

5 Cannonball

At first, Sam Guthrie’s powers were not surprisingly more powerful than Spider-Man’s. His main ability was the release of thermo-chemical energy that allowed him to fly. He was faster than Spidey in many ways, but the Web-Slinger could get to most destinations through a well-placed set of webs.

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What makes Cannonball more powerful now is his ability to direct the thermo-chemical energy throughout his body. Also, the energy creates a blast field around Sam that protects him and others from bodily harm.

4 Legion

While Spider-Man sometimes acts like he’s crazy, Legion is actually off-kilter. He has multiple personalities that surface when needed. This wouldn’t make Legion more powerful if he wasn’t a mutant. Since he’s Charles Xavier’s son, his condition makes him surprisingly more powerful.

The reason is each personality has its own mutant ability. Though he was already an Omega-level mutant with his ability to manipulate reality and time across the universe, the other personalities granted him other abilities. For instance, telepathy, pyrokinetics, and the power to transform into another person. With over 1,000 personalities, he is the most powerful mutant on the planet.

3 Iceman

If we were discussing Bobby Drake in the early days of the X-Men, he wouldn’t be more powerful than Spider-Man. Back then, all he could do was ice up and create snowballs.

As the years progressed, Iceman’s improved his control over these powers. Today, Bobby can transform himself into an ice giant, create various structures and shields, and regenerate parts of his body shattered in his ice form. If one of Spidey’s arms is severed he can’t grow it back. However, Iceman could put ice on the area to slow the bleeding.

2 Jean Grey

Let’s forego the fact that, in her Phoenix form, Jean Grey is more powerful than most Marvel Comics heroes. Also forget her strange, and comical, ability to resurrect herself. As Marvel Girl, Jean Grey was already more powerful than Spider-Man the first day she joined the X-Men.

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Though Spidey does have a form of precognition, he doesn’t know where the threat is coming from. Jean would know about the threat, find the culprit, and shut them down before they made a move. She’s so powerful that Professor X had to mute her abilities when she started at his school. In the end, Jean could take Peter down with one psychic blast.

1 Wolverine

On the surface, Logan isn’t as powerful as Spider-Man. Though he has metal claws that release from his hands, it’s only years of practice that allows him to effectively use them. In the end, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

Wolverine’s adamantium skeleton makes him somewhat invulnerable. Plus, he doesn’t die when his throat is slashed or he’s shot in the head. Instead, after a minute or so, he fully recovers. If someone shot Spidey in the head there’s an excellent chance he would not come back to life.

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Spider-Man is a powerful hero but there are some X-Men that are actually stronger. Here are 10 surprising examples.

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