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Avatar: The Last Airbender may have been over for a while, but its legacy left a mark with its fans, creators, and the animated fantasy genre. It blurred the line between content for children versus adults, and many call it the greatest animated series of all time.

It is the sort of adventure with everything involved such as action, comedy, drama, romance, magic, philosophy, and more. With so much to offer its fans, it inspired books, other TV shows, and video games. The four elements became as widely known as Hogwarts’ Houses, with many fans debating what nation or tribe they would fit into the most.

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With all that, there is also a lot made by fans! The fan art scene is particularly wonderful. Here are ten pieces of fan art for Avatar: The Last Airbender that we loved. Be sure to check out the links to the talented artists, as they deserve the credit for their work.

Updated On May 17th, 2020 By Allison Stalberg: With Avatar: The Last Airbender now on Netflix, old fans are revisiting the show and new fans are being quickly made. What better way to celebrate this than with even more fan art? We have added five new images!

15 Katara

This extraordinary fan art of Katara was made by RaidesArt. You can actually watch a video of them making this art on Youtube. It is pretty mind-blowing how much detail the artist put into this piece. The water and Katara’s eyes are glistening, and her hair looks real and her character is quite recognizable.

RaidesArt’s gallery is definitely worth checking out. They have also done fan art for characters from Princess Mononoke, Frozen, Tangled, Corpse Bride, How to Train your Dragon, Life is Strange, and much more.

14 The Four Elements

According to the artist of this piece, 3lfantrank, they have watched Avatar: The Last Airbender multiple times and it is one of their favorite shows.

The four elements are shown in a very interesting way in this fan art. You can see windows of earth, fire, water, and air in Aang’s body, rendered with breathtaking detail.

13 The Painted Lady

The Painted Lady appeared in the book Fire and is a Water Spirit. However, Katara disguises herself as the spirit in order to help people. The real spirit was no longer protecting its village due to water pollution. However, the spirit eventually returns after the heroes clean the river. Despite only appearing briefly in the series, the Painted Lady made an impression on fans. Her design was gorgeous and her story was one about kindness towards the environment.

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The artist for this piece is Pegaite. Their gallery mostly contains original works, but there is some more fan art as well. They have also painted Toph, Princess Mononoke, Aang, Totoro, Naruto, and others.

12 Azula, Mai, And Ty Lee

These three girls were major villains of the series. However, Mai and Ty Lee had pretty happy endings as they realized Azula was in the wrong. Azula was both a friend as well as a bully to both Mai and Ty Lee, and she was the one who really lost it at the end of the series.

This great piece of art was made by sarahvara.

11 Blood Bending

This is one of the darker and edgy versions of Katara fan art we found. Of course, blood bending is as dark as the series gets. It is the use of Water Bending to control another being. After all, most living beings are mostly made of water. It is adjacent to mind control, but it looks even more disturbing. As creepy as it is, the artist made it also look beautiful.

The artist is NanFe, and a lot of her art deals with themes of blood and darkness. Other characters she has drawn include V from V for Vendetta, Griffith from Berserk, Jon Snow from Game of Thrones, and more.

10 Jasmine Tea

Zuko’s had a lot of tea in his life due to Iroh’s influence. Both Zuko and his uncle are major fan favorites, especially when they are together. Between Zuko’s youthful defiance and Iroh’s age and wisdom, they ere a fun team.

This incredible piece depicting Zuko with a cup of tea is remarkable, and was made by 9lassblade.

9 Shopping

According to the artist, Ry-Spirit, they loved the parts of the series when Aang and his friends would explore new places and interact with the local people. This inspired the Ry-Spirit to make fan art of the characters discovering a toy shop. Aang, Katara, and Sokka are still pretty young, and they have lived on the outskirts of the world for most of their lives. That is part of what is so fun about their journey; everything is as new and exciting to them, as it is for the audience.

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The artist also shared that Aang picked a wooden hand drum because they had one just like it when they were a kid, and it was their favorite toy.

8 The Blue Spirit

For a small part of the series, Zuko disguised himself as a character called the “Blue Spirit.” He hid his identity with a blue mask and was able to do actions that regular Zuko would not be caught doing. There is a lot of fan speculation about the symbolism of the mask and the color blue. The dragon is reminiscent of the dragon that symbolized Azula in his dreams, and it is blue like the mask.

Speculation aside, the artist is Unodu. Their gallery has original characters and creatures as well as ones from Fire Emblem, Pokémon, and Devil May Cry. 

7 Water Bending

This fan art of Katara actually reminds us of Disney’s princess, Moana, just a bit. The gorgeous art was made by Viccolatte. According to them, this piece took about 18 hours to complete! The colors of the water, the foam, Katara’s expression, movement, and hair are all fantastic. She is both powerful and beautiful at the same time, and we also love the fish silhouettes in the background!

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Viccolatte has a talent when it comes to female characters. Her gallery includes recognizable faces such as Zelda from The Legend of Zelda, Alice from Alice: Madness Returns, and a Little Sister from Bioshock.

6 Children Of The Fire Nation

This amazing fan art appears to have been inspired by a work of fan fiction called Memento Mori. The artist included a quote from the fan fiction in the art description. It reads, “Twelve years ago, they had been small, and the ring of flowers that Ty Lee had woven into Azula’s hair had meant more than any crown, honor, or victory. Before Ty Lee had learned the concept of tributes, she had made oaths of friendship and love.

Credit for this wonderful piece is entirely due to andiedraws.

5 Water Tribe Siblings

Katara and Sokka are some of the best sibling dynamics to come out of a T.V. series. They love each other, they argue, and they stick together despite their differences.

According to the artist, Meramii, Avatar: The Last Airbender is one of their most favorite shows of all time. She has also drawn characters from Spirited Away, Final Fantasy XIV, Final Fantasy VII, and more.

4 Avatar Roku

While Avatar Roku was rarely seen, he often stole the show when he appears. He was one of the Avatars, a past-life of Aang. He was born in the Fire Nation, and Aang inherited the burden after Roku could not end the Fire Nation’s imperial ambitions. Despite being dead, he is seen in the series sometimes as a spirit and other times as a flashback. The artist for this piece is LucasParolin.

3 Little Toph

Toph is a tomboy and a fan favorite for her adventuresome and rebellious spirit. Being blind made her family treat her delicately, and her passion was beating up people.

The artist, Nukababe, decided to draw Toph is a way she is rarely seen in the series. There are rare moments when the audience sees her feminine side, and she is pretty cute in a dress!

2 Fire Bending

We love the movement, energy, and emotion in this piece. Zuko is a fan favorite from the series because he changes to much. He starts off as a villain and slowly develops into an ally. Also, we have to mention that he is pretty handsome once his awful haircut from the beginning of the series was cut off. The artist for this piece is SHIBUE.

1 Avatar In Water

This location is not from the series, but it definitely fits into the aesthetics of Avatar: The Last Airbender. It looks like it could be a cool water temple, though it appears to have symbols of all four elements on the pillars. Maybe it could be a shrine particularly for the Avatar? Whatever the case, the artist did great work.

The art was made by ghostsberry.

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The Avatar: The Last Airbender anime may have ended years ago, but that doesn't mean the series' fanbase is any less impassioned!

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