15 Strange & Action-Packed Anime To Watch If You Like Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

The Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure anime, so far, is 5 parts long with 152 episodes all in all. Although it’s not as long as other well-known titles out there, it’s still a pretty long and sometimes overwhelming watch. If you have gotten through all of it though, big kudos to you, and you’re looking for new titles to watch, here’s a list of ten anime to move on to and continue your binge sessions. Some might be unexpected recommendations but give them a shot! You’ll never know what you might enjoy.

Updated by Adriano Valente May 13th, 2020:  The JoJo franchise is still going strong, and with Part 5 having ended almost a year ago, fans are eagerly anticipating the announcement of Stone Ocean. That could be a long ways off, and in the meantime, dedicated fans will have to spend their time watching something else. This list has been updated to include some more crazy, action packed shows that didn’t make the cut the first time around.

15 Baki the Grappler

Baki the Grappler follows Baki Hanma as he strives to become a skilled martial artist. The series’ focus on martial arts makes it more of a technical experience than JoJo, but these two shows are very similar.

The way that characters’ anatomy is depicted is similar, and the battles are intense while being well thought out at the same time.

14 Punch Line

Punch Line might not seem like that similar of an anime when compared to JoJo, but they do have a similar vibe.

Following the residents of the Korai House, Punch Line is filled with action. But it’s the show’s over-the-top narrative that draws the JoJo comparisons. They’re two different experiences, but share enough traits to be enjoyed by any JoJo fan out there.

13 Inferno Cop

There aren’t really any anime out there like Inferno Cop, and to JoJo fans that should be the first thing that draws them to the show.

The series follows Inferno Cop, a skeletal Ghost Rider-like character out to avenge his family. As cliché as that sounds, the show executes it well. The unique animation and short, packed episodes make this a must watch.

12 Great Teacher Onizuka

Based off of the incredibly popular manga of the same name, Great Teacher Onizuka follows Eikichi Onizuka, a former delinquent turned substitute teacher. The series follows Onizuka as he reforms and connects with his students in the most bizarre and off the wall ways possible.

With its mixture of action and comedy, this is defiantly worth a watch. It might not be similar in terms of setting, but JoJo fans would certainly appreciate it.

11 Kill la Kill

Kill la Kill is a weird show in the best way possible. It follows Ryuko Matoi as she tries to track down her father’s killer, while making use of a magical garment called a Kamui.

The show is best known for its transformation sequences, and incredible action while mixing in some great comedic moments at just the right times. It stands out as its own unique experience, which shoud have JoJo fans excited.

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10 One-Punch Man

Is there something more intense and bizarre than someone that’s so OP that they obliterate their opponents in just one punch? This show’s title isn’t an exaggeration, Saitama actually has this capability. It’s not as boring as you might imagine though. With a wide variety in the cast of this anime, there’s a lot of action-packed fights to go around, and even Saitama’s fights are exciting and entertaining as well. There are times when, like in Jojo’s, it feels like the scenarios are just waiting for the main protagonist and then are resolved pretty quickly afterward, but even with this note, you’ll probably enjoy this show.

9 Cells at Work!

Another title from David Productions, Cells at Work! is an informative anime about the inner workings of the body. You’d think that this was a boring topic, but this show approaches it with an incredibly entertaining twist that makes you find yourself laughing and learning at the same time. This is like how Stardust Crusaders sprinkled in different facts and tidbits in between episodes, except there are a lot and they’re in every episode. The fight scenes can get hilariously intense at times, with monochromatic action men, pretty maids who wield giant knives, and characters that look like really intense bouncers — these are just the good ones. You can even find Jotaro and Santana’s voices here somewhere which adds a bit more nostalgia.

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8 My Hero Academia

There’s no doubt that My Hero Academia is action-packed, but another thing that’s similar between this show and Jojo’s are the abilities that the characters have. The Quirks of the heroes and villains in My Here Academia are like the Stands that the users in Jojo’s have, and as such, adaptability is in high play here as well. It’s nice to see all the different powers wielded by everyone, as well as how they have to analyze whoever they’re against and adjust accordingly. The creativity with which they utilize their skills is also comparable — examples of which are Mirio Togata’s expertise in his ability to phase through anything and Josuke’s flexibility in using Crazy Diamond to even create homing projectiles.

7 Food Wars!

This is one of the most action-packed food shows out there and is essentially just Jojo’s but with food. It revolves around a culinary high school whose students are intense and participate in Shokugeki — cooking battles ala Iron Chef but with very high stakes tied to them. The characters in Food Wars!, much like the Jojo’s, have a knack for winning their bouts by pulling miracles seemingly out of nowhere, it’s actually quite impressive. A lot of the episodes can leave you on the edge of your seat, with there even being one Shokugeki whose art style and intensity seemed lifted straight out of Jojo’s. If you like food anime but want something intense, this one has got you covered.

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6 Ben-To

Another one from David Productions, although more obscure, this is also another action-packed food anime — albeit with quite a unique theme. I don’t think anyone would expect battlefield-like scenarios when it comes to buying Bentos from convenience stores, so this will pleasantly surprise you. Ben-To revolves exactly around this, with its characters being students or office workers by day and very hungry, seemingly blood-thirsty, fighters at night. It’s interesting to watch because it has a concept that will leave you scratching your head (a commonality between a lot of David Production projects) but with a nice execution as well. Like Jojo’s (an example being the video game match against Telence T. D’arby where souls were literally on the line), Ben-To also takes something ordinary and twists it into something more intense.

5 Gurren Lagann

Gurren Lagann is an insane and over-the-top mecha anime whose plot revolves around perseverance and will power. In a world where humanity literally lives underground, our main protagonists find themselves fighting for the betterment and survival of the human race. Int’s comparable to Jojo’s in that the protagonists fight for the sake of a greater good — whether it’s the people of a town or the entirety of the youth. Apart from this, Guren Lagann also has insanely mesmerizing fight scenes that keep you hyped throughout. This might be good for you if you’re looking for something different, but still with a similar feel to Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

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4 Kaguya-Sama: Love is War

This isn’t an action anime by any means, but that doesn’t mean it’s not intense. The whole show revolves around the student council President and Vice President, both of whom refuse to let the other know of their true feelings. Kaguya-Sama is all about calculation and analysis, rather than physical fights — predicting what the other person would do and reacting to it in a way that would put themselves on top. In this way, it is reminiscent of many Jojo’s scenarios, such as many of Joseph’s encounters in Battle Tendency, and although it may not be as action-packed in a physical sense, the mental battles are just as entertaining.

3 Nyaruko: Crawling with Love

Sometimes, after watching such an intense anime like Jojo’s, the best thing to do is take a break with something more lightweight and less serious. For times like this, there are shows like Nyaruko-san. It’s a weird comedy whose characters are based on the monsters from Lovecraft and is very fast-paced and strange, leaving you scratching your head and asking what in the world was going on. It’s funny and entertaining though, and it’s a show that has a lot of references to other shows (Jojo’s included) which adds to the comedy there.

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2 Yu Yu Hakusho

This one’s an oldie but a goodie. The main character of this anime, Yusuke Urameshi, is your typical delinquent type, much like Jotaro and Josuke, who becomes a supernatural detective of sorts. The composition of his team is similar to that in Jojo’s, with someone filling in the comedic, brainy, and rival parts, and the journey theme to the arcs are similar as well. The show itself also has good action scenes that mix up physical fights and supernatural abilities. If you were looking for something more nostalgic that had some umph, Yu Yu Hakusho might just work for you.

1 Fate/ Series

With something at stake that’s all-powerful and can supposedly grant any wish, mages from all over summon Heroic Spirits and battle to the death in an event called the Holy Grail War. They follow a Master-Servant relationship, a partnership similar to the Stand-User dynamic in Jojo’s, and at the end of the war, each have a wish granted. The series is fairly heavier and not quite as light-hearted as Jojo’s is, but the fantasy elements and plot are more than enough to keep you in your seat. With three variations out, Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Unlimited Blade Works, and Fate/Heaven’s Wheel, each following the main protagonist but branching off depending on the main girl, you even have a variety with this one, so you can take your pick.

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Not every anime can be as insane and visually appealing as JoJo's, but these come close. If you're a JJBA fan, you should love them.

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