5 DC Characters From The Injustice Universe We Wish Were The Real Versions (& 5 We’re Glad Aren’t)


DC Comics began a new story line in 2013 with the Injustice: Gods Among Us game. Since then, there have been two games, multiple comic spin-offs, and a mobile game. It has brought the familiar heroes and villains into a new light that the fans have never seen before. To be able to play and fight as your favorite hero was something that the fans loved and wanted more of.

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With the major success of the franchise, some fans might find themselves liking a character from this universe more than the one they get in the comics or TV shows. Here is 5 DC Characters From The Injustice Universe We Wish Were The Real Versions (& 5 We’re Glad Aren’t).

10 Don’t Want: Killer Frost

Killer Frost is a playable character in the first Injustice game. She is working for the Regime under Superman and is the archenemy of Firestorm. We have seen better versions of Killer Frost before, one being in the CW’s Flash and another being on DC Super Hero Girls. She has had a lot of great representation as of late, but his version kind of just falls flat compared to the others. Also, she has had much better outfits in the comics. Here, she looks like a Game of Thrones ripoff .

9 Want: Supergirl

Who fans do want is Injustice 2? Supergirl. Supergirl’s story has always been a tragic one. She has had to see her planet and everyone on Krypton die with her own eyes. In this story, Superman is still her only family she has left, but he is the most evil villain around. She has to not only figure out why she was fighting for the bad side, but also why Superman is evil. If the player chooses Superman to win the battle, she is put into a red sun cell until she listens to Superman. If they pick Batman, she helps save the world.

8 Don’t Want: Robin (Damian Wayne)

People are not a big fan of Damien Wayne as it is, but to make him side with Superman and claim he is a better father than Bruce just makes him even more unlikable. On top of that, Damien accidentally killed the golden boy himself, Dick Grayson, and then he took over his persona in the first Injustice game. Damien took all of his dad’s bad personality traits and became a cruel person that cannot be forgiven.

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7 Want: Catwoman

Catwoman has always struggled with what side to be on. In Injustice, she chooses to side with the Regime to supposedly save Batman’s love. In Injustice 2, she is now on Batman’s side and working to defeat Superman and his goons. In the beginning of the game, she is working undercover at the Society getting information from them. Catwoman always chooses to be on the side that is right for her, but her love for Batman has made her choose him in this fight. In this version, Catwoman really shows her love for Bruce, which is nice to see…for now.

6 Don’t Want: Wonder Woman

In Injustice 2, Wonder Woman is on Superman’s team. She is seen helping Supergirl, but in the end, when she stabbed Harley Quinn, Supergirl joined Batman’s side. Wonder Woman does not even have her Amazon sisters as they have disowned her. This Wonder Woman is mean and controlling and if someone does not listen to her she will make them.

5 Want: Gorilla Grod

Gorilla Grod is basically the same super smart Gorilla like he is in all of his appearances. In Injustice 2, he is the head of the The Society, which is a team of super villains wanting to take over the world. When Brainiac saves Grod from Green Arrow and Black Canary, he joins him in order to take over the world. It turns out this is all a ruse and Grod is looking for Brainiac’s weakness to kill him. It seems the main reason fans want this Gorilla Grod is because of his very cool armor.

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4 Don’t Want: Superman

Superman is just a plain jerk in these games. It is understandable though because he was so devastated and enraged by the Joker destroying Metropolis. He really becomes the ultimate evil in Injustice 2 when he is lining up Arkham Asylum inmates to execute them. This is not the Superman the fans know or love. In this, he is an evil monster who puts his own family in prison if they do not follow his orders. Superman and Wonder Woman make a great and evil pair in these games.

3 Want: Harley Quinn

While in the first Injustice game, Harley was still following the Joker around, in Injustice two, she is a hero in training for the Justice League. It is revealed in the comics that her and Joker had a baby girl together that she hid from him and is staying with her sister. Harley is making strides in the Injustice 2 and she wants a good and happy life.

2 Don’t Want: Joker

The Joker from Injustice has finally taken it to far by nuking Metropolis and killing a lot of people. Superman ends up murdering the Joker in cold blood (but this Joker is not from the main universe). In Injustice 2, he is seen in a hallucination of Harley taunting her and saying she still wants to be the evil Harley. This Joker needs to get out of Harley’s mind and finally let her be happy.

1 Want: Scarecrow

The last person on this list that the fans want is Scarecrow. In these games, Scarecrow is a frightening villain that is ready to make anyone have their worst nightmares. In Injustice 2, he is working with the Society and wants to take over the wold. This version of the Scarecrow is down right cool with his terrifying look and is even able to take over Brainiac’s mind and control the ship.

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