5 Excellent Romance Manhwa That Haven't Been Published In English (& 5 That Have)

Manhwa have seen a surge in popularity, especially in the last five years or so. A big reason behind this is of course the increased presence of Korean movies and dramas in the Western world, which have generated quite a lot of interest in Korean culture, of which manhwa are an integral part.

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For those who didn’t know, manhwa actually come from South Korea (a free society) and not North Korea (ruled by a dictator). Without any further ado, here are the five best translated and non-translated manhwa for fans to have a look at!

10 Translated: Daughter Of The Emperor

After she was randomly murdered, a 24 year old girl is now resurrected as a the young Ariadna Lereg Ilestri Pre Agrigent. However, her name isn’t the only thing odd about her – in her new life, she’s the very young daughter of the Agrigent Empire’s king Caitel Lereg Ilestri Pre Agrigent. Her father is touted to be a very cruel and sadistic man who eliminates any threat who gets in his way. Will she able to survive her new life?

9 Not Translated: Suddenly Became A Princess One Day

This manhwa is about the evil and cold blooded king Claude de Alger Obelia killed his very own daughter, Athanasia. One day, a woman goes to sleep and awakes up the next day as the very princess Athanasia, whose bedtime stories she used to listen to as a child. She already knows how her life is going to end, so she tries her best to bring about a different ending to the life of princess Athanasia!

8 Translated: Something About Us

This cute little romance revolves around a young couple who aren’t sure about the relationship they share with each other. They’re definitely more than friends and decidedly less than lovers. The question is, who will make the first movie, if at all? Will this young couple be forever stuck in a limbo, or will they finally end up together as lovers?

7 Not Translated: The Reason Why Raeliana Ended Up At The Duke’s Mansion

Eunha goes to sleep and wakes up in her favorite murder mystery novel’s setup! She knows how her ending is going to be (she’s killed by her fiance) and she’s determined to do whatever it takes in order to avoid that Bad Ending.

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So this time, she finds a new fiance – Duke Noah Wynknight. However, making him fall for her and change her Bad End to a Good End seems next to impossible, as this Duke’s heart is seemingly made of nothing but stone.

6 Translated: You At First Sight

Yechan is a girl who keeps to herself because she carries a heavy secret, which is the fact that she can read people’s minds and thoughts. Needless to say, she has too much information about everybody (good and bad) which forces her to become a recluse. That is, till she meets a mysterious boy whose mind she’s unable to read!

5 Not Translated: The Evil Lady’s Hero

Yunifer is a character in a novel who gets a Bad Ending because she harassed her best friend in order to win the affections of a boy they both liked. After she dies, she’s reincarnated as herself, with all her memories intact. This time, she does her best to avoid a Bad End, but her entire plans are turned upside down when the handsome Ishid turns his attention to her.

4 Translated: What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?

Lee Yeong Joon is a typical company CEO – young, handsome, selfish and completely self absorbed. He’s a jerk to everybody, especially his very loyal secretary Kim Mi So. However, after 9 years by her employer’s side, Kim decides to quit her job, which comes as a huge shock to Lee

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An even bigger shock awaits him when he realizes that his older brother harbors romantic feelings for his ex secretary. Will the selfish Lee finally mend his ways and make Kim see “reason?”

3 Not Translated: This Is An Obvious Fraudulent Marriage

Princess Leylin of the Sophen empire is told she has to marry in order to inherit her father’s empire, so she decides to marry an extremely handsome man in a contract marriage, which will last for one year. Things are rocky for the newly wedded couple in the beginning, and things become worse when Leylin realizes she’s actually married a powerful man who’s been known to heartlessly kill many of his opponents.

2 Translated: Adelaide

The rich and handsome Duke Felix can’t seem to get rid of gold diggers, so he thinks up a plan. He asks young Adelaide to be his fake fiance so that he could keep all other girls at bay, especially the very persistent Susanne. However, turns out that Susanne is actually a time traveler and to make matters worse, Adelaide actually starts developing feelings for this young Duke!

1 Not Translated: The Maid And The Vampire

Areum has unusual hair color, because of which she’s assumed to be a vampire and sold off to a mysterious Duke. Turns out that Millard Travis, the Duke, is a vampire himself! Finding no other way to fend for herself, she agrees to be his loyal servant for eternity, but little does she know she’s in for a whole lot of trouble!

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Romance manhwa is a treat for readers, but only a few of these stories have been translated and published for an English-speaking audience.

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