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For over a decade, players of Minecraft have been able to explore their expansive worlds, collect valuable resources and build incredible structures with its well-known block system. Minecraft allows its players to take creative risks when overcoming obstacles and awards them for pushing the limits that the world creates.

The success of Minecraft has pushed many other game studios to create games with similar mechanics and themes, each putting their own unique twist on resource management and survival.

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Terraria creates a wonderful sandbox world similar to those seen in Minecraft. However, the game is presented in a 2D side-scrolling view. This gives a more retro-type feel, similar to a classic SNES or Sega Genesis game. The world of Terraria offers exploration, crafting, resource management and combat for the player to partake in, also similar to Minecraft.

On top of its stunning, stylized graphics, Terraria offers its players unique and interesting goals to accomplish. While Minecraft offers bosses and other strong enemies to face, Terraria includes a wide range of fearsome foes to vanquish, including those only available during events. This allows its players to always return for more content year-round. Over the years since its release, Terraria players have received updates including new features, objects and quests in the game, with the final update titled “Journey’s End” planned to release on May 16.

Building off of the famous JRPG series Dragon Quest, Dragon Quest Builders throws players into a world of wonder to be explored with their own cute Dragon Quest character. Dragon Quest Builders 2, the most recent addition to the spin-off series, presents heavy story themes similar to the JRPG series it is based on. A mighty force threatens all the builders in the land and it’s up to the player to overcome this evil and save the land and its people.

The combat is quite simplistic in nature, since players can only perform standard attacks and a flashy “spinning slice,” but the game focuses more on collecting resources, building structures and following a well-written storyline to save those in need. What truly sets this game apart is its expansive and rich world. It’s one filled to the brim with characters to interact with, bosses to vanquish and plenty of loot and rewards.

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Players may find that Starbound closely resembles Terraria at a quick glance, but these games offer widely different play styles and theming. While many of these games offer a singular world with differing biomes and areas to explore, Starbound sets the stage with interstellar space travel, separating the areas between different worlds. Each of these areas are procedurally generated, creating an incredible amount of resources to collect, dungeons to dive into and unique enemies to face. Speaking of enemies, the game also offers a large variety of weapons to be used when standing up against threats, having the player truly craft their own story and play style within the game.

Starbound’s world also provides an incredible amount of detail, both within its overarching story and in smaller instances found throughout the galaxy. This helps engross the player in a rich environment and leaves them with a desire to uncover the galaxy’s secrets.

No Man’s Sky offers a vivid, incredibly large world for players to explore, with literal planets procedurally generated within galaxies for players to interact with one another and their creations. Original players may remember the rocky start that No Man’s Sky and its developer, Hello Games, faced upon its release in 2016. Since its release, however, No Man’s Sky has gone through a great deal of updates, drawing in many players to explore its incredible expanse. The gorgeous graphics and simplistic space travel have all remained, but quality of life updates like being able to play with friends and crafting land vehicles and bases on planets help create an enticing experience.

The most recent update to the game, No Man’s Sky: Beyond, further expands the player’s inventory to alleviate some of the resource gathering struggles found in the past. However, it can still be quite time consuming. Beyond also includes a revamped tutorial, stunning graphics updates and a mission guide to keep players on track with their goals, to name just a few of the many great additions. Hello Games continues to update No Man’s Sky in fascinating ways, bringing players the true cross-galaxy traveling experience.

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Those looking for a more horror-centric take on the resource management genre may want to dive into the Don’t Starve series. Set in a top-down, procedurally generated landscape, players set off to gather materials and create a base of operations to overcome the harsh nights. Players are continuously bombarded with swarms of enemies ranging in size and deadliness, always keeping the players on their feet and filling them with a desire to be prepared for the next onslaught. Compared to other titles on this list, Don’t Starve prides itself on being a challenge, including elements seen in Minecraft like hunger, but also adding more gruesome elements like keeping one’s sanity in check.

If players are looking to brave the dangers of Don’t Starve with some friends, Don’t Starve Together offers a rich experience to surviving the fearsome nights alongside allies. Don’t Starve Together also receives continuous updates adding new features and characters to choose from. Each character has unique traits, so players have a plethora of options when deciding who will suit them best when braving the dangerous outdoors.

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Minecraft continues to offer its players a fantastic resource management and survival game. Here are some games Minecraft players will also find fun.

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