5 Justice Leaguers Wonder Woman Gets Along With (& 5 That She Can’t Stand)

Wonder Woman is one of the friendliest and kind-hearted DC superheroes. Unless she’s being mind-controlled or replaced by an evil alternate version of herself, she’s usually an optimistic person who gets along well not just with normal people, but also her fellow superheroes.

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Alongside Superman and Batman, Wonder Woman is one of the DC Trinity, and she didn’t earn this position by just sitting in the corner and doing nothing. She’s an ally everyone wants, but even Wonder Woman doesn’t always have the best relationships with everyone. Here are 5 Justice Leaguers Wonder Woman gets along with and 5 she can’t stand.

10 Gets Along: Supergirl

Wonder Woman has a soft spot for young people who are only just finding their path in the world.

When Supergirl arrived at Earth in the comics, unlike her fellow Justice Leaguer Batman, Diana took the young heroine under her protective wing. She took Supergirl to Themyscira to allow her to master her skills and learn to fight without risking hurting non-powered people.

9 Can’t Stand: Green Lantern

Hal Jordan is a good guy, but his behavior sometimes isn’t on the up and up and he can get on people’s nerves. In the New 52, not all the Justice League members knew each other so well, so it makes sense that some of them weren’t the best of friends.

Case in point: Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. So when Green Lantern got into Diana’s way, she attacked him and the two fought until the rest of the League stopped them. Needless to say, this didn’t warm them to one another.

8 Gets Along: Cyborg

Let’s go to the live adaptation of Justice League for a moment. The 2017 film showed the beginnings of the League, its formation.

Wonder Woman and Cyborg got along pretty well, and besides the Flash, Diana was the only person who looked like she might become friends with the young superhero. She also was the one who managed to convince Victor to join the League in the first place.

7 Can’t Stand: Aquaman

In some versions of the Justice League, Wonder Woman and Aquaman clashed and fought multiple times.

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For example, when Superman and Wonder Woman suspected Aquaman of working with one of their enemies, Wonder Woman and Aquaman ended up fighting instead of talking things out like any sensible friends would do. These two are civil most of the time but can also butt heads.

6 Gets Along: Flash

Wonder Woman and Flash make a good team, whether it’s Barry Allen under the mask or Wally West. Their powers complement each other well and they helped each other or saved one another multiple times, in the comics, in the animated TV shows, and in the films.

Plus, as said above, Wonder Woman usually has a soft spot for young heroes and she tends to get along well with them, unlike some other Justice League members.

5 Can’t Stand: Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing is a good guy and some people may not know that he was also a member of the Justice League. Unfortunately for him, he has the looks of a bad guy, and Wonder Woman learned the painful lesson of judging people by their looks.

She went to confront him about murders she suspected him of but Swamp Thing had nothing to do with the murders, and instead of letting him talk, Diana attacked him.

4 Gets Along: Batman

Wonder Woman and Batman have a complicated relationship. Batman isn’t afraid to tell her what he thinks, which might sour the bond between them, but they care about each other too much to let it stop them from being friends.

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Some fans speculate that they actually love each other, but even if they didn’t, Batman and Wonder Woman are still a great team since they’re not afraid to do whatever’s necessary to help others, even if it means sometimes crossing the line.

3 Can’t Stand: Batgirl

Speaking of the caped crusader… Wonder Woman and Batgirl clashed when they both decided they were both in love with Batman and wanted to get him for themselves. When sending gifts to prove their affection wasn’t enough, they fought each other, and Diana won.

This storyline is a great example of the fact that even the comics contain some pretty weird storylines.

2 Gets Along: Superman

Superman and Wonder Woman aren’t always allies, but unless alternate universes or mind-control are taken into consideration, they’re usually friends, and sometimes even more. Wonder Woman is one of those few superheroes who actually have a real shot at defeating Superman, even without Kryptonite.

But luckily for the two, they respect each other too much for that, and they even had a romantic relationship for a short time.

1 Can’t Stand: Huntress

Huntress is a member of Justice League International, so she deserves a spot on this list. Wonder Woman and Huntress were enemies in the Injustice series, which was infamous for pitting many heroes against others.

Wonder Woman of this universe was much darker than the Wonder Woman many fans grew to love, and she proved it by killing the Huntress when she snapped her neck.

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Wonder Woman is a beloved hero, both inside and out of the DC universe. Here are 5 Justice Leaguers she gets along with, and 5 she doesn't.

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