5 Legion Of Super-Heroes Powers We All Want (& 5 We Don't Care For)

Every fan of superheroes has imagined what it would be like to have superpowers. We’ve all been little kids who tied towels around our necks and fought evildoers, imagining what kind of powers would be the coolest. As adults, we’ve thought about what powers would make our lives better, our jobs easier, and if we’d be heroes or villains.

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The Legion Of Super-Heroes is easily the largest superteam in comics. These 31st-century teenagers have just about every superpower one could think of between them all. Some are amazing and some are pretty lame. This list is going to look at some of the powers of Legion Of Superheroes we all want and ones that we’d rather not have.

10 Want: Ultra Boy’s Ultra Force

Ultra Boy has a weird origin- he got eaten by a space whale and while inside was exposed to ultra radiation. His name was Jo Nah and he was eaten by a whale. Silver Age DC, everybody!

The ultra radiation gave him super strength, super speed, flight, durability, and vision powers, but he can only have one at a time. So his powers are cool, but not exactly the coolest.

9 Don’t Want: Bouncing Boy’s Bouncing

After accidentally drinking a superplastic formula, Chuck Taine gained the power to inflate his body. This allowed him to bounce him around and made him sort of invulnerable while he was bouncing. He would take on the name Bouncing Boy and join the Legion Of Superheroes.

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While not the lamest power a Legionnaire has, this one isn’t great. It would make the commute to work more interesting.

8 Want: Chameleon Boy’s Shapeshifting

Chameleon Boy is a Durlan. The Durlan are a race of shapeshifters They’re kind of like Marvel’s Skrulls except they aren’t constantly trying to enslave the galaxy which makes them a lot cooler.

Being a shapeshifter would be so cool. Can’t find anything to wear? Change your shape. Gained a little weight? Changed your shape. Want to look better on a beach day? Change your shape. Pranks? Change. Your. Shape.

7 Don’t Want: Triplicate Girl’s Three Duplicates

Triplicate Girl can split herself into three different people. This is a pretty useful power as a superhero- it gives one numerical superiority over a single enemy or evens up the odds in an ambush. In real life, it’s much less useful.

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Each of the triplicates has a different personality, meaning they won’t listen if they don’t want to and honestly, how useful in day to day life would it be to split yourself into three different versions of yourself which would do whatever they wanted instead of what you told them to do? Most of us have enough trouble with just being one person.

6 Do Want: Star Boy’s Density, Mass, And Gravity Manipulation

Star Boy has the ability to manipulate the density of objects, increase or decrease their mass, and manipulate gravity. This makes him one of the more powerful members of the team and he also has what is easily the coolest costume of the entire Legion.

The prank-playing potential of Star Boy’s powers is endless. Beyond that, they’re also super useful when it comes to moving heavy things and one can fly to boot, which is pretty awesome and useful.

5 Don’t Want: Shadow Lass’s Shadow Generation

A native of the planet Talok VIII, Shadow Lass has the power to generate shadows. She can make things darker. It’s pretty much the most goth superpower anyone has ever heard of.

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It’s a very rare situation where the ability to make things darker would be a useful superpower. How many times in your life have you thought, “This is nice, but it would be better if it was darker?” That’s assuming your occupation is not being a cat burglar, of course.

4 Do Want: Saturn Girl’s Telepathy

Saturn Girl is from Saturn’s moon Titan and, like everyone else who lives there, has telepathic powers. She can read minds, communicate wordlessly, control minds, and do all kinds of other cool things that telepaths can do.

Telepathy is a useful power with near-infinite uses on a daily basis. Knowing what people are thinking would make life a whole lot easier and open all kinds of avenues for profit and adventure. Plus, again, the pranks one could pull are endless. The Legion Of Superheroes have the best powers when it comes to pranks, which makes a lot of sense when you realize that they are a bunch of teenagers who were written by a literal teenager for years in the Silver Age (writer Jim Shooter started writing for the book when he was fourteen; all of your accomplishments are invalid).

3 Don’t Want: Matter-Eater Lad’s Eating Ability

Matter-Eater Lad can eat anything. He doesn’t gain any other powers because of it, like getting super strength or anything like that from it. He can just eat any substance, no matter how hard or toxic it is.

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Now, sure, this power would be pretty useful for getting rid of all of the toxic and dangerous substances that are a result of our modern world, but would anyone be lining up to do the job? Is the power to eat anything really worth it? No. The correct answer is no.

2 Do Want: Superboy’s Powers

The son of Superman and Lois Lane, Jon Kent has all of the powers his father has as long as he’s under a yellow sun. He has some lofty shoes to fill, but he does it admirably.

Who wouldn’t want all of Superboy‘s powers? Flight, super strength, super speed, invulnerability, all of those vision powers, the super senses, the freeze breath; this is a list of the most useful superpowers for anyone to have, regardless of their path in life.

1 Don’t Want: Stone Boy’s “Power”

Stone Boy is a member of the Legion of Substitute Superheroes, a Legion adjacent group of heroes trying to qualify for the main team. His ability is the power to turn into a stone statue. He can’t move or do anything in statue form. He’s basically a giant paperweight.

Easily the most useless power of any superpower ever, the number of situations where this power would be useful can be counted on one hand.

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The Legion Of Super-Heroes is easily the largest superteam in comics. Here are some of their powers that fans want, and others they don't care for.

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