5 Manga That Need An Anime Adaptation (& 5 That You Didn't Know Already Have One)

A manga receiving an anime adaption is often considered the point that a series is considered to have made it and a sign of future successes. Many mangas have seen their sales increase thanks to them having a popular anime adaption. While many well-known manga series have seen anime adaption, some well-received mangas have nothing yet.

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While some series have well-known anime adaption, some mangas’ adaptions are surprisingly obscure. This obscurity is the result of a wide variety of reasons ranging from availability to timing.  This article will discuss five manga’s that deserves an anime adaption and five you might not know have already received ones.

10 Need: A Bride’s Story

The recent successes of Golden Kamuy’s and Vinland Saga’s animated adaption have shown that there is a huge market for animes that cover lesser-known periods of history. A good manga that fits this bill would be A Bride’s Story, a romance set in mid-19th century central Asia.

Written by the author behind Emma: A Victorian RomanceA Bride’s Story follows the young tribeswomen, Amir, as she deals both with an arranged marriage and growing political chaos in the region. With the series’ focus on historical accuracy and a strong cast, it is a shame that the series has not seen an anime adaption yet.

9 Have One Already: Yokohama Shopping Trip

The 2018 anime adaption of Girls’ Last Tour shows that there is a market for a low-stake postapocalyptic anime series. Girls’ Last Tour, however, was not the first manga to take this approach to the post-apocalyptic genre. The first example of a series with this take on the genre would be Yokohama Shopping Trip. The series is a slice of life that follows an android running a cafe in a post-apocalyptic Japan.

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While the Yokohama Shopping Trip manga is well known among some circles of fans, many might not be aware of the series having an animated adaption. The series has two different OAV adaption, one in 1998 and another in 2002.

8 Need: Shimeji Simulation

Speaking of Girls’ Last Tour its author’s most recent work deserves an animated adaption of its own. Shimeji Simulation is a very strange series that sees a high school girl with mushroom on her head series befriend a girl with a fried egg on her head.

The series is a very surreal take on the slice of life genre with the series having things like a school club dedicated to digging a giant hole behind the school.  Due to the popularity of other surreal takes on the genre like Nichijou and Pop Team EpicShimeji Simulation is a series worthy of being in their ranks.

7 Have One Already: Blade of the Immortal

Blade of the Immortal is a long-running series that follows the immortal samurai Manji as he aids Asano Rin in her quest of vengeance against the swordsmen that killed her parents. The series is one of the most regarded Samurai manga of the 1990s, second only to Vagabond, with a stylish sense of action that would naturally translate well to animation.

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There have been two attempts at making an animated adaption of Blade of the Immortal. The first was a thirteen episodes long adaption of the series’ first arc in 2008. Another attempt was made recently in 2019; another adaption that did a great job translating the manga’s action into the animated form, but suffered from trying to condense a 30 volume long series in a 24 episode long show.

6 Need: Chainsaw Man

The popular manga magazine Weekly Shonen Jump has seen a bit of a renaissance in recent years with series that push the magazine’s formula in more cerebral or darker directions. A recent series that belongs to the latter camp is Chainsaw Man. The series follows Denji a young man who through a bunch of misfortunate ends up with the ability to merge with his demonic dog that looks like a chainsaw. The series follows him as he battle demons as a part of a team of government devil hunters.

Of the manga series on this list, this one is likely to inevitably have an animated series. Not only is the series selling well, but it has a ton of elements that would lend itself well to an animated adaption. These elements are that Chainsaw Man features a distinct art style combined with a stylish fight scene that features a variety of demons with interesting designs.

5 Have One Already: Kase-san and Morning Glories

Another recent trend in manga is that the Yuri genre has seen a renaissance over the last decade producing many classics of the genre like Girlfriends and Bloom into You. One member of this recent wave of Yuri manga is Kase-san and Morning Glories. The series follows the blossoming relationship between two girls named Kase and Yamada. The series stands out from its peer due to it taking a more slice of life tone than a more melodramatic series.

The series has received an animated adaption rather recently. Sadly it was a single hour OVA that covers only the initial volume of the manga when the series deserved an adaption that covers the series in full.

4 Need: Pluto

Despite being the first anime series ever made, Astro Boy has not seen much in follow-ups or reboot in the past decade.  This is likely due to the series’ aesthetic and feels clash with the ones of more recent sci-fi anime series.  There, however, is one manga series that serves as a guide to how to modernize the franchise. That series is Naoki Urasawa’s Pluto.

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The series is a modern update of “The Greatest Robot on Earth” arc from the original Astro Boy manga. It follows a robotic detective named Gesicht as he investigates a series of murders potentially committed by a robot. The series is notable for adopting an aesthetic that combined a modern take on the future with Tenzaku’s vision of the 21st century.

3 Have One Already: Phoenix

Phoenix is considered by Osamu Tenzaku himself to be his greatest series. The series is divided into a bunch of stand-alone arcs that deal with mankind’s various encounters with a mystery bird called the Phoenix, whose blood can grant a person immortality. Tenzaku uses this set-up to explore the nature of humanity itself.

The series has seen a ton of different animated adaptions. The first was two movies released in 1978 and 1980. Later the mid-80s saw three different OAV films that covered a different arc of the series. The most recent adaption was a 13 episode long TV series in 2004 that covered four different arcs of the original manga.

2 Need: Spy X Family

One of the biggest manga hits of the last year would be Spy X Family. The series takes place in two fictional European countries of Westalis and Ostania and follow Westalis’s best spy Twilight as he goes on a mission to murder the Ostanian minister Donavan Desmond. The problem is that Desmond only publicly appears at his son’s school functions. This forces Twilight to form a fake family with two individuals, who have some secrets of their own, to conduct this mission.

This series has gained a huge following over the past year with its successful mix of serious spy drama and domestic comedy. Recently in February 2020, the series was number five in a list of what manga series people want to see an animated adaptation of this year.

1 Have One Already: Monster

Profile manga creator Naoki Urasawa’s magnum opus is considered by many to be the series Monster. The series takes place in Germany and follows Japanese neurosurgeon Kenzo Tenma as he hunts for a former patient named Johann after finding out he grew up to be a serial killer. This chase is framed in a larger story of the nature of forgiveness and post-Cold War Germany.

The series received a full adaption that adapted the lengthy manga series into a 74 episode series.  While the series made a big splash in 2008, the series has become hard to find.  This a result of both the show coming out during a period of dire straits for the English anime industry along with some licensed music on its soundtrack made the series a licensing nightmare.

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While many manga series have seen anime adaption, some well-received mangas have nothing yet. Still there are some adaptations you don't know about.

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