5 Marvel Cosmic Beings That Are More Powerful Than Galactus (& 5 That Aren’t)

Galactus is the Devourer of Worlds and is a cosmic entity like no other in the Marvel Universe. Though often perceived as a villain, the truth is Galactus is neither evil nor good. Galactus merely exists to correct the imbalances between life and death. He also serves as a cosmic test of survival for worlds. But where does he stand in Marvel’s cosmic hierarchy?

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As scary as it is to perceive, there are cosmic beings in the Marvel Universe that are more powerful than Galactus. Here is a look at five cosmic beings that are more powerful than Galactus as well as five that are not.

10 MORE POWERUFL: Oblivion

Oblivion predates the Multiverse and is another aspect of the entity known as Death. Representing non-existence, Oblivion came into existence when the universe was created, even existing before Galactus.

As Oblivion represents the end of all things, Oblivion is a fate that could befall Galactus one day were he to run out of planets to consume. Requiring no energies to sustain him as Galactus does, Oblivion can choose not to be affected by the mortal plane if he doesn’t want to be, a feat that few – including Galactus – cannot claim.

9 LESS POWERFUL: Cosmic Ghost Rider

Cosmic Ghost Rider is one of the craziest characters in all of Marvel’s history. Cosmic Ghost Rider is actually the Punisher from an alternate Earth, who made a deal with Mephisto to become the latest Ghost Rider to gain vengeance following the destruction of his Earth. He then gains the Power Cosmic and takes his mission of vengeance across the cosmos.

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Unfortunately in this case for Cosmic Ghost Rider, he was gifted the Power Cosmic by Galactus to become his latest herald. What Galactus gives he can take away as well. Without the Power Cosmic, the new Spirit of Vengeance is no match for Galactus.


Eternity is not only immortal but also the embodiment of the entire universe. When Thanos first gained the Infinity Gauntlet, Eternity was the last being to stand between him and omnipotence. Aside from his sister counterpart Infinity, Eternity has no equals, and he only answers to two beings.

Galactus is not one of those beings, and were the two to ever battle, even mighty Galactus would be dwarfed by Eternity’s power.

7 LESS POWERFUL: The Watcher

For decades, Uatu The Watcher was a constant in the Marvel Universe. Whenever something monumental was going down, the Watcher was there to observe. Sworn not to interfere, Uatu kept his oath for centuries, though he would become known for breaking that oath over the years.

The most notable time he did so was when he helped the Fantastic Four ward off Galactus the first time he came to consume the Earth. Despite his vow of non-interference, his use of the Fantastic Four shows that even his considerable power is no match for the might of Galactus.

6 MORE POWERFUL: The Beyonder

For a period of time, the Beyonder was arguably the most powerful being in the entire Marvel Universe. In the original Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars, Galactus was one of the beings brought to Battleworld by the Beyonder to compete in his “secret war,” promising the winning side whatever they desire. Galactus went to confront the Beyonder about this – and was smacked back down to the planet!

Over the years, retcons have seen the Beyonder significantly depowered, though he still possesses incredible reality-warping capabilities. Those powers have proven to be enough to destroy universes, and as such could affect Galactus to the point that the Beyonder could overpower him.

5 LESS POWERFUL: The Collector

As one of the Elders of the Universe, the Collector is powered by the Power Primordial, which gives him cosmic abilities such as energy projection and allows him to increase his size and mass. Since he’s known for his collection of artifacts and life forms from across the galaxy, he has access to multitudes of alien technology and beasts at his disposal.

Despite the power and weapons at his disposal, the Collector’s power pales in comparison to Galactus’s. The Collector is immortal so Galactus couldn’t really kill him, but after experiencing Galactus’s power firsthand, the Collector may wish he was dead.

4 MORE POWERFUL: The Living Tribunal

The Living Tribunal is among the highest-ranking cosmic beings in the Marvel Universe. In fact, there’s only one being that the Living Tribunal answers to. That translates to a pretty powerful character. But even more so than Galactus?

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The best way to gauge the two’s powers is from the Infinity Gauntlet comic. In the story, Galactus was one of several cosmic beings that attempted to destroy Thanos, but with the Gauntlet Thanos was able to defeat the combined forces of these incredibly powerful beings. The Living Tribunal, though, was able to rule that the power of the Infinity Stones couldn’t be used in unison – unless he gave the go-ahead.

3 LESS POWERFUL: The Grandmaster

Another of the Elders of the Universe, the Grandmaster also possesses the Power Primordial like his Elders brother the Collector. As the powerful radiation left over from the Big Bang is akin to the Power Cosmic, the Grandmaster has a cosmic life force that renders him virtually immortal.

The master gamesman’s vast power is nothing compared to Galactus’s, though. While Grandmaster is powered by leftover energy during the Big Bang, Galactus existed before the massive event, merging with the Sentience of the Universe and cursed to devour planets to maintain his existence.

2 MORE POWERFUL: The One-Above-All

As his name implies, the One-Above-All is basically the God of the Marvel Universe. As such, he is the single most powerful character in all of Marvel Comics.

No one or no weapon is more powerful than him. Not the Living Tribunal, not the Infinity Gauntlet, and not Galactus – no matter how many planets he eats.

1 LESS POWERFUL: Ego The Living Planet

Speaking of planets, few can say they have the power of an entire world at their disposal, but Ego the Living Planet can because he is the entire world! Every part of its substance is controlled by Ego. With an entire atmosphere at his command and the ability to create and command a powerful non-sentient humanoid army of Antibodies, Ego has powers few can withstand.

Not only can Galactus withstand Ego’s powers, but they in turn would power him. Unless if Ego has the power to make himself allergic to Galactus, he would be best off avoiding a conflict with the planet eater.

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Galactus is one of the most powerful Marvel cosmic characters, but even the world eater is weaker than other beings

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