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Killer Frost has always been one of the Flash’s most formidable foes. While she obviously has a very high standing in the DC Universe, there’s plenty of characters in Marvel that would be great to see her matched up against.

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Although some she could beat easily with her skills and unique abilities, other Marvel heroes may be more of a mountain to overcome. Here are 5 Marvel heroes that we think that Killer Frost can beat, perhaps with ease and 5 we think she wouldn’t have a chance against.

10 Can’t: Human Torch

For obvious reasons, the Human Torch is essentially the opposite of Killer Frost. While Snow operates with ice-based powers, Human Torch uses his fiery gifts to flame on and take down his enemies. Whether it’s the robot version or the Fantastic Four iteration this is difficult for her to beat.

The Human Torch can likely melt any attack sent his way, meaning that most of Killer Frost’s abilities would be meaningless. What’s more, she may even be weakened by his gifts, with his powers affecting the way the character is built.

9 Can: Iron Man

Iron Man’s suits have dealt with ice before and have mechanisms to combat extreme temperatures. However, he very rarely comes across someone who utilizes ice in this way and this could cause a problem for some of the technology he has.

If any of his tech is damaged or compromised by the cold, then this could cause a disaster for him. He has to fully rely on his technology managing to keep up with the demands placed on it and Killer Frost would always be at an advantage.

8 Can’t: Hulk

How do you deal with a threat that can seemingly punch his way out of anything and might not even feel the cold that much? Ice powers could have very little impact on the incredible Hulk, who may even move too quickly for Snow to get going.

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The Hulk is a difficult battle for anyone to get themselves into, but Killer Frost is not experienced with an enemy like this. If her ice powers have very little effect there’s not much more she can turn to. It’s not like her ice daggers will be able to even have an impact.

7 Can: Spider-Man

Spider-Man abilities are very reliant on his use of webbing. While his super strength and agility can certainly come in play here, Peter usually struggles when his webs are out of commission. Unfortunately for him the ice may weaken or break his webbing.

What’s more, by simply icing up the surfaces that the web-head tries to land on, Killer Frost can put him at a significant disadvantage and throw him off completely. There’s plenty of tactics that can be used to beat Spider-Man in this fight.

6 Can’t: Invisible Woman

The Invisible Woman will be a difficult enemy to face when you can’t even see her. Although Killer Frost has been shown to battle all sorts of enemies in both the comics and even in the Arrowverse, there are not many invisible heroes for her to face.

Not only does this make it difficult, but the force fields that the Invisible Woman can create also protect her from any cold blasts. She’s almost perfectly designed to take on a rogue like Killer Frost, who wouldn’t be able to combat these defensive mechanisms.

5 Can: Hawkeye

Bows and arrows might not be much of a match for ice daggers, even if some of them happen to be flaming. Hawkeye doesn’t have enough gadgets in his pocket to be able to deal with this kind of onslaught of blizzard based abilities.

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He’s put up a good fight with all his will power, but his skills just aren’t suitable for this fight. He’d probably be frozen extremely quickly and some of his arrows may even become brittle with the extreme temperatures he’d be facing.

4 Can’t: Thor

The god of thunder has faced up against some frosty enemies before, having defeated the many giants of Jotunheim. He’s used to these kinds of abilities being used against him and he’s much more durable than the average hero.

It, therefore, seems very apparent that he’d come out as victorious if he was to ever battle Killer Frost. She’s seen cosmic and godly threats before but really might not be able to combat someone of such incredible power.

3 Can: Black Widow

Being a stealthy assassin might not be very helpful in this situation, especially when your light-footed work can be broken with a simple slip on the ice. Black Widow is ill-prepared to face off against any kind of enemy with these capabilities.

Her stingers would be useless, likely compromised by the ice and she couldn’t get close enough to utilize any of her combat skills. This will probably be a very quick contest.

2 Can’t: Cyclops

Cyclops is well versed in the powers of ice since he has fought alongside Ice Man many times before. Not only would he have expert knowledge and a few tricks up his sleeves but he has the ultimate weapon.

His eyes would be able to burn through and melt any ice that Caitlin Snow actually used. This would pretty much render her vulnerable and open to the most simplistic of attacks that Cyclops’ tactical mind can create.

1 Can: Mr. Fantastic

Mr. Fantastic may be a scientist and could even use his huge mind to overcome some of the problems that Killer Frost can cause. But his main ability in battle is his gift of being able to stretch. This cannot work under low temperatures.

Much like rubber, Mr. Fantastic can become brittle if his temperature is lowered significantly. By facing Killer Frost is he is at major risk of his powers being compromised and might not be able to stretch the same way.

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Killer Frost has a very high standing in the DC Universe. Here are the Marvel heroes we think she would defeat easily, and those she would lose to.

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