5 Marvel Superheroes That Can Defeat The Most Powerful of Jedi (& 5 That Have No Chance)

A Star Wars Jedi who is at the peak of his or her powers is a mighty foe. Defeating him in close combat is almost impossible – the Jedi would be too quick and skilled. Furthermore, a Knight of the Order can use the Force is various devastating ways – alter the battlefield, create shielded protection, self-heal, move objects, absorb energy attacks, strike and enchain the foe with the mystical force and more.

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The universe of Marvel Comics is populated by powerful warriors too – magicians, genius inventors, interstellar gods, and more. Fans of both worlds should be able to agree that a battle between the two groups of fighters would be epic and quite close to call. Are Marvel characters capable of defeating a fully empowered Jedi in a one-on-one confrontation?

10 No Chance: Spider-Man

Peter Parker is fast, strong, agile and the special Spider-Sense alerts him of incoming danger. Knowing it will happen doesn’t mean that Spider-Man will be able to do something about it. He can’t dodge a Force Grip or Choke, a Knight only needs a clear line of sight, not accuracy, and there goes Peter’s defense. His attacks also won’t do much good – his webs aren’t being fired at exceptional speeds and even if Parker gets the chance for close combat, his fists can’t appropriately counter lightsabers.

9 Can Defeat: Thor

Asgard’s God of Thunder has more than a few weapons to take down a Jedi with. Thor’s Odin Force has enabled him to withstand the power of a Neutron star, lift entire cities in the air and carry colossal bridges. Odinson’s Vast Energy Manipulation allows him to discharge huge blasts of energy, which Force barriers shouldn’t be able to stop. An intriguing question is whether Thor can use his hammer against a Jedi. The members of the Order are the epitome of virtue and selflessness. In all likelihood, they are worthy of wielding Mjolnir, so Thor still needs to be extra careful not to lose his prized weapon.

8 No Chance: Hulk

The strongest and most durable creature in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Hulk might be able to resist even the Jedi’s lightsabers. Granted, if Bruce is to engage a powerful member of the Order in close combat, chances are that Banner will win, given that he is in possession of super-speed reflexes and unprecedented strength.

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Before that could happen, however, Bruce will be immobilized by the Force – lifted in the air and even tossed aside. The Hulk can carry, lift and impact foes and objects much bigger than he is but Bruce himself isn’t all that heavy. A Jedi who has fully mastered the Force won’t even allow the Hulk to get near.

7 Can Defeat: Jean Grey

Jean Grey’s best tactic would be to strike from a distance. Her Phoenix Force powers give her two deadly weapons against Jedi – total control over matter on a molecular level and the capability to discharge limitless energy blasts. Grey also has the ultimate defense – she can absorb all sorts of energy, meaning that any Force attacks will be negated. And last but not least, Jean is in possession of the ultimate ability that should send any Jedi running – changing the emotions of her foes, meaning that she can disrupt a Jedi’s connection with the Force.

6 No Chance: Captain America

Steve Rogers has nothing to protect himself with when it comes down to the Force. Even if he throws his shield, it can be stopped in mid-air. Maybe the Vibranium surface can deflect Force Pushes but Grips and Chokes will break through any and all defenses.

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In a melee, the battle would be more interesting. Rogers is an incredibly skilled warrior and his shield would stop a lightsaber considering its made out of the most resilient metal on Earth. That being said, no Jedi of great power will ever allow him the luxury of hand-to-hand combat.

5 Can Defeat: Captain Marvel

What truly makes Carol Danvers superior to a Jedi is her energy manipulation capabilities. Captain Marvel can absorb and reshape energy so she is practically invulnerable to the Force. From then on, Carol has several ways of striking down an expert Force-user. One option is to produce powerful photonic blasts and another is to directly attack the body of a Jedi, changing it on a molecular level. Ultimately, Danvers is capable of weaponizing stellar energy and that is beyond the defensive Force powers of any Knight.

4 No Chance: Black Panther

T’Challa is capable of protecting himself from the Force via his suit’s kinetic energy absorption and can perform ranged attacks – energy daggers.

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However, it is only fair to assume that they are not powerful enough to cut through a Force barrier since part of the energy absorbed by the suit will come from the Knight’s attacks. So, while Black Panther can hold his own against the full arsenal of a Jedi, there really isn’t a clear or certain way for him to achieve victory. He lacks the firepower.

3 Can Defeat: Scarlet Witch

Wanda Maximoff’s telekinetic magic grants her all the necessary weapons needed for defeating a Knight. Magneto’s daughter’s Hex Bolts have all kinds of useful applications – attacks on a molecular level, which can be used to directly strike at a Jedi, energy control, which should protect her from the Force, telekinesis, which allows her to stop whatever projectiles an Order member throws at her and most importantly – Wanda has the ability to disrupt or negate various forms of energy, meaning that a Jedi’s link to the Force can be canceled.

2 No Chance: Iron Man

Tony Stark’s immensely powerful suit of armor is enough to keep him alive in a battle against the mightiest of Jedi. The Iron Man technology can create shields of all kinds, and absorb and convert energy, which should be sufficient to protect Tony from the Force. Furthermore, he can put a Knight’s defensive skills to quite a test through a variety of weapons such as Repulsor Rays, Smart Missiles, and all kinds of beam attacks. None of those, however, are strong enough to decisively break through a Jedi’s lightsaber deflecting skills, evasion maneuvers, or Force shielding.

1 Can Defeat: Doctor Strange

If Stephen Strange finds himself in a situation where a Knight is about to overwhelm him, he can simply turn back time. However, what Stephen could use en route to victory is his dark magic, which he rarely depends upon but, in this case, circumstances demand it. The Darkness of the Divine Conduit lets Strange eradicate a warrior’s powers and even use whatever abilities the enemy has. This is not a physical attack – it is magic. Jedi can’t protect themselves from it.

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Jedi and Marvel superheroes are among the most impressive and strongest characters in all of fiction. We see who would win in a fight.

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