5 Most Boss Things Catwoman Has Done in DC Comics (& 5 That Were Just Annoying)

Since making her debut, Catwoman has had a rather complicated relationship with other characters in the DC universe. as one of the more complex characters in general, Selina Kyle has played many different roles throughout her publication history.

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Though she has proven to be a very valuable ally at times, she has also proven to be one of the worst villains in Gotham. However, regardless of her motives, she is definitely not someone to be taken lightly. Looking at some of her stronger and weaker moments from the comics over the years, here is our list of 5 times Catwoman was a total boss, and 5 times she was just annoying.

10 Annoying: Petty Jewel Heists

Since the beginning, Selina Kyle has been known for pulling off some of the most elaborate and specific jewel heists in all of Gotham. Though she has upgraded quite significantly since then, these petty jewel heists remain a key part of her character’s backstory.

Furthermore, no matter how far the character seems to progress at times, she always tends to come back to thievery in some form. Even her wedding dress was stolen, making this one of her more annoying, albeit intriguing, personality traits.

9 Boss: Scar Carmine Falcone

Getting close to one of the most powerful crime bosses in Gotham certainly isn’t easy, even for a character like Batman. Therefore, when Selina managed to scar Carmine Falcone, it really was one of her more boss moments in comics.

Likewise, considering how this took place in her early days as Catwoman, this feat is all the more impressive, given how she lived to tell the tale as well. Though it is hardly her brightest moment, it is definitely one of her more impressive accomplishments.

8 Annoying: Constant Back and Forth

Selina has always been a bit more morally ambiguous than many other DC characters. For as often as she has been the hero of the story, it also seems as though she’s been the villain.

While this constant back and forth is part of what makes her such a great character, it can really get annoying for other DC heroes, considering how they never really know if they can trust her. While Selina does have her own sense of morality, it is safe to say that other characters would much prefer if she picked a side for the long term.

7 Boss: Gotham’s Baddest

Much like the other heroes of Gotham City, Catwoman has held her own quite well against some of the deadliest villains in the city. Be it characters like Bane, Hush, Talia al Ghul, or even the Dark Knight himself, Catwoman has managed to walk away every time.

Having outmatched some of these other characters using both brain and brawn, it is easy to see why Catwoman herself is so well known throughout Gotham. While any one of her fights with any of these villains is enough to make this list, the fact that she has taken on so many A-listers is a true testament to Selina’s skills.

6 Annoying: Leave Batman at the Altar

In one of the more controversial moments of the character’s recent history, Selina actually broke off her engagement to the Dark Knight at the very last second. Though she had her reasons, many fans were incredibly frustrated by this event, especially considering the massive build up towards it.

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Thankfully, Catwoman continued to play a large role the universe after this point, and her current solo series has been going strong since it relaunched as part of DC Rebirth. However controversial this moment may have been, there was still at least some good to have come from it.

5 Boss: Fight Lady Shiva

For those who are unfamiliar, Lady Shiva is easily one of the deadliest hand-to-hand fighters in the entire DC universe, and has even beaten several members of the Bat-family before. Because of this, the fact that Catwoman took her on is an incredible display of bravery, even though she lost the fight.

If fighting Lady Shiva wasn’t impressive enough, Selina still managed to make a pretty speedy recovery, and was back as Catwoman in what seemed like no time at all. Though Shiva never intended to kill her, the fact that Selina held her own against the assassin is an incredibly boss act no matter what.

4 Annoying: Try to Rob Bruce Wayne

On several occasions, Selina has tried to rob Bruce Wayne to varying degrees. Though this typically occurred in instances where she didn’t know he was Batman, it was still more of an annoyance than anything else.

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Even as part of the very recent arc centered around the Designer, Selina’s plan to rob Bruce has proven to be more annoying than it actually is life-threatening. While it would still be nice for Batman to have all of his tools at his disposal, he is hardly defenseless, making Selina’s small betrayal more of an inconvenience than anything.

3 Boss: Fight Black Mask

In one of Selina’s more brutal moments, the character actually fought and killed Black Mask. In her solo series, the villain had actually kidnapped and tortured Selina’s sister and her husband in a was truly horrifying.

As one can imagine, Selina herself was quite angry by the time she caught up with the villain. The ensuing chase didn’t last terribly long, and ended with Black Mask dead. Given how quickly Selina managed to accomplish this, it is definitely one of her most boss moments in comics, even if it it one of her darkest as well.

2 Annoying: Join the JLA

At one point, Selina Kyle was actually recruited by the United States Government to serve on the newly formed Justice League of America team. However, especially given her criminal background and her own personality, it is really surprising that she agreed to it.

Furthermore, this version of the League was assembled with the sole purpose of keeping the main League in check, with Selina serving as the JLA’s answer to Batman. With the possibility that she would need to take him down, Selina’s status on this team is definitely one of her more annoying moments.

1 Boss: Run Her Own Criminal Empire

Taking the word “boss” in the more literal sense, Catwoman actually ran a criminal empire for a little while towards the end of her New 52 run. After inheriting her father’s organization following his passing, Selina quickly became one of the most powerful crime lords in all of Gotham.

Though the character has since returned to her more general status quo, she proved to be quite successful in her role at times. Likewise, seeing Selina in this manner allowed for an intriguing look at how her personality would handle some of the more complicated situations. While not her most heroic moment, this is definitely one of the stronger “boss” moments for her character overall.

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DC Comic's Catwoman is a serious boss of a character – but she's done some plain frustrating things too.

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