5 Most Boss Things Green Lantern Has Done in DC Comics (& 5 That Were Just Annoying)

Time and time again, Green Lantern has proven to be one of the most powerful DC characters around. With so many versions of the hero as well, it is definitely a good thing that each iteration tends to be on the same side as the other good guys.

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However, given the complex history of the Corps overall, not every moment has been full of shining examples of heroism. Looking specifically at Hal Jordan’s version of the hero, here is our list of Green Lantern’s 5 most boss moments, and 5 that were just annoying.

10 Annoying: Constantly Disobey Orders

Part of what makes Hal Jordan such a lovable character is his hot-headed personality. However, while this may make him a hit with some readers, it definitely makes him more of an annoyance for other characters within the DC universe.

On many occasions throughout his history, Hal has regularly disobeyed orders, even before becoming a Green Lantern. Furthermore, since donning the ring, Jordan has also disobeyed orders from other members of the Justice League, or even the Guardians of the Universe themselves. Though he has likely saved the world more often than not because of this, it is still one of his more annoying personality traits within the comics.

9 Boss: Punch Batman

Shortly after making a return from the dead, one of the first things Hal did was land a solid punch on the Dark Knight himself. After Bruce expressed his doubts about Hal being back, the Emerald Knight quickly put him in his place, making for one of the character’s more boss moments, even if it isn’t his most powerful.

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Of course, given Hal’s incredibly complicated history, Batman did have a good reason to question Hal’s motives. However, especially after Batman’s famous punch on Guy Gardner, this was truly a hysterical and boss moment for the like of Hal Jordan.

8 Annoying: “Train” Simon and Jessica

For those who are unfamiliar, Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz are two of the newest human members to the Green Lantern Corps. despite their inexperience, however, the two have already proven themselves on several occasions, even without the assistance of Hal Jordan.

Granted, Hal did have his hands full at the time, making it easy to see why he didn’t train the new recruits himself. Unfortunately, he still could have had a much greater presence in their training aside from just assigning them to other Lanterns. Likewise as the supposed “Greatest Green Lantern Ever,” Simon and Jessica could have certainly learned a lot from his character.

7 Boss: Nearly Destroy the World

Though far from his most heroic feat, Hal Jordan did manage to nearly destroy the DC universe at one point. Following the destruction of Coast City, the emotionally distraught Green Lantern succumbed to the influence of Parallax and set out on a massive rampage against many DC heroes.

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After destroying the Guardians of the Universe and the Green Lantern Corps, Hal then nearly destroyed the rest of the universe, but was stopped before he could do something too drastic. Though he would meet an untimely end, this remains one of his most powerful, and most boss, moments in DC history.

6 Annoying: Time With Oliver

Green Lantern/Green Arrow remains one of the most celebrated chapters in the lives of both Hal Jordan and Oliver Queen. The banter between the two and overall storytelling was easily some of the strongest at the time, making it easy to see why the series is so iconic.

However, there were definitely times when the characters got on each other’s nerves, and arguably took things a bit too far. At one point, Hal even sided with a slum lord, bringing his moral character into question. While the series was overall a lot of fun, it definitely featured plenty of annoying moments for Hal and Oliver both.

5 Boss: Become The Spectre

Following his destructive time as Parallax, Hal would then go on to become the next Spectre, who, in the comics, is the Spirit of Vengeance. If Hal Jordan wasn’t powerful enough as Parallax or Green Lantern, he certainly took things to the next level as the new host for the Spectre.

Effectively God, Hal used his time as Spectre to redeem himself of his past actions. Though it would still be several years before he would officially make a return, this is definitely one of the most boss versions of Hal to date.

4 Annoying: Leave Earth Behind

As one of the galaxies biggest and greatest defenses, it makes sense that Hal would step away from Earth for extended periods of time. However, plenty of things have happened during his absences where he definitely could have been useful, with major consequences being had as well.

In the specific example of the fall of Coast City, Hal’s presence could have not only saved a bunch of lives, but also prevented a lot of hardship in the future for the entire DC universe. Though he has fought off plenty of grand cosmic threats as well, it would be nice for him to make a trip home a bit more often.

3 Boss: Restore the Lantern Corps

With the green Lantern corps missing and a tarnished name, Hal found himself going rogue and on the run across the galaxy. With a gauntlet serving as a substitute for the ring, the end of the New 52 era was certainly an interesting time for Hal Jordan.

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Eventually though, Hal made himself his own ring once again, this time using the powers of the gauntlet. From there, Hal managed to restore the Green Lantern Corps to its former glory, ushering the group into the brighter future of DC Rebirth. Featuring some of his darker and lighter character traits, these few arcs really showcased just how boss Hal can be, even without his Green Lantern Ring.

2 Annoying: General Weakness

For how powerful the Green Lantern Corps is overall, it can be pretty annoying when your weakness is the color yellow. Though this is not Hal’s fault in the slightest, there have been a lot of annoying inconveniences over the years that could have easily been resolved with a simple change in aesthetics.

Furthermore, Hal himself has often been annoyed by this flaw in the system, even if it does help limit his power and influence. Even with the changes to the Ring’s limitations over time, it is easy to see why this lands on this list.

1 Boss: Lead the Lantern Corps

Though he has since stepped down, Hal Jordan was actually in charge of the Green Lantern Corps for a while. Using boss in the more literal sense, it was actually very nice to see Hal in command, especially given the events leading up to this story.

Having accomplished so much in the past, it makes sense for Hal to assume the lead at some point. Furthermore, the character didn’t overstay his welcome in this new position, showing a lot of growth in the process.

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Looking specifically at Hal Jordan's version of the hero, here is our list of Green Lantern's 5 most boss moments, and 5 that were just annoying.

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