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Izuku Midoriya is the protagonist of the My Hero Academia anime written by Kōhei Horikoshi. With the dream of becoming the Number One Hero, Izuku works Plus-Ultra every day to hone his skills. Like his mentor, All Might, Deku wants to save people with a smile on his face.

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Deku possesses One For All, which is arguably the strongest quirk in the series, granting him unimaginable powers. But, as of now, Deku is unable to utilize the full potential of power. As seen in the manga, even his mentor was not fully aware of the full potential of the Quirk. Right now, Deku can use 20% of his full cowling powers, making him more than able to defeat normal villains. But, how would he rank up against the villain from the mighty ninja world of Naruto?

10 Beat: Zabuza Momochi

Zabuza Momochi is one of the seven ninja swordsmen of the mist, and he’s also the first main adversary in Naruto’s journey. Zabuza is a truly powerful villain, but Deku could take care of him quite easily.

All Zabuza really has going for him is his thick mist and a giant sword. Whilst these abilities were quite powerful in the Naruto universe, Midoriya can easily counter them with his insane agility and strength. Midoriya can wait for Zabuza to swing his sword at him and then jump away at the last second to evade the attack and launch a counter-attack.

9 Lose To: Madara Uchiha

Madara is one of the strongest villains in the Naruto universe who was able to single-handedly defeat all the Kages at once. The power of this man is not a joke and Deku stands no chance in front of him.

Madara literally has God-like abilities, and, while Deku might be able to match this man in terms of agility, Madara’s perceptiveness and raw strength can never be beaten. The list of Madara’s abilities is too large, and there is not a single scenario in which Deku might stand a chance against him. Even Madara’s Gen-Jutsu alone would be enough to defeat Deku.

8 Beat: Sasori

Sasori is an extremely powerful puppeteer and a member of Akatsuki. He is a long-range fighter who can convert any living being into a puppet, and he went as far as to turn himself into a puppet, as well. But, in a fight against Deku, these tricks would not suffice for a victory.

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Deku can beat Sasori because of his raw strength. Similar to how Sakura beat Sasori because of her insane strength even though she wasn’t so agile, Deku can also strike through all of Sasori’s puppets one by one, and, since Deku is quite agile, he won’t really get poisoned by Sasori’s puppets.

7 Lose To: Itachi Uchiha

Itachi Uchiha is a very powerful member of the Akatsuki and a shinobi genius. While Itachi isn’t quite as strong as Madara when it comes to raw strength, his Gen-Jutsu is what makes him stand out.

In a fight between Deku and Itachi, Itachi can easily trap Deku in his infinite Tsukuyomi, and it’s game over for him. Deku can try to fight all he wants, but he won’t even be able to hit Itachi. Itachi can easily beat Deku using his trickeries without having to use his ultimate trump card, the Mangekyo Sharingan.

6 Beat: Deidara

Deidara is a very powerful explosion style user who can make small and live clay statues that explodes at will. This power earned him a spot in the legendary group Akatsuki. Deidara was even able to single-handedly defeat the sand’s fifth Kaze Kage!

A fight between Deidara and Deku will be quite unique, as Deidara’s explosions will not let Deku get close to him, but Deku can attack from the top because of his ability to leap over long distances. Deku can easily just jump to cover all the distance between him and Deidara and unleash the power of One For All up close!

5 Lose To: Obito Uchiha

Yes, there are a lot of Uchihas on the list of shinobis that Deku can’t beat. This is because Genjutsu is just an overpowered ability! Along with that, Obito Uchiha is a very powerful shinobi with the ultimate defense. This man is literally untouchable.

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Deku might have insane strength and agility, but all of it is useless in front of Obito, as he won’t be able to even touch him. Obito can easily use his Mangekyo Sharingan and keep on evading Deku’s attacks until he gets too fatigued. Deku will have to at least get as fast as the Yellow Flash of the Leaf if he ever wishes to defeat Obito.

4 Beat: Hidan

Hidan is a religious villain from the Naruto series who is also quite powerful. This man is a part of Akatsuki, and he is basically immortal, as he can keep on living even if his very head gets separated from his body.

Hidan is very powerful, but a fight between Hidan and Deku will be quite easy one for Deku. Deku has unrivaled agility which will help him defeat Hidan before he has a chance to put a curse on him. Even if Hidan manages to curse Deku, Deku can just punch from afar to send a strong wave of wind towards him which will blow Hidan out of the Jashin circle.

3 Lose To: Pain

Pain is a very unique and powerful villain from the Naruto series, and the best thing about this villain is that his will is actually separated into six different bodies. This will be the main reason why Deku won’t be able to win this fight.

The fight between Deku and Pain will be a close one, as Deku is more agile and more Powerful than Jiraiya, a man who was almost able to defeat pain. Yet, Deku still lacks Jiraiya’s battle sense. Deku does not have the experience to determine the attack patterns of all the six paths of pain and would ultimately be defeated.

2 Beat: Orochimaru

Orochimaru is one of the three legendary Sanins and has strength which rivals even the Kages. This man is feared by almost everyone in the world of Naruto and is beyond question the strongest villain on this list who can be beaten by Deku.

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The fight between Orochimaru and Deku will be a tough one, as Orochimaru can seriously come up with the best strategies, but Deku is way stronger than Orochimaru in the context of raw strength. Orochimaru is not necessarily the master of GenJutsu, so his strategies are his main weapons during this fight. However, it is understandable that, with the quirk like One For All, Deku can outlast all of the tricks thrown at him. Deku could pummel through his snakes, and then through him, as well.

1 Lose To: Sasuke Uchiha

Lastly, we have the strongest Uchiha of all time! We can’t really call Sasuke a villain or a hero as he is a mix of both. This man is Itachi’s little brother, and, in time, manages to surpass even him.

The battle between Sasuke and Deku would be quite an easy one; by the end of the series, Sasuke becomes even more powerful than the God-like Madara Uchiha. Sasuke will outmatch Deku in terms of agility, and, when it comes to raw strength, Deku will get demolished. Of course, Sasuke also has his Gen-Jutsu!

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My Hero Academia's aspiring hero Deku may be powerful, but that doesn't mean he could take down every villain, especially some of Naruto's foes.

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