5 New Gods that Need to be in the DC Movie (& 5 We Can Do Without)

Recently, Warner Brothers Studios announced that acclaimed filmmaker Ava DuVernay and acclaimed comic book author Tom King would be partnering together to give audiences a live-action film based on Jack Kirby’s New Gods characters. Though the New Gods have always been a bit smaller of a role in the DC universe, many of these characters have had a great impact, and have fans excited for the upcoming feature.

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Though little is known about the overall plot at the moment, there are a few details and characters that are a safer bet than others. Likewise, with such a vast roster of characters to choose from, there’s no way the film can include every single one. Looking at some of the more important ones in New Gods’ history, let’s see who among them are worthy additions for the DCEU.

10 Can Do Without: Steppenwolf

After a very bland depiction in the Justice League (2017) movie, not many are clamoring for Steppenwolf to make another cinematic appearance. While the villain had a lot of potential, he isn’t exactly the biggest threat in the comics either, making it easy to see why he fell flat.

Though it is unclear at the moment if he truly died, his failure almost guarantees his death at some point down the line. Even if the film were to include him, it would likely only show a brief glimpse or give a passing mention. Regardless, the character isn’t overly necessary, and it would be fine if he were exempt from the film altogether.

9 Need to See: Forager

Given his successful supporting role in shows like Young Justice, on top of his more recent solo series, Forager has proven to be quite an interesting character. With a lot of personality and some great humor to him, the character would be perfect for a solo role in the upcoming New Gods movie.

Granted, though Forager’s solo series was very good overall, the character isn’t quite ready for his own solo venture. However, there are still plenty of ways in which the character could be incorporated as a supporting role in the film. As a more familiar face and with a lot to bring to the table, we would definitely want to see Forager in the upcoming film.

8 Can Do Without: Kalibak

For those who are unfamiliar, Kalibak is the first son of Darkseid and also second in command of all of Apokolips. In the past, he has proven to be a pretty formidable foe for the Justice League, but is also nowhere nearly as powerful as Darkseid himself.

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While Kalibak could probably use a passing mention or short cameo within the film, he doesn’t exactly need to be a part of the larger narrative. Though he certainly could be, there are plenty of other characters who could fulfill the same role in the end. Because of this, New Gods fans likely wouldn’t object to Kalibaks appearance, but other characters like Granny Goodness could easily fit the “second in command” role just as easily.

7 Need to See: Orion

As the second son of Darkseid, Orion is practically an essential character for the New Gods film. Considering the situation between him, his father, Highfather, and Mister Miracle, it is pretty hard to imagine any way in which Orion isn’t at least featured in the movie.

Likewise, as one of the more popular and recognizable New Gods from the comics, Orion would be a good way to draw some people in. Though he doesn’t need to be the main character of the film, he is still such an important character to the New Gods overall, and it would be hard to imagine them not using him in some manner.

6 Can Do Without: Desaad

Despite the fact that Desaad is one of the more ruthless torturers residing on Apokolips, he also isn’t the most necessary aspect of the narrative. Though he could bring a lot to the film in terms of shock value for sure, Desaad is typically little more than a great henchman to Darkseid.

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Like with Kalibak, Granny Goodness could easily serve a similar role within the film, while also offering a more familiar face for newcomers. Though it would definitely be nice to see Desaad at some point, he is still one character that we can do without.

5 Need to See: Big Barda

With close ties to both New Genesis and Apokolips, Big Barda is an absolute must for the upcoming feature. Not only is she one of the deadliest fighters in the entire universe, but her character progression in the comics is some of the best of all the New Gods characters.

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Having grown up and trained on Apokolips, Big Barda eventually escaped with her true love, Scott Free. Since then, her character has been doing everything in her power to bring down Darkseid and fight against the forces of evil. With a lot to bring to the narrative as a character and with her background, Big Barda is definitely an essential character for the New Gods movie.

4 Can Do Without: Metron

As one of the most powerful and knowledgeable New Gods around, Metron would certainly make for a great addition to the films, but probably a bit later down the line. With so many other great characters to choose from, Metron could quickly become overly complicated within the rest of the narrative.

Hopefully, the film will get a sequel and then introduce some more characters, in which Metron would likely fit in a bit better. For a first attempt on the big screen, however, it is probably best if Metron and the Mobius chair take a backseat for the time being.

3 Need to See: Mister Miracle

Of course, the movie has to include Scott Free, as he is easily one of the most popular New Gods ever created. This classic Jack Kirby character has accomplished all sorts of things within the DC universe, and even played an important role in the Justice League from time to time.

Furthermore, with the skills to escape from almost any trap imaginable, Mister Miracle also offers a more unique comic book ability. At the moment, it seems as though Scott Free is going to be the main character of the film, which is understandable considering just how much impact the character has had on the overall DC universe. Likewise, given the popularity of his most recent solo series, one can only imagine how spectacular the movie version will come to be as well.

2 Can Do Without: The Forever People

Though the Forever People aren’t quite New Gods in the traditional sense, they still have incredibly close ties to the characters, making their appearance in the film a good possibility. However, with a lot of unique and diverse personalities about the group, The Forever People are better suited for a later film, or even their own solo venture.

Should the New Gods film succeed, The Forever People would be a great way to get the characters to interact with the DC heroes of Earth. Furthermore, the characters could easily be used to bring about a more fun and lighthearted tone for the New Gods, opening the door for all sorts of possibilities and directions for these great characters.

1 Need to See: Darkseid

Even with the underwhelming Justice League (2017) movie, fans are still eager to see Darkseid, one of the biggest, most powerful, and most ruthless villains in the entire DC universe. Though this film missed out on the opportunity to introduce the iconic villain, New Gods is arguably an even better opportunity to do so.

As a New God himself, it only makes sense to introduce Darkseid here, if not in something as major as Justice League. The real problem the film then faces is ensuring that they capture the villain’s demeanor in a great way. Though it would be hard to do in the span of one film, it is possible, and many are looking forward to the cinematic debut of this big bad.

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DC's New Gods are some of the most powerful characters in their universe, but which do fans need to see in the upcoming film?

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