5 Reasons Doctor Doom Should Always Be A Villain (& 5 Why He's A Better Hero)

Now a days, when the general public thinks of the greatest comic villains, they think of Thanos or Loki. Now, there’s nothing inherently wrong with those lines of thinking; Thanos and Loki are pretty great villains. However, calling them the greatest is a stretch. The greatest villain in comics, regardless of company, is Doctor Doom.

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Doom has it all- a great look, a country of people that adore him, one of the greatest intellects in all of human history, and is one of the best sorcerers on the planet. There’s very little that Doctor Doom hasn’t done over the years- he’s literally been god. He has, in fact, even been quite heroic over the years.

10 Stay A Villain: Without Him, There Are No Good Fantastic Four Villains

Let’s just come out and say it- the Fantastic Four don’t have a lot of great villains. Sure, Galactus and Annihilus are cool, but they are more like massive cosmic threats. Mole Man is a just an unimpressive dude who lives underground. Red Ghost? Diablo? Puppet Master? All kind of lame and that’s par for the course for the FF.

Doctor Doom is pretty much the only interesting villain in the bunch. What would the FF be without him to fight? No one wants to find out.

9 Better As A Hero: Doctor Doom: Demon Fighter

Doom’s mother was a witch and was killed by Mephisto when Doom was very young. This event would spur him in his scientific endeavors and also drive him down a different path- the path of sorcery. Doom would become one of the most powerful sorcerers on the planet and he did it so that every year, he could fight demons for the soul of his mother.

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Fighting demons to save someone’s soul is pretty heroic and Doom has been doing it for years.

8 Stay A Villain: Power Hungry

One of Doom’s biggest traits is that he is very power-hungry. This has nothing to do with wanting to take over the world either- Doom wants literal power. So many of his schemes over the years have been about gaining power so that he can become a god and rule over a grateful humanity.

This constantly seeking out greater and greater power and his willingness to do anything to get it wouldn’t gel very well with being a hero.

7 Better As A Hero: Putting The Doombots To Good Use

Doom’s Doombots are one of his greatest creations. The AI in them is so advanced that his foes sometimes don’t know if they’re facing him or a Doombot and each one is armed with a formidable array of weaponry.

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As a hero, Doom could put this legion of Doombots to better use. Instead of having them hanging out around Latveria doing whatever, he could send them out to deal with crime and evil all over the globe, allowing him to deal with all kinds of other things and help more people than he could just by himself.

6 Stay A Villain: He Doesn’t Play Well With Others

One of the biggest things about being a superhero is working with other heroes. Threats pop up all the time that are too big for one person to deal with and so the heroes band together and face off against them.

Doom would not be good at this sort of thing at all… unless he was the leader and everyone listened to him no matter what. Doom can team up with others but only when he’s the one with all the power or if he has a way of taking charge at the other person’s expense.

5 Better As A Hero: Self Reliance

Even though team-ups are an important part of being a hero, a hero also has to be able to depend on themselves and that’s one thing Doom excels at. Even though he has a whole country of people willing to do his bidding and a legion of robotic helpers, Doom doesn’t need them.

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In the end, Doom knows that he can only rely on himself and his own abilities. Put Doom into any situation on his own and he’ll figure out a way out of it.

4 Stay A Villain: His Ego

Doom probably has one of the biggest egos in comics. This is a guy who speaks in the third person all the time just so he can hear his own name. Just about everything he has ever said has included a self-aggrandizing statement in it.

An ego isn’t always a bad thing to have, but Doom’s ego is a massive black hole sucking everything else into it. It makes him an extremely entertaining character but would also make him a terrible hero.

3 Better As A Hero: His Tragic Backstory

Doom was the child of poor Romani Gypsies. His mother was killed by Mephisto and his father was killed by the Baron of Latveria’s forces. He was able to hold his Gypsy tribe together and gain a scholarship to a prestigious American university. He pulled himself up from nothing and was able to reach heights that few can dream of.

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Doom has one of the best origins in comics. Compare his origin to some heroes and Doom’s is much more tragic and mostly heroic.

2 Stay A Villain: His Obsession With Reed Richards

Doom’s defining character trait is his obsession with Reed Richards. Proving to everyone that he is better than Richards is his main goal in life. It drives him. Everything he does is an attempt to prove that Reed Richards is inferior to him in some way.

Doom’s frankly unhealthy obsession with Reed Richards would make it impossible for him to be a hero in a world where Richards was around because he just can’t get over his hatred for the man. It’s no coincidence that Doom’s most recent time as a hero took place while Richards was out of the picture.

1 Better As A Hero: Proving He’s Better Than Richards

Doom’s obsession with Richards could be turned to a positive if he worked at it, though, and the best way to do that would be to use his heroics to prove that he’s better than Reed Richards. Doom could turn his prodigious skills to making Richards look bad by being a better hero than Richards could ever hope to be.

This would prove to be a healthy outlet for his obsession and also do a lot of good in the world as two of the smartest people to walk the Earth worked to better things… even if Doom’s motives aren’t the most altruistic.

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Doctor Doom is a truly fantastic villain, but what if he was to switch sides? Could he actually make a better hero?

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