5 Reasons Rebooting The DC Universe Again Is A Good Idea (& 5 Why It's Bad)

The DC Universe has been rebooted plenty of times in the past. Usually involving large crossover events, these moments are an effort to make it easier to create new stories without getting confused with continuity. Often times though, that goal doesn’t seem to be achieved in execution.

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While the idea can bring in new fans, it can also annoy other fans due to the continuity being re-written. There’s plenty of reasons to suggest the DC universe should be rebooted but plenty against this idea. Here are 5 for and 5 against the concept.

10 Should Be Rebooted: New Fans

A reboot usually means that more fans can join the readership. Due to the TV shows, films and animated series there’s always new people getting interested in reading DC comics. It can be hard to know where to start.

A reboot means that there’s a normal starting point for people to use and they can therefore join in on the series from the beginning again rather than catching up on years of content.

9 Shouldn’t Be Rebooted: Too Many Times

There’s been so many reboots in DC Comics that it’s becoming a trick that is a little overplayed. In fact, multiple realities have been created because of this rebooting method.

After a while the idea can lose its impact and almost seem like a lazy piece of writing. There may be many other ways to bring in new fans without turning to this last resort every single time.

8 Should Be Rebooted: Different Stories

A reboot does allow for opportunities for completely new stories. Sometimes a narrative simply won’t work because of the pieces that are in play. By switching up the board a writer is playing on, it provides new opportunities.

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Dead characters can be used or perhaps villains could be used as heroes. There’s so many options after a reboot that it can lead to great creative opportunities.

7 Shouldn’t Be Rebooted: Confusing Continuity

It can sometimes be even more confusing when things have been rebooted as fans are unclear what is part of the canon and what isn’t. There’s certain things that always seem to stay the same.

These elements, such as the Justice League, can make it murky as to what is considered part of the new universe and what can be perceived as a reality that has been completely forgotten about.

6 Should Be Rebooted: Event Excuse

A reboot is always a good excuse to create a massive event. The comic events are always a lot of fun and bring together a variety of characters from across the universe. Some excellent stories have come out of these.

A good example of this is of course Crisis on Infinite Earths but there’s plenty of other great tales that could be told by going forward with this kind of idea. It’s a method that has worked at Marvel too.

5 Shouldn’t Be Rebooted: Blocks Ideas

By rebooting the universe constantly some ideas can be blocked from ever coming to fruition. Larger stories in various titles are affected by a completely changing universe.

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The stories may not be told in the same way anymore and there may have to be some re-writing despite the fact that the comic could have been on to a really interesting narrative that hadn’t been seen before.

4 Should Be Rebooted: New Era In Comics

There’s a bit of a new era in comics. The characters are becoming more mainstream, but the comics have to keep up with the changing industry.

Therefore, a reboot in order to change the industry to keep up with the times wouldn’t be such a bad idea. It would be a smart business decision to move the brand forward.

3 Shouldn’t Be Rebooted: Current Methods Are Working

The current sales are still doing well and the universe is in a good place creatively. There’s not much of a need to reboot it all when so much more has recently been created.

Characters such as the Batman Who Laughs show that there’s plenty more to do with this universe and that it should not be rebooted when there’s even more in store.

2 Should Be Rebooted: Different Writers

Rebooting the universes also means that various creative teams can be reset. This can allow new writers to come in and do something that has never been done before, as they have the creative freedom to experiment.

New writers coming in have always refreshed the content being used and it’s fair to say that a reboot may even force some of these changes to happen.

1 Shouldn’t Be Rebooted: Better Writing

Sometimes the reboot issue is something that can be avoided by forcing the writing to get better. Limitations can often lead to even better creative choices.

Perhaps a reboot is the easy option, but by avoiding that there may be more difficult, yet more creative writing choices made to help these characters develop further.

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The DC Universe is no stranger to reboots. But is this a good idea or a bad idea? From the business side to the creative one, let's debate it here.

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