5 Reasons The Champions Could Beat Young Justice (& 5 Why Young Justice Would Win)

Teenage superheroes have been a part of comics for a long time. They were meant to be reader insert characters- portals to the superheroic world for young readers. As time went on, they became a much more important part of both the Marvel and DC Universes, as teenage characters would get their own solo titles and team books.

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Several years back, Marvel brought back the Champions, a C-list super team not seen since the 80s, and filled it with some of their newer teenage characters. Over at DC, they’ve brought back Young Justice, giving the sidekicks of the 90s a chance to shine again. This list is going to look at why the Champions would defeat Young Justice and vice versa.

10 The Champions: The Brains

The place where the Champions definitely have Young Justice beat is in the brains department. Amadeus Cho is one of the smartest people on the planet, Ironheart is smart enough to create her own Iron Man armor from scratch, and Viv Vision is no slouch in the brains department.

The heroes of Young Justice are formidable but they can’t match the brainpower of the Champions.

9 Young Justice: The Speed Force

Unlike a lot of speedsters, Impulse was born with his connection to the Speed Force. Using it became like breathing to him and his almost instinctual usage of it made him a very efficient hero even though he could be pretty flighty sometimes.

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Even though he’s no Barry Allen or Wally West, Impulse is still a formidable user of the Speed Force and it’s a power that most heroes in the Marvel Universe couldn’t match.

8 The Champions: They Have A Hulk

Besides being super smart, Amadeus Cho is also a Hulk. He would eventually take the name Brawn and while he wouldn’t be as strong as he was as the Hulk all the time, if he was mad enough he could regain his old Hulk strength.

Young Justice has Impulse and Superboy and those two can be very infuriating. Not only would their powers allow them to smack around most members of the Champions, they’re very mouthy and that would serve to anger Amadeus enough to bring out the Hulk in him.

7 Young Justice: They Have A Superboy

When he first appeared, Superboy was powerful but not as powerful as Superman. He couldn’t even use heat vision or any of the other vision powers Superman had. However, as the years have gone on his power levels have gotten higher. He’s even been able to hurt Superboy-Prime, which is no easy feat.

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On an individual level, there is no one on the Champions that can match Superboy’s power level. With his speed and flight, he can bring zoom around and hit the Champions with his all of his might.

6 The Champions: Nova

If anyone on the Champions has a chance against Superboy, it’s Nova. While he’s definitely not as strong as Superboy, Kryptonian strength levels are kind of insane when it comes right down to it, his speed and durability would allow him to counter Superboy for a time.

Besides that, he can attack quickly, taking out some of the lower-powered members of Young Justice and evening up the odds.

5 Young Justice: They’ve Worked Together Longer

While there are some newer members of the team, the core four- Superboy, Robin, Wonder Girl, and Impulse- have been working together for a very long time and know-how to fight very well together.

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Using this experience, they’ve been able to pass on what they’ve learned to the newer members of the team. Beyond that, the amount of power and skill these four have pretty much trump anything the Champions can bring to bear.

4 The Champions: Cyclops’s Tactical Acumen

Even though he’s a younger version, the Cyclops of the Champions is still a very good tactician. Remember, this Cyclops is still the one who took a green team of X-Men, fought Magneto on their first outing, and won. He held his team together after they’d been brought to an unfamiliar future and helped them triumph over all kinds of new threats.

He’s not the leader of the Champions, but they know to listen to his tactical opinions.

3 Young Justice: Better Leadership

Ms. Marvel is a great hero, but the Champions is her first time leading a team and while she’s good at it she’s nowhere near as good at it as Tim Drake, Robin. Robin has been leading teams for a long time, including every incarnation of Young Justice and the Teen Titans.

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Besides that, he learned the superheroing trade from two of the best in the business- Batman and Nightwing. If a team is only as good as its leader than the Young Justice is vastly superior to the Champions.

2 The Champions: A Well-Balanced Team

The Champions can’t be considered the best at anything but they don’t have to be. Looking at the members of the team, they have a nice balance of powerhouses- Brawn and Nova- and experience- Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man, and Cyclops.

Add to that Ironheart’s brains and Viv Vision’s well-balanced powers and the Champions are a well-balanced team that can handle all kinds of threats.

1 Young Justice: Just Plain Better

When it comes right down to it, as great as the Champions can be they just aren’t as powerful as Young Justice. Superboy and Impulse could probably take down most of the Champions in seconds, with only Viv Vision and Brawn able to withstand their initial assaults.

Robin is a better leader than Ms. Marvel and that counts for a lot. Wonder Girl can outfight anyone on the Champions. Young Justice also has Teen Lantern, who has a Green Lantern ring, and Amethyst, whose magical powers have allowed her to fight the Spectre. The team has an amazing balance of power and skill that would be nigh impossible for the Champions to overcome.

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Young Justice may have a Superboy, but the Champions have a Hulk. Who comes out on top? Let's find out!

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