5 Reasons The New Mutants Could Beat The Young Avengers (& 5 Why They Never Could)

Debuting in the ’80s, the New Mutants were Marvel‘s way of bringing the X-Men franchise back to basics. The team started out as a group of teenagers learning to deal with their powers but by the time the New Mutants debuted, the main team were all adults. The New Mutants were literally what the name of the team implied – new mutants out to learn how to control their powers.

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Scores of teams of young mutants would follow in their wake, but they were the first. In fact, one can even look at them as an inspiration for the Young Avengers, a team that would debut two decades later. This list is going to take a look at reasons why the New Mutants would defeat the Young Avengers and also why they never could.

10 The New Mutants: Much Smarter

The New Mutants are a much smarter team than the Young Avengers. One reason why is because the New Mutants are all much older than the Young Avengers, but the other reason is simpler – a private school education. While the Xavier Institute mostly concentrates on teaching mutants about their powers, they also are a fully accredited private school.

While Young Avengers like Kid Loki and Marvel Boy are very smart, the brainpower of the New Mutants as a whole outweighs that of the Young Avengers.

9 Young Avengers: Kid Loki

Kid Loki was a reborn version of the old Avengers enemy and while he didn’t have all the memories of his older self, he was still a very powerful combatant, as is fitting for one who is the God Of Mischief and an Asgardian.

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Even though he doesn’t have his magical abilities, he’s still a crafty foe who would be able to cause a lot of trouble for the New Mutants.

8 New Mutants: Teamwork

One of the best things about an Xavier Institute education is the time spent in the Danger Room. It not only allows mutants to hone their powers but it also teaches them to work as team and this is one of the New Mutants’ greatest strengths.

The Young Avengers work well together, but they haven’t spent nearly as much time training and fighting together as the New Mutants have. This definitely gives the New Mutants an advantage over the Young Avengers, nullifying any advantage some of the more powerful Young Avengers give the team.

7 Young Avengers: Marvel Boy Is A Beast

While he may not be the most powerful member of the Young Avengers, that would be Wiccan or Miss America, Marvel Boy is easily the most skilled member. An alternate dimension Kree soldier, Marvel Boy has been enhanced to survive just about anything.

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He’s an expert in all kinds of weapons and his time traveling adventures through alternate universes with his Kree shipmates have given him a lot of experience dealing with all kinds of threats.

6 New Mutants: Trained By Some Of The Best

The current incarnation of the New Mutants is a mix of classic members of the team and young mutants from other X-Men teams. The X-Men are some of the most skilled heroes out there, meaning that this group of New Mutants have been trained by some of the best out there.

Charles Xavier, Magneto, Cable, and so many others have handed their expertise down to this team and that gives them a very wide skill base, one that can help them overcome nearly any threat.

5 Young Avengers: What They Lack In Experience And Training, They Make Up For In Tenacity

Unlike the New Mutants, the Young Avengers didn’t really have the benefit of their mentors guiding them. In fact, the Avengers were very hands-off with the training of the group, really only stepping in when they’d screwed up big time.

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However, what they lack in experience, they more than make up for in tenacity and youthful exuberance. They’ve learned to work together rather well for a team with just about no supervision and gel nicely.

4 New Mutants: Magik, Dani Moonstar, And Karma

While the New Mutants have a lot of skill and power, the three members that would give the Young Avengers the most trouble are Magik, Dani Moonstar, and Karma. Magik’s teleportation powers make her dangerous, but it’s her mystical skills and status as the queen of Limbo that make her the most dangerous of the team.

Dani Moonstar and Karma both are powerful psionic talents, something the Young Avengers don’t have any defense against, but Dani is also a Valkyrie. This makes her immensely strong and immune to magic, which will be a big help against Wiccan.

3 Young Avengers: Miss America

Miss America joined the second incarnation of the Young Avengers and brought a whole new level of power to the group. Hailing from an alternate universe, she was super strong and durable, super-fast, could fly, and fire powerful blasts of energy. On top of that, she can teleport to alternate universes.

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Miss America’s sheer power levels would allow the Young Avengers to be able to overcome a lot of the New Mutants’ superior skill and her teleportation abilities would help if Magik decided to dump the Young Avengers into Limbo.

2 New Mutants: Vastly More Skilled And Experienced

If there’s one thing this list has tried to make clear, it’s that the New Mutants have a huge advantage over the Young Avengers when it comes to skill and experience. Every single member, even the newer ones like Armor, Chamber, and Mondo, have more experience than heroes than the Young Avengers.

They’ve been honing their skills for a very long time, battling powerful threats that should have taken them out and triumphing every time.

1 Young Avengers: Wiccan’s Powers

Wiccan is a vastly powerful magic user. His magic works by him just saying what he wants to happen and then it just happens. He doesn’t really know spells; instead, his powers create the spells as he needs them. Kid Loki told him that his powers allow him to warp reality.

Power like that is hard to overcome and near impossible to guard against. As skilled and as powerful as the New Mutants are, most of them have no defense against Wiccan’s abilities and he could probably singlehandedly win the fight for the Young Avengers.

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The New Mutants and the Young Avengers are two of Marvel's best youthful superhero teams. We wonder who would win in a fight.

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