5 Reasons the Teen Titans Are The Better Team (& 5 Why Young Justice Is Better)

In the DC superhero universe, there are two groups of teenage heroes that stand out. One is the Teen Titans, and the other is Young Justice. Both have had their share of tragedies, triumphs, and soap opera-like issues. In addition, both groups have been run by one Robin or another.

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While the Teen Titans have remained active through the 2010s, Young Justice left for about a decade. In truth, their lineup was promoted to a Titans incarnation. However, the core group of Tim Drake, Connor Kent, and Bart Allen have returned to re-form Young Justice. This bodes a question:  which group is the better team? Here are 5 reasons the Teen Titans are a better team and 5 reasons why Young Justice has the advantage.

10 Young Justice: Experience

In calendar years, the heroes of Young Justice have decades more experience. Tim Drake became Robin in the late 80s, not long after Jason Todd’s death. Connor, Bart, and Cassie Sandsmark, the second Wonder Girl, were introduced in the 1990s. Even in comic book time, they’ve had more years fighting as a team.

Individually, the only Titans team member with a large amount of experience is Damian Wayne. The rest of the group only came to fruition during the New 52 or Rebirth eras. Thus, not only do they lack experience on their own they also have growing pains as a team.

9 Teen Titans: New Blood

Then again, legacy does not always create a successful team. Due to their experiences, teams with veterans can encounter a good deal of in-fighting on the way to tackle a problem. For example, think of the times Hawkeye disagreed with Captain America’s decisions in the Avengers.

When you’re a new team, you tend to learn from the most experienced member. That can be both good and bad. When it started, Damian wasn’t the greatest leader. However, as he has come into his own, the current Robin has helped to establish the team’s performance.

8 Young Justice: Power

There’s no doubt the Titans had power. This is past tense because some of the strongest heroes on the team — Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy — left not long after its founding. While it still has capabilities via Kid Flash and Crush, the half-daughter of Lobo, it’s not nearly as brawny as previous versions.

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Right from the start, Young Justice has Superboy and Wonder Girl. They both have superhuman strength, speed, and invulnerability. A new member, Teen Lantern, has the power of a Green Lantern ring to help her out. Needless to say, the team is hard to beat.

7 Teen Titans: Legacy

On the other hand, power is only one part of a team’s makeup. What makes the Teen Titans a better team is its legacy. They’ve been around in various forms since the mid-60s. When a new group of Titans is gathered, veterans of the other incarnations are there to help.

Take the current group of Titans brought together in the Rebirth era. The new versions of Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad were joined by Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy. The pairing of these superheroes helped Robin to establish a foothold in leadership. One needed when the membership changed.

6 Young Justice: Friendship

Being part of a team doesn’t only mean working together. It also means friendship. That’s why Young Justice is the better team in this case. The group wasn’t formed by force the way Damian created the latest Titans incarnation. It was formed by a bond.

By the time the first Young Justice incarnation was formed in the late 1990s, Tim, Bart, and Connor were already close friends who worked as a team. Thus, they were able to quickly bring in others. This friendship also helped solidify teamwork when one of the three was in trouble. It doubled their efforts to ensure their safety.

5 Teen Titans: Growth

Team memberships tend to change over the years, and the Teen Titans are no exception. After events that stemmed from the “No Justice” storyline disbanded the previous lineup, Damian rebuilt the group with a new set of heroes.

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This doesn’t always mean disaster. In fact, this form of growth has given the Titans a new purpose. It has allowed them to coalesce as a group and establish friendships. In turn, they have become better teammates as well as fighters.

4 Young Justice: Stability

Of course, teams that haven’t changed much are better because they have stability. That’s the case with Young Justice. Like the Justice League’s Trinity, the core members of the team have not changed. It remained the same when they became the Teen Titans, even into the New 52 era.

When a new member is recruited, they have more than one person to go to for assistance. In turn, someone like Connor or Cassie can discuss a past adventure with them that might provide insight into their own predicament.

3 Teen Titans: Street-Level Fighters

The Titans have an advantage over Young Justice that makes them a better team. In addition to battling demons and aliens, they also can get down-and-dirty with street-level criminals. In fact, of all the current DC Comics teams, the Teen Titans are the ones who can deal best with those types of villains.

Leave the intergalactic and inter-dimensional threats to the Justice League or Young Justice. They have the power to battle those dangers. The Titans are the ones who help battle their forces on the streets of Gotham or Metropolis.

2 Young Justice: Mentorship

Yes, part of this is mentoring by the team’s core members. The rest is mentoring by the older counterparts of Drake, Superboy, Impulse, Wonder Girl, and Teen Lantern. Even though they’re a seasoned team, these heroes still need some advice from those who have been at the game a lot longer.

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At some point, these teens may take over the roles of their adult counterparts, so they always want to learn from their experiences. They can take this advice and impart it to the newer Young Justice members. As a result, the team becomes a cohesive unit.

1 Teen Titans: Robin

There can’t be a Teen Titans without a Robin. This was tried once in the mid-90s, and the experiment failed. It has to be a current Boy Wonder. Let’s face facts:  when Dick Grayson became Nightwing, his team felt a bit empty.

Granted, Damian can be a harsh leader. However, he has the mentorship of the Bat Family, particularly Dick, to knock him down a few pegs if his head gets too big. Plus, his team members put him in place every so often. Overall, the Teen Titans is a proving ground for Robins to understand leadership, teamwork, and friendship.

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In the DC superhero universe, there are two groups of teenage heroes that stand out: The Teen Titans and Young Justice. Which is the best?

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