5 Reasons Why The Avengers' Trinity Could Beat The Justice League's (& 5 Why They Can't)

Both Marvel and DC Comics are home to some of the most powerful comic book heroes imaginable. With extensive histories as well as devoted fans on either side, the Marvel vs DC debate has been an age-old debate for many avid comic book readers.

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Though both sides present some very strong arguments, The Avengers and The Justice League have characteristics and members that can do some things better than others. Looking specifically at the trinities of each team, with respect to Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman, here is our list of 5 reasons Marvel’s Trinity could win, and 5 why they couldn’t.

10 Can Beat Them: Moral Front

Though they are far from cold-hearted killers, Marvel’s Trinity is definitely more willing to cross some lines than DC’s generally is. Because of this, Marvel’s team may be willing to be a bit more brutal when it comes to a confrontation.

Of course, both teams try their hardest to preserve life at all costs, and neither would likely put such a permanent end to the other. However, as a soldier, weapons expert, and Norse God, Marvel’s Trinity is no stranger to making some tough decisions when they feel they need to.

9 Can’t Beat Them: DC’s Trinity is Smarter

Both Trinities feature some incredibly smart characters on their roster, especially with characters like Iron Man and Batman. However, while the other members of the team certainly aren’t stupid, DC’s team does seem like the smarter of the two.

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According to Doomsday Clock, Batman is the second smartest human on the planet, second only to Lex Luthor. On the other hand, Iron Man is constantly competing with other characters like Reed Richards, Dr. Doom, and even characters as young as Moon Girl. Though Tony’s mind alone is still brilliant and Captain America is a master tactician, Batman alone gives DC’s Trinity a major advantage in regards to brainpower, with Wonder Woman and Superman only adding to that.

8 Can Beat Them: Thor is a Literal God

However powerful Superman and Wonder Woman may both be, Thor himself is the literal God of Thunder, which comes with all sorts of additional perks. Not only is he one of the most powerful Marvel characters around, but he also has access to many magical items, most of which are capable of hurting even Superman.

Though he may not be the smartest Marvel character around, he is definitely one of the strongest and has easily proven his worth to the universe on many occasions. For such a powerful being, Marvel fans could definitely argue his case against each individual member of DC’s Trinity.

7 Can’t Beat Them: Team Dynamic

Over the years, both teams have experienced their fair share of rocky relations. However, Marvel’s team of heroes generally tends to take things a bit too far whenever there are some fights between them. Whatever differences Batman and Superman may have with one another, they have yet to wage an all-out war among all other heroes within the DC universe.

Likewise, even if DC’s Trinity has issues with another member, they can almost always count on whomever to still be a team player. While the bickering has never been too big an issue for either team (aside from a few exceptions), DC’s Trinity does tend to work a bit better together than Marvel’s.

6 Can Beat Them: Age and Experience

While DC’s Trinity may feature some much older characters, their history has been continually rewritten so that much of that experience has since been lost. Of course, Marvel has also done some massive rewrites for some of their top-tier characters, but Thor and Captain America especially have managed to retain most of their history.

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Though Superman may be one of the oldest comic book superheroes ever, his origin has been updated so many times, constantly moving the character forward with almost every reboot. With Marvel’s Trinity though, Captain America remains a veteran of WWII, and Thor remains a centuries-old God, giving Marvel’s team of heroes a massive advantage in this regard.

5 Can’t Beat Them: Allies

However powerful each team may be in their own right, DC’s Trinity definitely has an advantage when it comes to additional support. In terms of both strength and numbers, the Justice League is almost always more powerful than other members of the Avengers.

In reality, this would really come down to whoever is available at the time, but characters like Flash, Green Lantern, and Cyborg make for some very powerful reinforcements. Likewise, though the Avengers still have some very powerful characters on the team, this is one major advantage DC’s Trinity has over Marvel’s.

4 Can Beat Them: Tech

However useful and deadly some of Batman’s technology may be, Iron Man’s technology generally packs a much more powerful punch. From suits to take down the Hulk, to all sorts of crazy weapons he keeps on him at all times, Iron Man’s gadgets are generally far more lethal than what Batman would typically carry with him.

Of course, not everything Tony has would manage to fare as well as characters like Superman and Wonder Woman, but it is still a useful thing to have. Given everything Batman has done against Superman, one can only imagine what Iron Man’s tech would be able to accomplish in a similar situation.

3 Can’t Beat Them: Combat Skills

With the exception of Captain America, Marvel’s Trinity isn’t the most skilled when it comes to hand-to-hand combat, at least in comparison to DC’s Trinity. Despite having no actual powers of his own, Batman is still one of the deadliest fighters in the entire DC universe. Likewise, with Wonder Woman’s training as an Amazon warrior, she has taken down plenty of threats based on her skills alone.

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Though Marvel’s Trinity certainly knows how to throw a punch, Captain America is really the only experienced close-range fighter of the three. Though all six characters can really do some damage at a distance, DC’s Trinity can easily do much more damage than Marvel’s at close range.

2 Can Beat Them: Resources

Though both teams have accomplished all sorts of wonders throughout their respective universes, Marvel’s Trinity alone has access to much more resources far beyond earth. Between their relations with other Marvel heroes, as well as everything they’re capable of in general, Marvel’s Trinity can quickly and effectively move themselves or resources from one location to another in a mere instant.

Furthermore, while DC’s Trinity has still accomplished wonders across the galaxy, they aren’t quite as effective when it comes to fictitious resources or fast travel. However fast characters like Superman and Wonder Woman may be unless Cyborg is suddenly at the ready, DC’s Trinity is pretty limited to the confines of Earth.

1 Can’t Beat Them: DC’s Trinity is More Powerful

When it really comes down to it, DC’s Trinity is a bit more powerful than Marvel’s giving them a massive advantage over some of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Though it may seem a bit unfair considering Superman’s role on the team, the addition of Wonder Woman also gives DC’s Trinity a significant boost.

However popular and admirable heroes like Iron Man and Captain America may be, they are far from the most powerful characters that Marvel has to offer. Even with Thor’s raw power to help bolster the team, DC’s Trinity far outmatches Marvel’s, especially when working together.

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Looking specifically at the trinities of each team, here is our list of 5 reasons Marvel's Trinity could win, and 5 why they couldn't.

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