5 Slice-Of-Life Anime That Had Us Crying By The End (& 5 That Had Us Laughing Instead)

The slice of life genre is by no means small. While some people would rather watch anime characters doing anime things such as blasting a planet to smithereens, others prefer watching anime characters doing normal things, like just having a normal life without having to worry about some dude in the background scheming to take over the world.

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But even ‘slice of life’ comes in different shapes and sizes. Some slice of life shows are rather hilarious and will have you laughing throughout the series, while others are just saddening, and chances are you will cry at least once while watching these of slice of life shows. Here are the top five of each category.

10 Laugh: Barakamon

After Seishuu Handa punches his boss, which is a bad move even by anime standards, he decides to move to rural Japan in an attempt to have a relaxing vacation. Little did he know that he would end up meeting a girl who will end up changing his life.

And by a girl, that means a 6-year-old little demon who is a tiny bit too curious. A wholesome anime that will surely have you smiling for the majority of your ride.

9 Cry: Kanon

Kanon is a tear-jerking anime that revolves around Yuichi Aizawa. Yuchi is a 17-year-old teenager that suffers from heavy amnesia.  After returning to his hometown, he slowly reconnects with the residents while simultaneously recovering his lost memory. 

The overall story is amazing, and you are guaranteed to be tears-dry by the time you are done with the show.

8 Laugh: K-On!

K-On! can only be described as, “cute anime girls doing cute anime things.” The story revolves around five highschool girls who join their school’s music club. Audiences might think the main premise of the anime is music by now, but it’s actually not. K-On! is all about teenage girls bonding with each other. The anime is great to say the least, recommended if you are looking for a heartfelt laugh.

7 Cry: 3-Gatsu no Lion

3-gatsu no lion is a drama show that centers on Rei Kiriyama. At only the age of 17, Rei is already a professional Shogi player. We get to follow his Shogi career, his interactions with the sweetest sisters ever, and how he deals with his haunting past. This show is an emotional rollercoaster with both happiness and misery interconnected. One of the most well-written stories in anime. Definitely an enjoyable watch.

6 Laugh: Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

True to its name, this show is about a woman called Kobayashi, with a Dragon for a maid. The premise might seem outrageous at first, but everything will fall into place as you keep watching. And as the series progresses, more and more dragons will appear. And each one of them is more quirky than the last. This show sheds light on Dragons’ side that is unbeknown to us.

5 Cry: Anohana

The ghost of a deceased girl, Menma, reappears to the main protagonist of the story, Jinta Yadomi. Since the lost Menma, Jinta has been having a rough life. And with her reappearance, he begins to pull his life together and reconnects with his estranged friends.

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This should’ve been an amusing journey of a young man rebuilding his wrecked life, and living happily ever after with his ghost girlfriend, right? Wrong. If you watched this series till the end, chances are you have already consumed a package of tissues.

4 Laugh: Daily life of high school boys

Ever wondered what’s going on in the life of normal high school boys? If yes, then you have come to the right show. This anime series shows you exactly that, with no plot twists. Just high school boys doing boys’ stuff. This series is a comedy masterpiece. There might not be an actual plotline, but the humor is just on point.

3 Cry: Angel Beats

Angel Beats is the most clickbaity anime to ever exist, why? Get this. The first couple of episodes are straight out wild. The funniest comedy you will see in the slice of life genre, and you are already as good as hooked.

But as the show progresses, you will start to notice some abnormalities. Could it be that this show isn’t entirely comedy? Bingo, but you’re already too late. You have been tricked, and you are already crying yourself to sleep.

2 Laugh: Nichijou

So you’ve seen The Daily life Of High School Boys and enjoyed it, great. Now come check Nichijou, the same premise, but it’s the daily life of high school girls. And just like The Daily life Of High School Boys, this show has no plotline or a linear story, however, its humor is out of this world. If a good laugh is what you are looking for, then Nichijou is the show for you.

1 Cry: Clannad / Clannad After Story

Clannad follows the story of Tomoya Okazaki, a delinquent teenager, and his significant other. Tomoya’s life experiences major turns and twists as the plot progresses and years pass. From teens romance all the way to marriage. Every time he cries we cry as well, and every time he laughs, we laugh in return. The story is both heartwarming and heart-wrenching, an incredible ride that will make you look at anime in a new light.

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Slice-of-life anime can be both heart-warming, hilarious, and tragic. This is the best of either side.

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