5 Things About Gamora The MCU Changed (& 5 They Kept The Same)

Gamora has risen to stardom due to her role as a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy and her place as a famous face in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But, she’s been around in the comic books for far longer than the MCU.

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In order to adapt her successfully to screen, she has had to be changed in some ways, while keeping the core elements of the character. Here are five ways in which the MCU kept Gamora the same as the comics and five ways in which they changed her.

10 Kept The Same: Tragic Origins

Gamora’s origins have to be tragic in order to showcase how far she’s really come. In both versions, the character has terrible losses in her younger years and is brought up by a monster.

In each version, her origins feed into the idea that she’s some kind of sociopath that hasn’t developed proper emotional understanding due to the fact her family was torn away from her, and her world completely fell apart.

9 Changed: Fate Of Her Species

Her origins do include the death of her species, but the MCU and the comics differ on this. In the comics, she is actually the last of her kind after an evil alien race had come to her planet and killed most living things.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s revealed that Thanos actually killed half of her species in order for them to thrive again, meaning there could still be more of her kind out there in the universe.

8 Kept The Same: Her Family

In the comics and the movies, Thanos is her main family. He’s a father figure unlike any other in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He both pushes her to be better and encourages criminal activity.

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Her relationship with her adopted father is a complex one. In both versions, it was presented to her as if Thanos had saved her, but he has of course also done many irredeemable things to his daughter.

7 Changed: Mechanical Changes

In the films, Nebula has been experimented on hundreds of times and is now more machine than an organic creature. The comics see something very similar happen to Gamora.

She is enhanced in many ways, with Thanos looking to power her up through mechanical means. She’s described to have the strength of Adam Warlock, with even a healing factor comparable to a mutant.

6 Kept The Same: Redemption

Gamora has done so many shameful things over her life that she’s looking for redemption by the time she realizes that Thanos is no good for her. Her various crimes are paid off through acts of heroism.

This is of course a huge theme of the comic version of the character, and the movies follow suit. Her personality begins to shift as her redemptive arc is explored further over the years she spends with her teammates.

5 Changed: Relationship With Nebula

In the comics, Nebula and Gamora aren’t quite as linked as they are in the films. The comics version of Nebula is said to be the great-granddaughter of Thanos, although it’s unknown whether this is an actual blood relation.

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The MCU, on the other hand, sees Nebula as another of Thanos’ daughters. As such, she and Gamora have a strange sisterly relationship that just doesn’t translate in the same way to the comics.

4 Kept The Same: Guardians of the Galaxy

Her teammates have already been briefly mentioned, but in both versions, this character eventually joins a variation on the Guardians of the Galaxy. This ragtag crew becomes like a surrogate family to the assassin.

The Guardians are incredibly important to Gamora and are a key part of her redemption story. She can do some real good working alongside these former criminals and misfits.

3 Changed: Death and Resurrection

The MCU did something that the comics has not. It killed off the original version of Gamora, with Thanos sacrificing his daughter in order to retrieve the soul stone. She was the only person he really loved.

The MCU then sees her resurrected by introducing a past version of the character via time travel. These events do not take place in the comics but could perhaps inspire a future narrative.

2 Kept The Same: Abilities

Gamora’s abilities are fundamentally the same in the comics and the films. She’s incredibly strong and durable and clearly can take on a lot of damage. She’s also an expert with a variety of weapons.

What’s more, both iterations of the character have received an impressive array of training, meaning that she is adept at the use of hand to hand combat.

1 Changed: Romance

The romance between Gamora and Star-Lord is really something that came from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While these characters are partners in the comics, they have only recently explored a romantic side to this.

This is a rare example of the comics actually copying something from the films, as fans seemed to enjoy the chemistry that these two characters have with one another.

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When Marvel adapted Gamora for the MCU, they changed certain elements of her character and kept others.

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