5 Times Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman Was Comics Accurate (& 5 Times She Wasn't)

Diana Prince, also known as Wonder Woman, is one of the oldest and most influential and popular female superheroes. That is why it’s so surprising that it took many decades before she finally appeared in her own theatrically released solo film, and not just in animated films or a TV show.

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Gal Gadot portrayed the Amazon Princess in the DCEU and according to many fans, she did an amazing job. Wonder Woman’s storyline in the DCEU had a lot in common with her comic book adventures, but there were also ways in which her film was different. Here are 5 times Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman was comics accurate and 5 times she wasn’t.

10 Was: Hidden Island

Diana grew up on Themyscira alongside her fellow Amazons and she also underwent her training there. The film shows its audience a part of Diana’s childhood and her learning to fight and be as strong as her mother Hippolyta and other Amazons.

What it also shares with the comics is that Themyscira is an island only for women and men are not welcome there. That is one of the reasons why Steve’s arrival causes so much disturbance to the Amazons. Another reason is that the island is hidden from the rest of the world both in the comics and in the film and no one should be able to find it once they leave it.

9 Wasn’t: Different Costume

Wonder Woman is one of the most optimistic and kind-hearted DC superheroes. Yes, she has been through a lot of trials and difficult experiences but she has not allowed it to stop her from doing good in this world. Her character is mirrored by the colorful costume she wears, just like other DC superheroes who are naturally optimistic (Superman, for example).

The costume Wonder Woman wore in the film was much more subdued. Maybe it was because the story took place during the First World War and the overly colorful suit would look out of place in the trenches or maybe it simply mirrored the fact that Diana missed her home.

8 Was: Friendship With Etta

As said above, Wonder Woman usually gets along with other people and superheroes well, unless she is being mind-controlled or replaced by an evil alternate version of herself, of course. She has more friends in the comics but two of her closest friends are Etta Candy and Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva.

Barbara later becomes the iconic villain known as Cheetah and blames Diana for not being there to help her, which drives a wedge between the two women. While Barbara did not appear in the first film, Etta did, and just like they did in the comics, the two women quickly built a mutual rapport and friendship.

7 Wasn’t: The Time

It may have come as a surprise to many fans when they first found out that Wonder Woman would be taking place during the First World War. After all, Wonder Woman first appeared in the comics in 1941, right in the middle of the Second World War, and as such, she is closely connected to that time period.

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Also, more modern iterations of her origin story bring her closer to the 21st century, but generally, Wonder Woman and the First World War did not have much to do with each other in the comics. But the film used the setting to its best nonetheless.

6 Was: Fighting Ares

Wonder Woman’s villains may not be as well known to general audiences as some other popular DC superheroes’, such as Superman or Batman, but she still fought her fair share of enemies, either solo or with her superhero friends.

Besides Cheetah, her former close friend, Wonder Woman’s biggest archnemesis is Ares, her half-brother, and the God of War himself. While the version of Ares that appeared in the film is different from the comics, his ability to cause chaos and bring out the worst in man remained the same, just as Diana’s determination to stop him.

5 Wasn’t: The Way She Left

Diana grew up on Themyscira and she only leaves it when Steve Trevor crashes on the island and the Amazons decide that one of them will accompany Steve back to the Land of Man. In the film, Diana decides to steal the Lasso of Truth and to get Steve out of the island undetected, but it doesn’t quite work out the way she wanted.

In the comics, though, she leaves her home in a much more honorable way. The Amazons compete about who will get to leave Themyscira and Diana wins tournament fair and square so she has no need to use trickery to get away from her home.

4 Was: Loving Steve Trevor

Again, Wonder Woman’s relationship with Steve Trevor may not be as iconic of a romance as Superman and Lois Lane, or Batman and Catwoman, but it is one of the most influential experiences of Diana’s life. In the comics, she originally worked as a secretary for Steve Trevor.

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But in the modern iterations of her origin, she and Steve Trevor are much more on the same level and they often fight side by side. Their relationship is not easy and both of them date other people at times, but they usually find their way back to each other nonetheless, either as partners or at least as friends.

3 Wasn’t: No Jet And Traditional Powers

As an Amazon princess, Diana has a rich set of skills she can use when it comes to fighting her enemies. She possesses both increased strength and speed, can communicate with animals, and has several useful tools at her disposal, such as the Lasso of Truth, her bracelets that deflect bullets, among others.

She can also fly in some versions of the comics, but the film does not show all of her skills, even though they could present a great advantage to Diana in her battle against Ares. Another thing she lacks is her invisible jet that Diana often uses in the comics.

2 Was: Joining The Justice League (And Forming Friendships With Its Members)

Finally, let’s leave the Wonder Woman solo film behind for a moment and take a look at her appearances in other DCEU films. Gal Gadot also made appearances as Wonder Woman in Batman v. Superman and in the Justice League.

Just like in the comics, Diana is one of the most prominent members of the League and she is also the one who brings other superheroes closer together, like, for example, when she persuaded Cyborg to join them by simply being kind to him. She is also very close with both Superman and Batman, and she spent a lot of time with Bruce in the Justice League, so much so that fans even believed they are romantically interested in each other.

1 Wasn’t: Different Villains

The film worked with several iconic Wonder Woman villains well-known from their appearances in the comics but it presented them in a different way. The main villain of the film was Ares, the God of War. In the comics, it is revealed that Ares is Diana’s half-brother. Before this reveal it was established that he is also her archenemy.

Ares originally only sent out thoughts of destruction and war to the war leaders and did not appear on Earth in person as he did in the film when he impersonated Sir Patrick. Dr. Poison, another significant villain in the film, also has a different origin in the comics since she worked for the Nazis during the Second World War.

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Wonder Woman finally got her own theatrically released film in 2017. Here are the ways her film portrayal is and isn't the same as in the comics.

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