5 Webtoons That Need To Become K-Dramas ASAP (& 5 That Already Are)

Webtoon originally began as Naver Webtoon and had a ton of new webtoons at its start before the app became a worldwide sensation. Many manhwa (basically, Korean Manga) were converted into webtoons as well and became popular all over the world with LINE as the English publishers. Tower of God, for example, was once a webtoon and manhwa that has now been converted into an anime series as a Crunchyroll Original.

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Many Webtoons, both with Korean and American origins, have been adapted into different forms of media. The famed and ever-trending Lore Olympus is getting an animated series by The Jim Henson Company. A number of them have also been converted into Korean Dramas (also known as K-Dramas) which have become risen in popularity as a media source all over in recent years. Many webtoons are already K-Dramas and were pretty amazing at that. Yet, there are still a few webtoons that could be easily adapted into a K-Drama based on their plot and pacing.

10 Already A K-Drama: Love Alarm

Love Alarm is a Webtoon that was adapted into a K-Drama and became a Netflix Original. The story is fun, with the typical K-Drama love triangle. The story is about an app that lets the user know when someone they love is within a certain radius from themself.

Obviously, this leads to a few complicated situations when one couple has feelings for each other, but the guys bet friend also loves the girl in the triangle. The series was so successful that it has been given a season 2, something many K-Dramas don’t really get to see. The K-Drama will continue to tell the story of the Webtoon.

9 Needs A K-Drama: Let’s Play

Let’s Play is one of Webtoon’s most popular on-going romance comics. It’s cute and geeky nature would perfectly fit into the world of K-Dramas, especially thanks to the multiple love interests for the main character, Sam. The Webtoon also focuses heavily on growth within every character.

They each have unique personalities and life issues that make their stories relevant to the main progress of the over-arching story in the Webtoon. It would be awesome to see this developed into a live-action K-Drama.

8 Already A K-Drama: Cheese In The Trap

Cheese in the Trap was originally a manhwa that was converted into a webtoon once the site took off in Korea. The webtoon was still 0n-going when the K-Drama released, so there are quite a few deviations for the original source material in this show.

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The K-Drama is amazing and is filled with big names in the K-Drama world. It’s much more practical than a lot of other dramas and holds some kind of fantastical realism. The webtoon only recently ended so the 2016 ended with a pretty ambiguous and uneventful closing, but overall the series was fantastic.

7 Needs A K-Drama: I Love Yoo

This Webtoon was originally listed as a romance but after the realization that this would be an incredibly slow burn, the story was shifted over to the drama genre on the app. I Love Yoo is the story of Shin-Ae, a young girl with pretty chaotic and hard life who must learn (through trial and error) that she is allowed to lean on her friends for support.

The Webtoon conveys the idea that there may be a possible love triangle between two brothers and the main character, however, fans still haven’t seen or confirmed if these characters actually have feelings for one another. The entire dynamic within the series and the slow build-up to potential romance through friendship would make for an amazing plot of a K-Drama.

6 Already A K-Drama: Lucky Romance

Lucky Romance is a comedy and a romance webtoon and K-Drama. The drama stayed pretty true to its original source material and followed a superstitious girl who typically relies on luck as she falls in love with a rational man, who thinks superstitions are silly and fake.

The contrast between the serious and logical Je Soo Ho and the whimsical and fortune-teller believing Shim Bo Nui is extremely comical and adorable to watch, as they overcome their fears and find true love.

5 Needs A K-Drama: Devil Number 4

This Webtoon would be the perfect supernatural K-Drama that would probably be just as amazing as the hit drama, A Korean Odyssey. In Devil Number 4, a devil attempts to make a deal with a college girl, Hana, who has had quite a strenuous life. Hana signs the deal, the only issue is that she doesn’t know what she wants in return for selling her soul.

It gets pretty obvious that these two have some feelings for each other and seem like they’re on a constant drive to help and protect one another. It’s super cute and the plot would be wonderfully transferred over as a K-Drama.

4 Already A K-Drama: What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim is the classic tale of a cold-hearted boss who ends up warming up to his cheery secretary. Only they work together for years and years before either of them realize their feelings for one another.

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Lee Young Joon is pretty narcissistic and really only cares about becoming the future chairman of a major company. But when Secretary Kim announces her resignation from the company, his head gets swayed by the thought of losing her.

3 Needs A K-Drama: Spirit Fingers

This Webtoon is probably one of the best and most underrated Webtoon on the app. Spirit Fingers is all about “finding your true colors.” The story is about a girl, Amy, who is pretty down on herself and doesn’t have a lot of confidence until she meets a group of eccentric artists that teach her how to love herself as she is. The best part about this Webtoon (other than the most adorable romance ever) is the fact that the Any never really physically changes. She doesn’t suddenly become super-thin, nor hot, nor glamorous.

But she is beautiful because of how she learns to present herself and become true to herself. She grows to be comfortable in her own skin, wears what she wants and thinks is cool, and how Kevin Nam ends up loving her because of this confidence. This Webtoon is just totally adorable and precious and the way it is set up would make for an amazing K-Drama.

2 Already A K-Drama: Itaewon Class

Itaewon Class was a huge hit and success as a Netflix Original and has already managed to be labeled as one of the best K-Dramas ever by many fans, viewers, and critics. This drama is also a little bit more on the real side and deals with lots of modern youth and societal problems in actual life.

It tells viewers how difficult it is for ex-cons to become established figures in society, how difficult it is for them to get jobs and make something for themselves. It also expresses the power of social media and the corrupting influence of the rich.

1 Needs A K-Drama: True Beauty

True Beauty is actually already in the works of receiving a K-Drama that is slated to begin airing in late 2020. The show only just began its casting, with no stars actually confirmed just yet. This Webtoon is pretty much the epitome of “Needs a K-Drama.”

Everything about it perfectly fits in line with how K-Dramas are structured, especially in the romance department. The Webtoon is also a huge commentary on the aggressive nature of Korean Beauty Standards, something that would be amazing to see on TV.

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Webtoons have taken the world by storm and have become popular entertainment. Let's see which webtoons are ready to become K-dramas.

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