A Certain Scientific Railgun T: 5 Fan Theories That Make Too Much Sense (& 5 That Are Hilarious)

The COVID-19 pandemic caused A Certain Scientific Railgun T to suffer production-related episode delays, which left fans with a lot to speculate on while they waited between these intermittent episodes. With the conclusion of the Daihasei Festival Arc and a new one imminent, it’s time to have a look at which predictions are sound and which ones are hilariously off-base.

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Some theories have yet to be proven false, however below is where fans are at when looking at Railgun T independent of prior seasons, spin-offs, and manga source material.

10 Makes Sense: Baba’s Too Psychotic To Die

Every series needs a villain to loathe, and Railgun T’s is Baba Yoshio. His evil grin is haunting, and he often vocalizes his merciless intent to torture the lead characters. Villains this bad should eventually meet their end, so why not Baba? The main heroines outwit and outpower him several times in episode six, which led fans to wonder how and why he made it out alive. The answer is in the theory of a relatively new trope, popularized by the King Joffreys and Ramsays of Game of Thrones, or the Arturo’s of Money Heist. The hook is to keep a despicable character around and milk him enough to infuriate fans as an entertaining draw. It’s the only way he can be permitted to say something as sinister as “I’ll make you regret being born female” and somehow flee unharmed when he’s left defenseless. Some evil needs to be sustained. When he returns, his just desserts will be beyond satisfying.

9 Hilarious: Kongou Will Betray Mikoto

Mikoto’s friends are brainwashed by the fifth episode, and Mitsuko Kongou suspects that she can’t be trusted when she volunteers to investigate the case of Mikoto’s kidnapped clone. She wanders off on her dangerous trail of leads alone. This is a sure sign that she’ll be compromised, according to fan theory. Kongou’s not one of the main four in the opening credits, and she’s too well-developed a character to be killed off.

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This leads fans to one sneaking suspicion, however ridiculous it may be- that she will be converted or convinced to betray Mikoto just as she said she might, whether through manipulation or mind-control. Thankfully, this did not happen. She defended her friend to near-death, which was much more in line with her character.

8 Makes Sense: Kamijou Touma To The Rescue

Touma is a simple young man. He’s meek, mild-mannered, humble, and gentle, with a mysterious power to nullify all magic with his right hand. Apparently his power cannot be classified because it’s technically not even an esper ability. Yet he’s the everyman hero of this story, wildly compassionate every time Mikoto’s name is mentioned, conveniently finding himself in her blast radius when she’s in trouble. Fans have deployed artwork far and wide on social media to ship these two characters. There’s also no reason to put him at ground zero of the city’s destruction if he isn’t going to be “on hand” to save the day. Even Gunha, a level 5 esper, is visibly portrayed somewhat as his sidekick. Furthermore, we’ve seen Touma somehow slap away lightning bolts like he’s swatting flies, which tells us that there’s more to what he’s capable of than the story lets on. The hero theory makes sense; it would be a sound reveal for him to be the knight in shining armor with how heavily it’s foreshadowed.

7 Hilarious: Sogita Gunha Is Just Satire

Half of this season borders on slice-of-life action comedy before the plots thicken, and from the first episode, Sogita “Guts” Guha comes landing in like a zany My Hero Academia gag, big grin on his face and all. In Touma’s case, the mysteries of his powers seem to have a purpose, but Gunha, with his one-liners, smiles, and the jacket caped to his shoulders, has a much more entertaining purpose… comic relief.

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His punches are literally explosive and he bounces off of buildings without a scratch to show for. In this instance, the theory is a simple one: he’s just walking fanfare. Gunha is the brawn to the brains around him and nothing more, so his wake of destruction might not be fooling fans. They’ll have to stay tuned to find out for sure.

6 Makes Sense: Shokohou Mikasi Is Not The Villain

The twist in episode 9 was not made obvious, however, it did stand to reason that with all these creepy adult figures and shadow MEMBER operatives lurking about, a starry-eyed student like Mikasi was not the real villain at large. Sure, she was on the selfish rampage of rearranging people’s memories, but she is portrayed as just too cute and capricious to be the bad guy for too long. This theory was proven true with the explanation that the member wipes were for her classmates’ safety.

5 Hilarious: Mikasa Mikoto Will Reach Level 6

If two percent of level 5 esper Mikasa Mikoto’s power can destroy cities and transcend her consciousness to the cosmos, this fan-theory is laughable.

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Even if it doesn’t happen within this arc, fans predict that this will never happen now that they’ve identified the standards of a level 6 esper. Besides, isn’t Misaka Mikoto already overpowered enough?

4 Makes Sense: Nanotechnology Will Be A Threat

Baba and MEMBER were working hard at nanotechnology and AI-based creatures. While the robots were easily dispatched, the nanobots proved to be more of a challenge. They spared no one, knocking out the Mikoto Sister and Kongou with ease. Since Baba got away and his organization still stands, it’s probably not the last we’ve seen of this weapon against the students in Academy City. At the moment it only made Kongou and Mikoto’s sister ill, but with a few mods, it could become a much larger threat.

3 Hilarious: More Fanservice Is Coming

Railgun T hasn’t been shy about being gratuitous with its Shoujo-ai themes of sexy schoolgirls and provocative shots of the characters. Now that the Daihasei festival arc has peaked, a return to the cutesy student world is a popular prediction. Methods of execution could come from a less action-oriented storyline, character studies, or slapstick comedy. Before the dangers of Exterior and Gensei’s mad scientist scheme reigned, that’s what Railgun T was all about anyway, so many fans believe that a return to a more titillating form is hilarious, though it wouldn’t be surprising.

2 Makes Sense: Saten Ruiko Is Hiding Something

For as much screentime as she gets in the opening credits, we would expect Saten to have a reason to be among such adventurous and superpowered people. Sadly neither the relevance of her presence nor her actual esper abilities have been revealed.

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This could only mean one thing: it’s a secret surprise being saved for later. When looking at it objectively, she is much too… normal. She’s isn’t particularly cunning when compared to the other characters, and not especially brave in stressful situations. There is something about her yet to be revealed. Railgun T is too sophisticated a show to have such a demonstrably average character in its ranks. Fans aren’t buying that she’s a placeholder for the audience, either.

1 Hilarious: Destroying Exterior Will De-Power The Espers

We learn that Misaki was channeling Exterior to boost her abilities, and she wasn’t the only one. Question is, how many people were using Exterior before Gensei discovered and abused it? When Misaki manipulates him into self-destructing this device, the theory is that it could reduce the powers of the city’s residents. This is hilarious and can easily be debunked: Exterior was a secret, made clear by the dramatic desperation with which Misaki struggled to get ahead of preserving its power. As illustrated by the traffic-parting scene in her race to catch up to Gensei, she even had to specifically call on Exterior for its support. No one else is or was using it, so it’s destruction won’t be missed.

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A Certain Scientific Railgun T is an anime that has left many fans to speculate on what is going on. Here are some of the best and worst theories.

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