A Justice League Movie Scene Gets New Life in a Wonder Woman Graphic Novel

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the DC Zoom original graphic novel Diana: Princess of the Amazons, by Shannon Hale, Dean Hale and Victoria Ying, available now.

Diana: Princess of the Amazons takes readers back to a time when Diana Prince was just a child, exploring her pre-teen years before she became one of the world’s greatest superheroes. Here, she is just a child discovering life on Themyscira, and trying to learn what it means to be a true Amazon. Diana is raised by powerful warriors, but she and her mother, Queen Hippolyta, have been growing a bit distant lately, and this ends up shaking the young princess’ confidence.

The villainous sorceress Circe sees this as a perfect opportunity to use Diana to open Doom’s Doorway, a giant gate that leads to Tartarus, a prison housing all manner of monstrous creatures. Soon, Themyscira becomes overrun by dangerous creatures, and the only hope the Amazons have to save the world is to close the door and send every single creature back in Tartarus. And in order to do that, Diana recreates a scene from the Justice League movie — only with the roles reversed.

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Diana: Princess of the Amazons makes a significant change when it comes to the geography of Themyscira. Although the home of the Amazons is often also called Paradise Island, the graphic novel makes this a plural name: Paradise Islands. That’s right, in this comic, which takes place outside of the main DC continuity, Themyscira is made up of multiple islands that the Amazons travel to by boat. While most of the Amazons live on the main island, Doom’s Doorway is located on one of the satellite islands. Under the influence of Circe, Diana travels to Doom’s Doorway thanks to the help of some dolphin friends and, once she arrives, she unlocks the door to prove that she is a real Amazon.

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But before she can lock it back, Circe opens the door and unleashes a legion of monsters on the small island. Several Amazons who were guarding the door try to battle the monsters, but they are easily overrun. They need to call for help and in order to do that, they must light a signal fire at the top of the mountain.

With the sentry Amazons busy, the young Diana takes it upon herself to climb the mountain and light the signal fire. Thankfully, she is successful, and the signal alerts the Amazons on the main island to come help in the monster invasion.

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The scene is actually similar to something that happens in the 2017 DC Extended Universe movie, Justice League. In the film, Steppenwolf and his parademons attack Themyscira in order to take back his Mother Box. The villain is successful, and Hippolyta knows this means the villain will soon begin a full invasion of the planet. Therefore, with the Amazons trapped on their island, Hippolyta lets loose an arrow that lights a signal fire on the mainland. While the news on television has no idea what the fire means, Diana recognizes it as a warning from her mother that an invasion is coming. With this knowledge, Diana joins Bruce Wayne in uniting the Justice League, the only heroes powerful enough to stop an invasion from Apokolips.

The scene in Diana: Princess of the Amazons plays similarly, but it reverses the roles from the film. In Justice League, it was Hippolyta who lit a signal fire to warn Diana of a coming alien invasion. However, in the graphic novel, it’s Diana who lights the beacon, to alert her mother and the other Amazons to come to stop an attack from dangerous monsters. And in both cases, the invasion is stopped.

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The DC Zoom original graphic novel Diana: Princess of the Amazons gives a scene from the DCEU movie Justice League new life by reversing two roles.

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