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At the end of a Twitch stream hosted by Marceline voice actress Olivia Olson to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Adventure Time‘s premiere, Cartoon Network revealed the teaser trailer for “BMO,” the first Adventure Time: Distant Lands special coming in May to HBO Max. No actual footage from the hour-long special was included in the teaser, only an introduction and a title card backed by a few seconds of a musical number.

The intro shows a number of Adventure Time characters and locations reflected in Finn’s sword. The most curious aspect of this intro is how many of these images have to take place before “Come Along With Me,” the TV series’ finale. The first image reflected in the sword is of Finn and Jake’s treehouse, which was destroyed in “Come Along With Me.” We also see the old designs for the Ice King and Gunter. In “Come Along With Me,” the old Ice King was cured of his curse and transformed back to the human Simon Petrikov, while Gunter took the crown and transformed into a different looking Ice King.

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The Adventure Time: Distant Lands specials are supposed to be a continuation of the series, so there’s three potential explanations for these teaser images: There’s going to be flashbacks; there’s going to be some sort reversion of the status quo; or there could possibly be some sort of time-travel element.

The first option is already all but confirmed for the second special, “Obsidian,” which is announced to delve into into the “tumultuous past” between Marceline and Princess Bubblegum, and the third special, “Wizard City,” which will reveal secrets of Peppermint Butler’s history. Flashbacks could very well be present throughout all four of the specials. A status-quo reversion, in contrast, seems unlikely, since it would cheapen the major changes to the world and characters that made the series finale feel significant.

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The time-travel option is a stretch, but it has occurred before on Adventure Time, and if it happens in any of these specials, “BMO” seems especially likely. As announced last year and further confirmed by the lyrics of the song excerpt in the teaser, BMO will go on an adventure into outer space. Since the opening shows the old MO factory where BMO was created, it seems likely BMO’s past will be touched upon in this new adventure. Perhaps its flashbacks or just narrative resonances… but as BMO travels through space, could he also be traveling through time?

We’ll know the answers sometime in May, when Adventure Time: Distant Lands begins streaming on HBO Max.

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Cartoon Network revealed the teaser trailer for “BMO,” the first Adventure Time: Distant Lands special coming in May to HBO Max.

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