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FTR made their long-anticipated debut last week for AEW when they came to the ring and shockingly saved The Young Bucks from an attack by The Butcher and The Blade.

This week, Tony Schiavoni sat down with FTR and interviewed them about their arrival in the company. Schiavoni asked FTR what their name stood for, and while many fans thought it stood for Fear the Revolt or some derivative thereof, FTR never mentioned those words at all.

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Humorously, Schiavoni told them he thought the name stood for “F**k the Revival,” with the words bleeped out, but that wasn’t it either… even though FTR said that is another guess many fans and fellow wrestlers were making. Instead, Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler said that FTR means… whatever they want it to mean.

Running down the list, they said it isn’t a tag line they can put on a shirt, but a way of life for them. It is “Fear the Revolution.” It is “Follow the Rules.” They then said they are in AEW now, the “pinnacle of the revolution,” so their name might as well mean, “For the Revolution.”

Schiavoni also asked FTR who they want to face in AEW. The two men reeled off a list of tag teams that they want to wrestle, including Butcher and The Blade and the “good kids” in Private Party. The two added Santana and Ortiz to the list, saying they have been watching them have great matches all over the world for many years, and now they are under the same roof.

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They also mentioned the Lucha Bros, who they said are the opposite to them in terms of style as a tag team, such that they might need to “teach them the rules.” This tied into a Twitter post that Harwood made earlier that day to Pentagram Jr.

FTR said their ultimate goal was to fight Kenny Omega and Adam Page since they are the tag team champions, “even though they aren’t a real tag team,” the derided. This led to Schiavoni asking why they left out the Young Bucks.

They said The Young Bucks represented a dream match that everyone has been waiting for… except for FTR. They are sick of hearing guys like wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer praising the Bucks all the time. FTR said they don’t want to fight the Young Bucks. They want to punch them in the face. They want to beat them in three seconds. They even said they saved the Young Bucks last week because they didn’t want them to have an excuse when they do defeat them.

At the end of the day, when FTR beat the Young Bucks, they want everyone to apologize to them for even considering that the two teams were on the same level. And that’s a build many fans will be able to get behind.

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FTR sat down for an exclusive interview with Tony Schiavoni to explain their name and who they want to wrestle in AEW… all of which was surprising.

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