AEW: Pro Wrestling Has Its Own Version of The Office – and It's Perfect

At a time when both AEW and WWE are in need of unique forms of content that can be filmed without an audience present, AEW has shown the world its creative edge by creating its own version of The Office. Having run for nine seasons on NBC as an adaption of Ricky Gervais’s BBC show, the American version of  The Office is one of the most beloved sitcoms of all-time and remains a phenomenon despite wrapping up in 2013. With the signature jokes and catchphrases from the show ingrained in the pop culture lexicon, any parody of the show will get attention — and that’s exactly what AEW did with Britt Baker, one of the top heels in the business.

Baker has gotten over using her real-life achievement becoming a certified doctor in dentistry. It’s the type of accomplishment that warrants role model status, but similar to Kurt Angle’s debut in WWE as an Olympic gold medalist, being that successful earned Baker more boos than cheers. AEW embraced the reaction and turned Baker into one of AEW’s most arrogant — and popular — heels. That perfectly set up an Office-style parody of her dentist’s office for the April 29 edition of Dynamite, with Baker playing the role of Michael Scott.

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What made The Office so engaging was that it was shot in a mockumentary style, letting the audience feel like a fly on the wall in a real life office setting. In a business environment where adult professionalism is the norm, the unprofessional behavior and crude jokes of the characters were hilarious and highly memorable. Michael Scott, the boss of the Dunder Mifflin office, was childish and rude in a manner that would have gotten him fired in real life. Most of his employees were normal people and had no choice but to tolerate Scott’s behavior.

Doctor Britt Baker is perfect as the Michael Scott of her dentist office because her arrogance and obliviousness to the real world, despite being the boss, makes for hilarious content. Baker’s three-minute dentist segment kicks off with a camera crew outside her actual dentist office — her name is even on the door. Opening shots show pictures of Baker from AEW, and a picture of her real life boyfriend, NXT Champion Adam Cole, even makes a brief appearance alongside a collage of her and Tony Schiavone. Her self-absorbed resume is on full display in her office with her Doctorate in Dentistry placed prominently and the TV screen in the waiting room showing her in an AEW segment.

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Despite being a dentist, Baker has her own personal makeup artist in the office to make sure she looks great on-camera. She promotes her makeup artist “Reba” and praises her talent, which seems uncharacteristically nice of her. The only problem is that when “Reba” is being interviewed in The Office style, she says that her name is actually Rebel, which is printed prominently on the sweatshirt around her waist. Baker then pops out and interrupts Rebel’s interview when Rebel refers to her as “Britt,” taking her to a private room to talk. Of course, the camera crew still captures their conversation, with Baker emphasizing the need to be called “Doctor Britt Baker” when she is being referred to on camera. It was a stroke of ego and insecurity that Michael Scott would be truly proud of.

Rebel then resumes her confessional with exaggerated adulation about how great “Doctor Britt Baker” is, all while a motivational picture of Baker is present in the background, ironically titled “Be Generous.” Baker herself pops back out to say how much she loved Rebel’s forced praise, instructing the crew to make sure they got her big portrait in the shot.

The next part of the segment shows Baker giving a VLOG-like lecture called “The Rules of Being a Role Model,” which begins with her promoting her Twitter handle @realbrittbaker while acting like it wasn’t supposed to be on her paper chart. She explains that Rule #2 of being a role model is that not everyone can be role model (Rule #1 is to always fight fair, something she doesn’t actually do). She uses examples of who can’t be role models, such as people who wear glasses. She picks on her “friend” Tony Schiavone in that one, featuring a photo of Schiavone to demonstrate why only doctors should wear glasses (Baker is, of course, wearing glasses herself  throughout the video). Then she buries fat people, something that’s easy to get heel heat for. Once again she picks out Tony Shiavone for ridicule, using a photo of Schiavone to explain why people should either suck in their guts or photoshop themselves in photos. Finally she buries people with “snaggleteeth,” using one more photo of Schiavone to explain why they shouldn’t smile.

The arrogant Baker closes the video with the statement that “some people were born just to show others what not to do, and in some ways that’s being a role model too.” Three minutes of ego-stroking for “Doctor Britt Baker” makes this one of the best segments AEW’s ever made and added even more heat for one of its best characters. Like the Inner Circle’s recurring “Bubbly Bunch” segment, hopefully this will be the first of many trips to the dentist office of professional wrestling’s Michael Scott.

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AEW turned Britt Baker's dentist's office into its version of Dunder Mifflin, with Dr. Baker as its Michael Scott.

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