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The Alamo Drafthouse has launched its own VOD service, titled Alamo on Demand. Alamo is partnering with ScreenPlus and Vista Cinema to develop the service.

Alamo on Demand features a wide range of programming, ranging from big blockbusters to indie gems. Future selections will also feature never before seen online content and video packages from select directors.

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“Alamo On Demand helps us to continue the conversation past the theatrical window and recommend movies we love to our community. And in these shuttered days and beyond, these rentals and purchases help support your neighborhood theater,” Alamo Drafthouse founder and Executive Chairman Tim League said in a statement.

Current and upcoming partners for the service include Sony Pictures Classic, Lionsgate Films and Severin Films. Upcoming films include Academy Award Best Picture winner Parasite and Portrait of A Lady on Fire. Alamo Drafthouse’s programming team will also curate their personal recommendations as new content is added to the service.

Alamo Drafthouse previously launched the “Alamo-At-Home” initiative featuring virtual screenings of films. With major studios like Universal and Warner Bros utilizing VOD services in the wake of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, Alamo Drafthouse getting in on the action marks a major shift in the release and distribution of films.

The service is currently available on the Alamo On Demand website, with apps being developed for Android and iOS.

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Alamo Drafthouse has launched a new VOD platform with a wide range of curated movies from its programmers.

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