Animal Crossing: Every New Horizons Traveling Vendor, Ranked

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has remained a popular game on the Nintendo Switch since its release. For the past month, player shave been engrossed with befriending their neighbors and making Bells to spend on decorating their homes and islands. Players can earn Bells by selling just about anything they can find.

However, making Bells and customizing islands would be a lot harder without New Horizon‘s many vendors. While players can open up Nook’s Cranny and the Able Sisters as permanent fixtures on their islands, there are also traveling vendors, NPCs that visit from time to time to buy and sell all kinds of goodies. Here are all the vendors that can visit an island ranked from the least to most useful.

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Players can purchase valuable works of art from the kitsune known as Redd, but watch out: Redd also sells forgeries. It is up to the players to figure out whether or not they are being scammed into buying a fake piece or not. Redd visits islands randomly and can be found on his boat at the secret beach.

When players first encounter Redd, he’ll try to sell a painting for a ridiculous price. After declining the offer, Redd cuts a deal. This is the one time you won’t be able to look at a work of art before buying it, but it’s also the only time you’re guaranteed to get an authentic one. Redd is the only way to acquire works of art for the museum, including paintings and statues.

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Kicks is a skunk who sets up a temporary shop in the Resident Services Plaza to sell accessories. Kicks will only arrive on player islands after the Able Sisters’ shop is set up. On Kicks’ first arrival, players can buy a variety of shoes, socks, backpacks and handbags, all of which are unique to Kick’s shop.

He is a great merchant for those who like personalizing their avatar. Not only are his items unique, but he’s the only vendor who sells backpacks and handbags. It is always a good idea to stop by his shop whenever he’s around.

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Label is the third Able Sister, though she doesn’t work in the shop with her sisters. However, you won’t be able to meet Label until after you build the Able Sisters’ shop in your town. Once open, Label will begin appearing in the plaza in front of Resident Services on random days.

A fashionista, Label is always looking for the next big trend and gives out fashion challenges. If completed correctly, she’ll reward players with Tailors Tickets, which can be exchanged at her sisters’ shop for an item worth 3,000 Bells or less. She’ll also give players a free clothing item to help inspire their look for the fashion challenge and, afterwards, will give out something from her own line.

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Saharah is a traveling camel who sells rugs, flooring and wallpapers that players can use to decorate their houses. Saharah’s visits are random, and she can be found wandering the island, so keep an eye out for her.

Players won’t be able to see what they’re buying in advance, but New Horizons introduces Saharah Tickets, which players can earn by purchasing different sized rugs. For every five tickets a player collects, Saharah will give away free wallpaper or flooring.

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Leif is a sloth specializing in gardening who appears randomly with a cart full of gardening goods, which are useful for filling an island with decorative flora. Leif sells shrubs that need to be planted like trees and take a week to grow, and seeds for flowers that cannot normally be found on the player’s island. While the shrubs grow all year round, different ones have flowers that bloom depending on the season. Leif will always sell the shrub that is currently in season along with another.

Plus, if players need to make some quick Bells, Leif buys weeds for double their usual price. Although that’s still only 20 Bells per weed, it is still a better deal than you’ll get at Nook’s Cranny, making the gardening sloth a great vendor for encouraging players to maintain their island’s plants.

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C.J. is a beaver who absolutely loves fishing and fish. On days he visits, C.J.’ll stick around until the next morning. If player’s complete C.J.’s challenges, he’ll buy any fish off of them for 50 percent more than Nook’s Cranny.

C.J. can also be commissioned to have his partner make fish sculptures for the player to decorate their house or their island, provided the player have three of the same fish that they’re willing to part with. This makes C.J. pretty useful as for a small bit of effort, as players can make a lot of Bells and get decorative sculptures to customize their island town.

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Flick, the punk-looking lizard, is obsessed with bugs and will happily buy them off of the player for 50 percent more than if they were sold at Nook’s Cranny. Like C.J., when he visits player islands, he’ll stick around and to buy bugs until 5AM, but unlike C.J., players don’t need to complete a challenge to get Flick to buy bugs.

Flick can be commissioned to build decorative bug sculptures that players can use to decorate their homes or islands. Just like with fish, players will have to give Flick three of the same bug, which will not be returned to the player.

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Like in other Animal Crossing games, turnips are treated like stocks to be bought and sold for profit. After opening Nook’s Cranny, players will start getting visits from Daisy Mae, who’ll visit every Sunday between 5AM and noon. Daisy Mae is easy to miss because of how small she is, but players won’t want to miss out on her turnips.

By purchasing turnips from Daisy Mae for low prices and selling them at better prices later in the week, players can make massive amounts of Bells for their investment. However, there are risks here. Turnips go bad after a week (or if the player times travels), so you’ll have to sell when you see the price peak in order to maximize your profits. Daisy Mae continues a series tradition, provides a chance to make lots of Bells and adds a layer of depth to New Horizons.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons has many traveling vendors who'll buy and sell goodies. But which ones are the best?

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