Animal Crossing: New Fish & Bugs Arriving in May (& Where to Find Them)

The month of April has flown by in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and May has come in with a flourish. Every time a new month begins, players are raring to scour every river and swat everything with their nets. While certain bugs have left the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, there are plenty of new fish and bugs to keep players all over the world glued to their Switches.

Some of these fish and bugs are quite common, but others are harder to track down. They’ll show up at different times and different locations, so players will have to run around their island to find the new species. Even if these bugs and fish don’t immediately show up, don’t worry. They’ll be around for a month at the least.

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Players should make sure to fish from the ocean, rivers and ponds to catch all of the following fish. If you’d like the find them sooner, be sure to craft bait. Starting with the ocean, there are two new behemoths this month. The giant trevally (4,500 Bells) and mahi-mahi (6,000 Bells) are available all day, both with extra large shadows.

For ponds, May has added two new fish: frogs (120 Bells) and catfish (800 Bells). Frogs have grown up from their tadpole selves and have small shadows instead of tiny ones. It’s still possible to catch tadpoles though, and both are available all day. Catfish appear from 4 PM to 9 AM as a large shadow.

Four small fish have been added to the river — angelfish (3,000 Bells), betta fish (2,500 Bells), nibble fish (1,500 Bells) and rainbowfish (800 Bells). Each fish has a small shadow and the nibble fish, betta fish and rainbowfish will appear from 9AM to 4PM. Angelfish will appear from 4PM to 9AM, so players can fish the entire day for new goodies to give to Blathers.

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The Southern Hemisphere has four new fish joining its large pool of finned friends. The colorful bitterling (900 Bells) has appeared in the rivers, and players can hunt for its tiny shadow all day.

In the ocean, blowfish (5,000 Bells) and football fish (2,500 Bells) are now available. Players can hunt for the blowfish’s medium shadow from 6PM to 4AM and the football fish’s large shadow from 4 PM to 9 AM. While these fish have fun appearances and they’re necessary if you plan on donating everything to the Museum, the real prize is the tuna (7,000 Bells). The tuna’s extra large silhouette can be found at the pier all day and is worth the effort.

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In the Northern Hemisphere, May is the month of the insects, as the North will be getting eight new species. Beginning with ground beetles, there are two new additions. The Rosalia Batesi beetle (3000 Bells) and violin beetle (400 Bells) can now be found on stumps all day.

Players will also have to look to the ponds and rivers to find the diving beetle (800 Bells) swimming around from 8AM to 7PM. Those who disliked the dreaded water beetle for ruining tarantula spawns may be irritated by this new addition, but pondskaters (130 Bells) will add a nice aesthetic change to the tops of rivers and ponds. They are also available from 8AM to 7PM.

Bugs that fly are the hardest ones to track down as they can spawn anywhere on the island. However, the three new flying bugs are visually striking and worth a pretty Bell, so players are well rewarded for their efforts. Beginning with the great purple emperor (3,000 Bells), this butterfly is an infrequent visitor between 4AM and 7PM. Even rarer is the gigantic Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing butterfly (4,000 Bells), which flutters around from 8AM to 4PM. Finally, the banded dragonfly (4,500 Bells) isn’t as flashy but is worth more and it zips around between 8 AM to 5 PM.

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Finally, tarantulas have been replaced by Scorpions (8000 bells), who are taking their place scuttling about between 7PM and 4AM. Scorpions can be farmed like tarantulas and also pack a venomous punch if you’re bitten by one.

The Southern Hemisphere already has quite few bugs, so there are only three new additions. The damselfly (500 Bells) will be flying around the island all day while mole crickets (500 Bells) will also be shrilling underground all day.

Finally, as the Northern Hemisphere loses tarantulas in favor of scorpions, the Southern Hemisphere says goodbye to scorpions and hello to tarantulas. Tarantulas (8000 Bells) will invade islands between 7 PM to 4 AM.

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The month of May comes with a new array of bugs and fish for players in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres to start searching for.

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