Animal Crossing: Pop Culture Islands Worth Emulating In New Horizons

Since the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, fans have leaned into its relaxing and nostalgic vibes — but they’ve also gotten very creative. In addition to creating full outfits and fun patterns, as well as tricking the mystery island system into spawning dozens of tarantulas, players can also get creative with their individual islands. Some are choosing to take the game’s customization tools and use them to emulate famous settings from pop culture, like the diner in Twin Peaks or the island of Tortuga from Pirates of the Caribbean.

With the new terraforming feature, players are able to create, destroy and replace cliffs, ramps, bridges and bodies of water across their whole island. and rivers. There are a few pop culture islands worth emulating through terraforming and the game’s other design features, like custom pattern-making, furniture placement and item customization. Here are three.

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Lost ran for six seasons from 2004 to 2010. The island has two mountain ranges on both sides and a crater to the south. While Animal Crossing doesn’t have mountains, players can emulated them with cliffs.

It would be interesting to have an island that has parts seemingly blocked off, to represent the other half of Lost’s island, where the mysterious “others” live. This part of the island could be decorated with all kinds of modern items: Drink machines, garbage bins and public benches could make the area look well lived-in. With the use of pathways, it would be possible to make even a small section of the island look like a bustling town.

Isolating villagers to one area could surprise visitors who see the island as ‘deserted’ at first, just like the castaways in the show. A good villager to recruit for a Lost island would be a polar bear villager, similar to Tutu from Animal Crossing: New Leaf (or any other kind of bear dressed in white). Although the island in Lost was located somewhere in the tropics, a polar bear was seen wandering the forests in quite a few episodes, making it just another mystery of the island.

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Gilligan’s Island ran for three seasons from 1964 to 1967. The island in this show was shaped like a C, with a lagoon leading into the middle of it. Animal Crossing players can emulate the island’s shape with a large lake and river leading from it.

The castaways on Gilligan’s Island were stranded after their ship, the SS. Minnow, was caught in a storm. There are a few boat items available in Animal Crossing, like a life ring, which could be placed on the beach to represent the shipwreck. Likewise, players could create custom patterns for the sand to resemble parts of a shipwreck.

Despite being stranded, the Gilligan’s Island castaways tried to make life as comfortable and cozy as possible by making suspiciously comfortable-looking furniture. There are plenty of rustic looking wood, bamboo, or rattan furniture sets available in New Horizons island to help get across the ‘castaway’ look. Most of the animals on the show are apes, so monkey or gorilla villagers — of which there are tons in Animal Crossing — would be the best choice for this island. To mix things up, players could also consider lion or turtle villagers: Leo the lion and Rex the turtle both made appearances on Gilligan’s Island.

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Neverland is covered in lush forests and tall mountains. New Horizons players who love Peter Pan can build and structure cliffs to give their islands plenty of dimension. Unfortunately, crafting Pirate’s Cove won’t be so easy, as there are no ways to change the beach lines in Animal Crossing: New Horizons yet. Thankfully, Nintendo provided many different props and furniture players can utilize to give their beaches a swashbuckling feel. Anchor statues, barrels, hammocks, skeletons, tiki torches, bottled ships and gold bars are all available in the game for players to use.

Another important location is the Lost Boys camp, which is located in a tree. Players have access to many different wallpapers and flooring that could give their house a forest look. Woodland walls and mushroom lamps and tables can help keep the mystical tree house theme alive.

The most well-known animal on Neverland is Captain Hook’s arch nemesis, Tick-Tock the Croc (and Peter, of course). Alligators and crocodiles are a well know species in the Animal Crossing games. There are three currently in New Horizons: Alfonso, Alli and Boots. Players can also craft custom outfits to dress as Peter, Wendy, or any of the Lost Boys — they could even dress as Hook, if they want.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons offers a wealth of island possibilities — these are just a handful.

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Lost, Gilligan's Island and Peter Pan all feature islands Animal Crossing: New Horizons could recreate using the game's customization tools.

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