Animal Crossing: Scorpions Vs. Tarantulas – What to Know About Each Foe

Catching bugs is an integral part of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It’s one of the easiest ways to acquire Bells and is a vital part of filling up Blathers’ Museum with new creatures. One of the most popular bugs in New Horizons is the tarantula, which only spawns at night and sells for a large amount of Bells. Tarantulas have become a hot commodity in the world of Animal Crossing, with players finding creative ways to catch as many tarantulas as possible.

However, with each passing month, new bugs and fish become available to catch, while others temporarily go away. May will see the end of the tarantula’s run as the main creepy crawler of the island, but it will be replaced with something just as deadly and just as valuable.

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Scorpions will be coming to the Northern Hemisphere this month, while tarantulas will travel down to the Southern Hemisphere. The creatures will switch places again in November. Like tarantulas, scorpions sell for 8,000 Bells at Nook’s Cranny or 12,000 Bells to traveling bug connoisseur Flick, and they only spawn between the hours of 7PM and 4AM in random locations around the island.

Players quickly learned that they could manipulate the tarantula respawn mechanics on Mystery Tour islands to create their own tarantula islands. Completely filling your pockets on such an island will earn you over 300,000 Bells in one night. It got to a point where Nintendo had to nerf the spawn rates for all insects and decrease the value of certain high price bugs to make it more difficult to abuse the bug economy. Players who enjoyed this method will be glad to hear that this strategy also works for scorpions.

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Approaching a scorpion will cause it to become agitated, especially if you’re holding a net. If you wait too long to strike or fail to capture the scorpion, it will sting you and you will respawn in front of your home. And just like tarantulas and wasps, villagers on your island will acknowledge the presence of scorpions and comment when you get attacked by one.

There are a few differences between scorpions and tarantulas. Unlike tarantulas, scorpions can’t traverse ramps or lower areas if they are on a cliff or higher area of the island, making them easier to run away from if they start chasing you. The most noticeable difference is in sound. Scorpions make a light, rattling sound compared to the louder, heavier movements of tarantulas. Despite these differences, players who have already mastered the art of catching tarantulas will not have to shift their hunting habits while the scorpions are in town.

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Tarantulas are on their way out come May, but a new, equally deadly creature will begin roaming your island in their place.

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