Animal Crossing: The Pros and Cons of Starting the Game Late

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been quite popular since it came out over a month ago. People all over the world have turned to this game to stay in touch and hang out with friends, but is it too late to join in on all the fun? There are pros and cons to starting the game late.

Even for people who got the game early, it may seem like a bit of a race with fellow players to try and get their island looking beautifully laid out and decorated. People who get the game later may feel extremely far behind everyone else, but it won’t take long to catch up.

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Since other people have already had the game for a while, they have already acquired a lot of resources which they might be more than willing to donate. Saving lots of time in harvesting and searching for resources and recipes allows new players more time to focus on building up their island.

There is also the added benefit of having access to several guides on how to maximize resources and friends can share their knowledge, which allows new players to learn from other people’s experiences.

Unfortunately, some players may have severely limited their resources and won’t have anything to share. They could have greatly reduced the number of trees or ponds on their island. This would mean players who start late may not be able to trade with more experienced friends and will have to make their own way.

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Having friends who have already built up their island with beautifully decorated layouts will give new Animal Crossing: New Horizons players a better idea as to how to plan out their own island in terms of houses, trees, shops and the museum. Knowing what is possible and what the island could become is an advantage over early players who didn’t know what would or would not be possible with designing their island.

However, having access to so many islands and viewing videos of 5-star islands can be overwhelming when a player is starting out. Viewing friend’s islands and videos is all well and good, but it is still a different experience when you are doing it for yourself. What plans a player might have had early on could easily be changed the more they play and acquires different items they might not have thought about before.

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New players can visit friends who already have the Able Sisters’ clothing store and the expanded Nook’s Cranny store, which will allow players to get better quality tools, as well as access to more furniture and clothing earlier on in the game.

Likewise, DIY recipes are fairly common and players will come across several of them throughout the game. Friends can save duplicates and donate them to new players or leave them in a “freebie” pile, especially since they only sell for 200 Bells at the store.

Having players donate excess items and decorations may seem great at first, but players will quickly realize that not all items will match their ideas or aesthetics. While the items can be sold, at first players may hold onto items since they don’t have much furniture. These will soon become wasted space in their inventory or storage. Since new players can’t terraform their island yet, they may also have to wait to place decorations where they want them.

Plus, some duplicate items can fetch experienced players a good number of Bells — such as fossils, which sell for thousands at Nook’s Cranny. They may be less likely to donate or trade these with new players, who have fewer things to offer in return.

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Everyone who builds up their island wants to show off all their hard work. It is always fun visiting people’s islands to enjoy their orchards and flower gardens, as well as seeing how they’ve decorated and what’s available in their shops.

Although there are lots of pros to having experienced friends, new players should be careful not to rely too much on them in the early stages of New Horizons. The focus should, of course, be on developing their own island how they want and striving to earn upgrades — though there’s nothing wrong with buying an extra-sturdy outdoorsy tool or two.

Furthermore, some players may have already grown bored with Animal Crossing: New Horizons and are playing less (or not at all). This potentially means fewer friends for new players to interact with, which is a bummer.

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There are plenty more seasonal events on the way in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The Nature Day event could really be seen as a half event, since there are not really any exclusive items for it. It did introduce shrubs, which may still be available afterwards.

There are already some seasonal events that have passed, along with insects and fish that won’t be available again for a while. Depending on when people get the game, Bunny Day has passed and the Nature Day event only lasts until May 4. With certain fish and insects only appearing in certain months and seasons, it could be a whole year before new players can catch those fish or insects. It’s possible to time travel for them, but the same can’t be said for seasonal events — time travelers can’t gain access to these any earlier than non-time travelers.

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Is it too late to join in on all the fun people have been having in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? No, but there are pros and cons.

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