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Animal Crossing: New Horizons for Nintendo Switch has brought many new players into the series. Through its charming style, simplistic mechanics and open-ended goals to achieve, New Horizons has much to offer to players both old and new. The tutorial offers most of the basics for gameplay, but building the perfect island goes way beyond the basics.

There are a few advanced tips and tricks players should know to help them on their island getaway adventure in Animal Crossing: New Adventures that aren’t found in the tutorial. Here’s a breakdown.

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Rocks provide great resources for crafting DIY projects. You may often find yourself running out of iron, stone and clay, since rocks aren’t as abundant as trees on your island. Timing is everything when utilizing rocks, as hitting a rock in succession will yield more resources to a maximum of nine. Gaining all nine resources can be near impossible if not properly handled, but this is actually quite simple to achieve.

The surrounding nine spots of any rock should always be cleared, including the occasional stone resource that spawns next to a rock. Next, holes should be dug behind your character, preventing them from bouncing too far back with each hit. The final step is to hit away with your shovel or axe and profit from nine resources! Hopefully, there’s a gold nugget to reap even more rewards for the hard work. These can be used in celestial recipes provided by Celeste the owl or for crafting gold tools. They can also be sold for a whopping 10 thousand Bells each.

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Shaking trees can reward you with all sorts of items: fruits, branches, money, even furniture. While shaking trees for these valuables, though, you may find yourself burdened by pesky wasps looking to sting your character. Players have had their fair share of trouble dealing with these pests, but the solution is actually quite simple. Have your net in hand while shaking the tree and you can more easily prepare for any oncoming attacks from wasps.

The character will shift their vision to the direction of where the wasp nest lands, so shaking trees from directly in front will always turn the player towards the danger. Now that you’re lined up, simply click A to catch those pesky wasps. Wasps sell for a good price too, so being prepared can also help fill your wallet.

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Once per day, a random spot on the ground of your island will glow. When you dig, these spots will reward you with some bells and continue to glow. Rather than add the bag of Bells immediately to your wallet, bury it in the glowing hole — then it will sprout into a money tree.

Money trees have been known to produce triple the amount of money buried, which can be shaken off the tree like fruit once it’s fully grown (which takes two days). The money tree will only produce its money bags once, after which it will return to a normal hardwood tree.

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After unlocking the upgraded tool DIY recipes, the player is given two new recipes for axes: the stone axe and the regular axe. Up until this point in the game, flimsy axes are used for gaining resources from trees and stones. The stone axe and regular axe can also accomplish this, each with much higher durability than the flimsy axe.

The regular axe, however, can be used for chopping down trees. After three hits in succession on any tree, a regular axe will knock down a tree and leave its stump behind on the ground. You can remove the stump by digging it up with a shovel. This can be useful for clearing space for furniture and decorations. Leaving the stump can make for a nice makeshift seat or spawn special bugs. The stone axe is still recommended for gathering wood from trees, especially if you don’t plan to chop any down.

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After receiving customization kits from Tom Nook, certain furniture and tools can be customized to your liking. Customization kits are a great way to express different styles while still building with the materials you have already collected. Not only does it give your tools a fresh look, but it will also reset their durability to that of an entirely new tool! If you don’t have the material for a new tool but you have some customization kits lying around, you may want to simply reset your tool to its maximum durability.

This is especially useful with golden tools. After completing certain tasks, you will be rewarded DIY recipes for golden tools, yielding even more durability than regular ones. These golden tools unfortunately still break and each requires a gold nugget and the regular version of the tool to craft. Instead of wasting a nugget to craft a new tool entirely, simply changing its style will help you keep your precious golden tools for much longer.

While these tips and tricks many not cover everything New Horizons has to offer, discovering what is possible in Animal Crossing is part of what makes it such a cherished series. The player is rewarded for exploring and trying new things and with these tips and tricks, their island getaway can get even closer to becoming their dream paradise.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons offers hidden mechanics not shown in the tutorial to help reach island adventure's maximum potential.

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