Aquaman: 10 Most Pathetic Villains In His Rogues' Gallery, Ranked

The ocean is vast and loaded with some pretty awesome creatures. The idea that humans have only discovered less than 15% of species makes us all think that a large portion of creatures in the ocean have not yet been discovered. However, with so many awesome animals, there has to be some pretty lame ones as well.

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Aquaman, the King of the Sea, is a perfect example of a representation of the ocean that humans may not know. He fights some pretty terrifying villains, but along with them come some of the most pathetic in the DC Universe.

10 Black Jack

Black Jack starts off our pathetic Rogues’ Gallery. He was a pirate who existed in Aquaman’s Earth-Two  and was nothing more than just a regular scally-wag. He used firearms to fight Aquaman and his leadership on pirate ships was unmatched, but compared to our Sea King, there’s no competition.

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The character was so lame he was quickly forgotten only being remembered by the truest Aquaman fans.

9 Fisherman

Fisherman is actually a parasite (kind of like a Symbiote) that uses its victims to control their minds and try to defeat Aquaman and innocent civilians. Although unfortunate for the innocent souls that get taken by the virus-hood, Aquaman can easily defeat the line-grabbing villain.

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Those who fall victim to becoming the new Fisherman have abilities of expert thievery and fishing. Both of which are pretty lame.

8 Scavenger

Scavenger comes in two different forms – one as a villain to Superboy and one as a villain too Aquaman. In regards to both, the villain holds the same attributes in that he collects ancient artifacts to try to harness advanced technology for his own sadistic abuse.

However, there are several flaws with this because he’s pretty worthless if he’s unsuccessful in finding the ancient artifacts or if the artifacts combust. All of which make for an easy villain for Aquaman.

7 Awesome Threesome

There’s not much on Awesome Threesome in backstory (which is a blessing in disguise). These villains are so pathetic they’re not worth anybody’s time let alone Aquaman’s. They are three robotic villains who use their robotic abilities to cause havoc.

They are not very intelligent and as a result can easily be defeated by the King of the Sea. Along with this, nobody can deny that “Awesome Threesome” is not so awesome of a name after all.

6 Fire Trolls

Fire Trolls are actually a species of villains that live far below Earth’s crust in lava and magma who rise up and attack anything above Earth’s crust. And what’s initially above Earth’s crust? The ocean. As a result, our beloved hero is unfortunately tasked with defeating these pathetic villains.

Although scary-looking, the Fire Trolls don’t harness any specific abilities besides spewing their fire on their victims which is coincidentally pretty easy for Aquaman to stop.

5 Seaquake

Seaquake is a robot built by Ocean Master to stop Aquaman in his heroics. His main abilities are to cause sonic disruptors ultimately creating chaos within the ocean. In the comics, Aquaman was seen being knocked out by one of these sonic-quakes but ultimately defeated the robot.

This villain is a little more of a challenge, but overall Aquaman can defeat him quite easily if he devises a plan around the sonic-quakes.

4 Human Flying Fish

This villain’s main ability is to breathe and swim quickly underwater. Human Flying Fish is exactly as lame as he sounds. He is more of a nuisance and a waste of time for the King of Atlantis than anything else.

Compared to Aquaman’s bigger and more powerful villains, Human Flying Fish is an easy challenge. Needless to say this villain will never make it into any Aquaman film.

3 Kobra Cult

Kobra Cult is a cult led by leader Kobra. Kobra has a large following due to his manipulation and black mailing. Besides him being a great cult leader, Kobra is pretty pathetic and is a pretty easy challenge for Aquaman.

To Aquaman, this is just another ill-moraled green beast that needs to be stopped. Ultimately, it doesn’t take much.

2 Lava Lord

Lava Lord is another villain that rises up from Earth’s magma and lava to exhale flammable and volatile mixtures of volcanic gases. This molten man is a species of Fire Troll that has seemed to harness and control the utmost abilities that a Fire Troll is capable of.

Although hot to the touch, Aquaman finds an easy time defeating this villain.

1 King Shark

King Shark is a mutant hammerhead shark that has enhanced his abilities to that of a strong and powerful human-shark. He goes around and terrorizes humans and constantly plots new ways to defeat Aquaman.

King Shark is scary looking, but that’s about all he has going for him. Besides being a fast swimmer and a ferocious cannibal, the shark can’t get far with his abilities. It doesn’t even compare to Aquaman’s intelligence and battle coordination.

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Aquaman fights some pretty terrifying villains, but along with them come some of the most pathetic in the DC Universe.

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