Aquaman: 10 Things DC Fans Should Know About The Trident of Neptune

There are few weapons more iconic than the Trident of Neptune, wielded by none other than the King of Atlantis himself, Aquaman. The trident is also one of the most powerful devices in the DC Universe, bestowing a list of unique abilities and divine authority to whoever possesses it.

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The trident made its first appearance in Adventure Comics #476 under Poseidon’s namesake before being retconned and renamed in later arcs like New 52 and Rebirth. Regardless, once Arthur Curry claimed the weapon for himself, all of its strange and hidden powers were at his disposal. What are those abilities exactly? Here are ten things DC fans should know about the Trident of Neptune.

10 Grants The Divine Right To Rule

First and foremost, the Trident of Neptune is a symbol of authority, granting its user the right to rule over everything under the seven seas. After all, the device was forged by the literal god of the ocean himself whose jurisdiction extends from the deepest trench to the breaking waves above.

Thus, whoever holds the trident rules the largest kingdom on Earth. This is also why Aquaman is one of the DC Universe’s richest characters as he owns every mineral, fish, and resource within the murky depths.

9 Can Command Sea Life, Including Sea Monsters

Speaking of authority, one perk that comes with wielding the Trident of Neptune is its power over mystical aquatic monsters like the Kraken. Yes, Aquaman can indeed command the Kraken, something he has done at least once during his run with DC comics.

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The best example of this is found in Injustice: Gods Among Us #12 where a Japanese fishing boat is discovered hunting whales somewhere off the main island. In an effort to discourage the practice of whaling in the most brutal way, Arthur Orin Curry sics the Kraken on the fishermen despite potentially incurring the wrath of Regime Superman.

8 Heals Wounds And Breaks Curses

One of the more counter-intuitive powers housed within the trident is its miraculous healing properties, making the object truly divine in nature. Not only can Aquaman use it to conjure the sea, but he can also cure wounds and break curses over himself and others.

In Aquaman Vol. 8 #30, Queen Mera temporarily loses her ability to breathe underwater after using a mystical artifact to break through a magical barrier locking her out of Atlantis (which was occupied by King Rath and his new regime). However, the artifact steals her ability to breathe, forcing Aquaman to use the trident to break the curse and heal his wife.

7 Teleportation

Aquaman may be the fastest thing alive under the ocean (his backstroke alone causes depth-charge booms), but that’s only when he feels like swimming. Aquaman can also teleport between locations in the blink of an eye thanks to his handy-dandy Trident of Neptune — a nifty perk that leaves the King of Atlantis with zero excuses when it comes to matters of punctuality.

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There is no better example of this than the one seen in 2011’s Aquaman #41 where the trident first demonstrates its ability to teleport. After being attacked by new enemies, Aquaman teleports to Missouri in order to evade capture and death. It happens again in issue #44 where this time Arthur is accidentally transferred to an alien planet.

6 Channels Lightning

The New 52 series reimagined the Trident of Neptune and gave it a whole slew of new abilities. One of those abilities? The power to summon bolts of lightning and channel them through the weapon like a firearm. This version also features retractable prongs and a collapsible hilt, giving the relic the appearance of a short sword at first glance.

In Vol. 7 #41 the king of Atlantis conjures a lightning storm and unleashes it on the giant monster known as Behemoth. He does this again six issues later in #47, when he uses the trident’s weather-manipulating magic to mow down a horde of enemies in battle.

5 Manipulates The Elements

Piggy-backing off of the previous entry, in conjunction with summoning lightning the trident also manipulates raw elements, allowing Arthur Curry to perform extraordinary feats like freezing objects into blocks of ice.

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One occurrence of this takes place in Aquaman Vol. 7 #47 when the Justice League alum battles with a fellow Atlantian soldier. During the fight, Curry grabs the warrior and freezes him up to his neck with a mere touch! He does this a second time in issue #44 during a skirmish with Queen Mera’s sister Siren. Siren pins Curry against a wall, but before she can land a killing blow, he uses the trident to freeze the water and free himself.

4 Magic Defense

In Aquaman #41 Arthur Curry receives the blessing of Posideon in the form of the Trident of Neptune, including all of its mind-bending magical properties contained within. One such property is the defense against other magics — acting as a powerful ward to thwart non-melee-based baddies.

Later, this ability would be put to the test when Aquaman is attacked by three Thule agents who unleash a wave of deadly magic upon the king of Atlantis. Using the trident, however, Aquaman blocks the magic much to Mera’s astonishment.

3 Powers of Levitation

Another game-changing power bestowed unto any man or woman worthy of the Trident of Neptune is the ability to levitate and even fly. This should be no surprise as the weapon was blessed by one of the greatest of all the Olympic gods — Posideon himself.

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In Aquaman #46 Arthur Curry is shown conversing with Wonder Woman about Thule invaders, whom Diana of Theymiscira hasn’t heard of up until this point. But here’s the catch: the conversation takes place in mid-air over a river. Yes, that’s correct, the Trident of Neptune keeps Aquaman airborne this time as a throng of nosy villagers look on incredulously.

2 Manipulates Geology

Of all the powers granted unto the Atlantian King, this one has to be the strangest. Physical earth is the antithesis of the realms under the sea, but apparently the dominion of the Trident of Neptune extends to geological structures like rocks and dirt.

In Aquaman #42, during his battle with the Thule, a black poison is unleashed on the land, threatening both the heroes and innocent civilians caught up in collateral. To save the civilians, Aquaman uses the Trident to summon hunks of earth that form themselves into a bridge, allowing the people to safely escape.

1 It’s Indestructible

Finishing up the list is the trident’s most obvious property, the weapon cannot be destroyed. There have been several reboots of the Trident’s origins over the years, but with each iteration, a few basic core principles remain the same: the weapon has been blessed with the power of the sea god and contains a piece of his essence.

Also, when pitted against other magical artifacts, the Trident knows no equal as it not only can withstand any melee attack but also magical ones, too. It can also pierce nearly every object, including the man of steel aka Superman. The trident even shanked the likes of Darkseid in Justice League Vol. 2 #6, proving there’s no surface too great for the king’s birthright.

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The Trident of Neptune is one of the most powerful weapons in DC comics, and here are 10 tidbits about it that even fans might not know.

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