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Mega comic book publisher DC Comics has been around for years and they have created hundreds of great characters, superheroes, and villains alike. Two of the most popular superheroes are Flash and Aquaman. These names belonged to more than one character, but currently the most popular versions are Barry Allen, aka the Flash, and Arthur Curry as Aquaman. These superheroes have very different powers, characteristics, and approaches to life, but what they have in common is that they both belong to the Justice League. If they decided to fight, though, who would win — Flash or Aquaman? Let’s take a look at the potential showdown between them.

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10 Durability: Aquaman

Flash is a runner, and runners usually tend to be more lanky and lean than buffed and super muscular like Aquaman is. That means that Flash is more agile and can easily avoid attacks, his speed notwithstanding, but Aquaman has a bigger chance of getting back on his feet after a punch due to the sheer durability of his body. He has an imposing figure and he’s hard to knock down for good.

9 Reflexes: Flash

Aquaman is faster than your average person, much faster in fact, and he also has better reflexes. But since he’s the fastest man alive, Flash can easily stop incoming attacks from most people since he sees the punch or the shot long before they can reach him. Even Wonder Woman, who’s known for deflecting bullets with her bracelets, doesn’t have reflexes as good as Flash.

8 Water Powers: Aquaman

Aquaman can fight just as well on land, as he demonstrated many times before. But when underwater, his powers become even more obvious. Not only can he breathe underwater without any problems, but he can also swim very fast and overcome large distances in a short amount of time. And then there’s his telepathy, which allows him to summon sea creatures to his defense — but he still doesn’t talk to fish per se, as people sometimes like to make fun of him for.

7 Speed: Flash

As noted, Flash is known as the fastest man alive. As such, it isn’t a good idea to challenge him to a race. Aquaman is also fast, but he’s nowhere as fast as Flash, not by a long shot.

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As for Flash’s exact highest speed, it differs depending on the material you’re reading or watching. For example, in the CW series The Flash, Barry Allen is eventually able to reach the speed of Mach 3.3.

6 Strength: Aquaman

Once again, both Aquaman’s and Flash’s maximum strength changes depending on their versions. Sometimes they’re stronger, sometimes weaker. Let’s therefore compare the respective strengths of Aquaman and Flash from the New 52 line. In New 52, Barry Allen can lift up to 500 kilograms. That’s impressive, but it pales in comparison to Arthur, who can lift up more than 475 tons, which makes him much stronger than Flash.

5 Fighting Skills: Tie

If fighting was only about throwing the strongest punch possible, Aquaman would win since, as established, he’s stronger than Flash. But defeating your opponent has much more to it and over the years, Flash has been able to take down enemies who were stronger and bigger than him. Meanwhile, Aquaman managed to win even when it looked like he was at a clear disadvantage, so this round is a tie.

4 Iconic Villains: Flash

Aquaman has had his fair share of fights with various villains. As far as the general audience is concerned, his most famous villain is Black Manta. Flash, on the other hand, has a much richer rogues’ gallery that is also very recognizable.

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One of his most iconic villains is Captain Cold, who also sometimes teamed up with the Scarlet Speedster or the super-intelligent Gorilla Grodd. And let’s not all forget Reverse-Flash, who has been a constant thorn in Flash’s side for a long time now.

3 Allies: Tie

It might seem like Aquaman would have a clear advantage when it comes to potential allies who could join his side in a fight. After all, he’s the ruler of Atlantis, and has kingdom full of people at his disposal. But not all of them are so excited about fighting on land. Aquaman would still have help, but not tons of it.

Flash also isn’t without allies. He has his Flash family, such as Wally, or even Bart, who could help him if needed.

2 Society Perception: Flash

Public perception is just as important for a superhero as their skills. After all, if the public trusts the superhero in question, it’s easier for them to do heroic deeds without having to deal with people who are afraid of them. Aquaman is a big unknown for many people, and they’re wary of him and Atlantis since it’s basically a whole new world. So Flash wins this round.

1 Current Cultural Impact: Flash

It was a close call but this round goes to Flash, which means he’s the winner. Aquaman had a successful film in 2018 but his presence in Justice League wasn’t accepted as well. Arrowverse’s The Flash, on the other hand, now has six seasons and it shows no sign of stopping, getting ready for season 7. Plus, Flash often plays an important part in animated films, such as the Flashpoint, so if the last ten years or so are any indication, the Scarlet Speedster has been more prominent in pop culture than Aquaman.

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In the DC Comics, Aquaman is known for his strength and Flash for his speed. Which one of these iconic superheroes would win in a fight?

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