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Arrow co-creator Marc Guggenheim has a new comic book adaptation in the works.

According to Deadline, Guggenheim will pen the script for Prophet, which is based on an original character by Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld. Studio 8 intends to build a franchise around the character.

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John Prophet debuted in Lefield’s Youngblood #2 back in 1992. He lived as a homeless man during World War II, until he volunteered for a medical program run by time-travelling scientist Dr. Horatio Wells. Using DNA-enhancing technology from the future, Wells turned Prophet into a supersoldier with a drive to kill. He left Prophet in cryostatis until he could rejoin him in the future, but Prophet was accidentally awoken in our present day, when — in his disorientation — he went on the attack. Now, in a world he does not recognize, he will need to rediscover his humanity.

Studio 8 originally picked up the rights to Prophet back in July 2018. However, since then, there has been little news about the project’s development. Liefeld will produce the film alongside Hitman: Agent 47’s Adrian Askarieh, Brooklyn Weaver, John Hyde and Terissa Kelton.

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Guggenheim, of course, was a driving force behind the Arrowverse. After co-creating Arrow, he went on to produce, direct and write on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. He also acted as showrunning for several of the major crossovers, including “Crisis on Infinite Earths.”

Written by Marc Guggenheim, Studio 8’s upcoming Prophet film does not yet have a release date.

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Arrow co-creator Marc Guggenheim will bring Rob Liefeld's Prophet to the big screen in a film intended to launch a new franchise.

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